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10 Pictures Real Life Super Heroes


These pictures are from the “Real Life Super Heroes Project” created by photographer Peter Tangen. It features ordinary people wearing super hero costumes/outfits.

I think “Life” could be Mashable’s Pete Cashmore. I’ve always suspected him of having a secret identity. And we know that Scots can hide their accent pretty good. (I’m looking at you Gerard Butler)

Learn more about the project:

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6 Responses to “10 Pictures Real Life Super Heroes”

  1. Oliver Murray

    Are you joking? You don't think real life supervillians exist just cause they don't dress up like a cosplayer? You want real life supervillians look at the International Criminal Court's wanted list.

  2. Julio A. Valladares

    People from all aspects and walks of life need to be inspired and I feel this gig does fill a gap or, void. I appreciate these guys doing the whole outfit thing. Nice. Do good, always. You'll set an inspiring example.

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