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George Zimmerman Trial: John Guy’s Closing Argument Earns Applause From Twitter

George Zimmerman Trial Debates Lesser Charges Of Manslaughter, Aggravated Assault

John Guy made a stirring argument at the close of the George Zimmerman trial today.

The prosecutor quickly became a trending topic as he laid down his case before the jury. Guy argued that Zimmerman had lied multiple times in the wake of Trayvon’s death and asked the jury to think about how things would change if Zimmerman and Trayvon’s roles were reversed.

Guy said: “If the situation was reversed and 17 year old Trayvon Martin was driving around in a car, followed and shot George Zimmerman what would your verdict be?”

Guy also told the jury that Zimmerman had lied about being hit dozens of time by Martin and argued that the case was not about standing your ground. Instead, Guy said that the case was about “staying in your car.”

Guy said: “This case isn’t about standing your ground. It’s about staying in your car.”

Guy’s rebuttal came shortly after Mark O’Mara gave his final words for the defense. O’Mara told the jury not to make any assumptions about the case and not to jump to any conclusions.

O’Mara said: “If it hasn’t been proven, it’s just not there. You can’t fill in the gaps. You can’t connect the dots. You’re not allowed to.”

Guy’s argument was clearly the more powerful, emotional address but O’Mara is hoping that the jury won’t be persuaded by a stirring argument.

What did you think of John Guy’s statement? Here are some reactions from Twitter.

The jury will soon enter into deliberations to decide the fate of George Zimmerman. The jury will have three options. They can find Zimmerman guilty of second-degree murder, manslaughter, or may decide that Zimmerman is not guilty.

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4 Responses to “George Zimmerman Trial: John Guy’s Closing Argument Earns Applause From Twitter”

  1. Daily Hustle

    John Guy did an OUTSTANDING JOB with his opening and closing arguments. The Defense did a lot of whining, threatening and lying. Justice for Trayvon!

  2. Richard Keane

    I have sent numerous Tweets about a very key issue that will show George Zimmerman did a premeditated act. Listen to this at 7:45 minute mark by John Guy. tape

    Please REPORT on this. John Guy clearly explains and you go listen to the tape. He left car and within 10 seconds the 911 operator called him out on that. then before hanging up and still in pursuit of Trayvon he tells 911 to have the ops call his cell phone.

    HEELLLLO go see the tape, that means George Zimmerman knew full damn well that he was not going back to his car and wait, he would continue the chase.

    not one person in the news TV media has discussed this for the entire month.
    I have been tweeting this info the past week and then Thank God today for John Guy he states it at his 7:45 minute mark.

    do your JOB TV news media and report these CRUCIAL facts.
    Zimmerman Acts were premeditated in chasing Trayvon.


  3. Geral Sosbee

    The verdict was a travesty and a call for us to awaken to he morbid culture that encourages surveillance, intimidation, threats, torture, forced suicide, and (in this case)murder.

    The Zimmerman acquittal punctuates the formation of this deadly police state with public acceptance of a homicidal gang stalking culture against *Targets. The jury just made macabre history.

    The age of madness:

    living dead:

    outlaws are better men:


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