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Denzel Washington Denies Divorce Rumors

Denzel Washington Denies Divorce

Denzel Washington has denied rumors that he and his wife are preparing to divorce. Alleged photos of Denzel kissing another woman sparked rumors of cheating and a pending divorce.

Denzel and Pauletta Washington have been married for 30 years. However, according to reports, the couple did not celebrate the occasion. Other sources have claimed that Paulette moved to New York to “contemplate if she’s ready to end the marriage.”

As reported by, a cheating scandal could be to blame for the couple’s problems. Denzel was reportedly spotted flirting with and eventually kissing another woman. Witnesses at a Malibu house party report that Denzel was spending a lot of time with a particular woman throughout the evening.

Photos of Denzel passionately kissing and embracing an unidentified blonde are reportedly being sold to numerous media outlets.

The cheating scandal has sparked continued rumors that Denzel and Pauletta are in the process of ending their marriage. However, Denzel Washington has denied the divorce rumors.

Through 30 years of marriage the couple has certainly faced adversity. As reported by International Business Times, Denzel was rumored to have had an affair with Sanaa Lathan in 2003. Despite the allegations, he and Pauletta’s marriage remained strong.

Pauletta recently discussed the strength of their marriage with Ebony Magazine:

“I live with this man. I see the down part. I see the sad part. I see every part… He has and knows he has stability in me as his wife. That’s what gives him strength, regardless if he misuses it… I can’t dwell on that. But I do know that gives him a great platform to go and fly.”

Her statement suggests that she has no delusions about her husband. However, it seems to confirm her devotion and unconditional love.

Speaking through a representative, Denzel Washington has denied rumors of cheating and a pending divorce. Denzel and Pauletta were married 30 years on June 25. They are the parents of two children.

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23 Responses to “Denzel Washington Denies Divorce Rumors”

  1. Grace Vaye

    celebrities are human like us, they have ups and down! why don't the press leave them alone! the press can even cause divorce!

  2. Bemccfel Gabdesbra

    They have kept their lives under wraps for many years and I hope they don't start to let it unravel in the media now. They have to remember that people have phones nowadays and nothing is secretive anymore. I hope he is not having an affair but if he is I hope they can work it out as I'm sure it is not his first time.

  3. Robbin Hobdy

    Pauletta, stick by your man. Unless you seen him cheating with your own eyes, disregard any and everything that is being said.

  4. Marilyn Williams

    it would TRULY bum me out if these rumors were true; I have always respected and held Denzel more than a cut above other men, especially entertainers. it would bum me out even more if he were cheating with a White woman; I always thought he was respectful of his Black heritage and would not 'mix and match.'

  5. Marilyn Williams

    being in love with your husband, and not being respected, makes a woman lose track of her worth. Love should NOT drag you down – or let you be treated in any way less than deserved.

  6. Anna Audrey Heath

    @Marylyn Williams, thank you! It's so demeaning and humiliating for women to stand by men who think so little of them, they cheat on them and disrespect and dishonor them and their marriage vows. I have no use for any man or woman who cheats.

  7. Brian Barlow

    Denzel, why wait to you get old and start being a fool!!! This is a shame!!

  8. Laveda Glover

    Danzel and Pauletta Washington have 4 children the writer of this article have the number of their children wrong.

  9. Walter Smith

    30years? Come on the Washington's appear to be too wise not to think that, like everything in their environment has had a change of some kind. Why wouldn't how they see and relate to one another? It's got to be a "bi_scuit" managing a life with style in a fishbowl.

  10. Amparo Yabar

    They are also Christian and that makes me doubt it even more. May God protect their marriage and good words from Pauletta. At the end of the day, he knows where HOME is and that is with her.

  11. Amparo Yabar

    She does….that's why she knows what she offers her husband and stands strong…Satan will always try to fight her strength but our Lord is stronger than anything and anyone… she has the right weapon in her heart, GOD.

  12. Tonya Lovinglife Webb

    If Sanaa and Denzel are in love they should be together. This has obviously been going on for many years now. She knows and it's time to move on Pauletta to be with somebody to respects you because this can't be making you happy! Life does go on plus he's going to have to pay anyway which is one of his biggest reason (PERHAPS) as to why he hasn't divorced yet! You both need to Love yourselves enough to walk away with some self respect & dignity bcuz the rumors are only going to get worse!

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