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Mother Stabs Baby 90 Times For Biting Her While Breastfeeding

Mother stabs baby 90 times for biting her while breastfeeding

An 8-month old baby was stabbed by his mother 90 times, mostly in the face, for biting her during breastfeeding.

The stabbing took place in Xuzhou, in eastern China’s Jiangsu Province, where the baby lives with his mother and two uncles. It was one of the uncles who found Xiao Bao lying in a pool of his own blood in the yard and rushed him to the hospital. The infant needed more than 100 stitches after the attack, to which the mother confessed.

Despite pleas from neighbors, the local government has refused to take the baby away from his mother, and there has been no confirmation that she suffered from mental illness. However, Xiao Bao still has his two uncles as guardians, who make their living recycling rubbish.

According to a 2009 analysis of mental health issues in four Chinese provinces, published in the British medical journal The Lancet, 91 percent of the 173 million adults who were believed to suffer from mental illness never received professional help.

In New Jersey earlier this year, 45-year-old Dr. Victoria Vovchik stabbed her 7-year-old daughter, Ava, 31 times. She also slashed the girl’s throat before killing herself. She left no suicide note, and there was no history of domestic abuse or assault in the home. Fortunately, Ava survived the attack after undergoing lifesaving surgery.

Sadly, a similar incident in Detroit in December 2012 didn’t have the same miraculous ending. Semeria Greene, 26, was charged with murder after stabbing her 8-year-old daughter to death. Just weeks before Temeria Greene’s death, a court turned down a request to remove her from the home, saying that there was no immediate danger. After previously being deemed incompetent to stand trial, Semeria Greene was found competent after a three-day hearing last month.

What do you think should happen to Xiao Bao’s mother for stabbing him 90 times?

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10 Responses to “Mother Stabs Baby 90 Times For Biting Her While Breastfeeding”

  1. Jenny Anderson

    They need to take that baby from her. I can't believe they won't. Hello she stabbed her own baby 90 Times. That poor baby. Take him from her before she does it again. Why chance it?

  2. Debra Nicholson

    I think she should go to prison for attempted murder and don't give her another chance to the next time she kills the baby. it that were another culture that baby would be in state care, and not back with the mother that tried to kill him, for biting her while breast feeding, she should have bottle fed the baby and she wouldn't have tried to kill him. take the baby away from the mother ASAP.

  3. Kristina Danielle Zagwyn

    Ok that makes no sense.. You get caned if you steal, but if you stab your infant nothing happens to you?

  4. Nicole Dube Taschereau

    This just made me sick to my stomach…

  5. Miguel Paredes

    Unfortunately with China being so overpopulated they have no where to put the child. The orphanages are teeming with children, the government enforces abortions if anyone has more than one child. So i wouldn't doubt that could care less if the child dies.

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