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Model Eats Topless In New York Restaurants

Cheyenne Lutek, a 19-year-old model, was ejected from a restaurant in the East Village, New York, after she attempted to eat her food topless.

Lutek was kicked out of Verso, an Italian eatery, because she was looking to raise awareness about art and women’s equality. She stated about her efforts, “It’s not my personality as a model to be embarrassed of my body. I feel like no woman should be embarrassed of her body or ashamed to show it.”

She admitted to The Daily News, that those in the restaurant who saw her brazen act of nudity enjoyed the show. “They wanted more. They loved it,” remarked Lutek.

Allen Henson, the photographer who lead Lutek into the restaurants and encouraged her to expose her breasts, stated that he was surprised at the uproar it has caused.

Henson stated, “Apparently everybody seems to like t**s. This is just the first in a five part series. What’s going to happen the next we got out? News helicopters circling over head?”

Both Henson and Lutek, who is a fashion model from New Jersey, were booted out of Verso almost immediately, however a sushi restaurant had welcomed the pair in with open arms earlier in the evening.

Henson added, “The first place we went to, everyone was very excited. The staff was totally supportive. Everybody got up from their tables. Cell phones were out, they were taking pictures. They were like, ‘There’s a naked chick! Woo’.”

Henson went on to state that he feels bad for being kicked out of Verso, noting, “It’s actually a really great place, great food. For me it’s kind of a selfish endeavor to juxtapose topless women in public places. And it’s kind of a woman’s issue.”

Ms Lutek has confirmed that she plans to participate in International Go Topless Day on August 25.

What do you think of Cheyenne Lutek and Allen Henson’s actions?

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