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Bethenny Frankel Is Struggling Through Divorce

Frankel's ex, Jason Hoppy, is making life very difficult.

Bethenny Frankel is having a rough time with her divorce from Jason Hoppy. The former couple called off their marriage in December of 2012, but the battle is just beginning.

Multiple sources have spoken out and they believe Hoppy is making things difficult for the 42-year-old.

“Today was really difficult for Bethenny,” a source close to the TV personality told Us Weekly. “The divorce is taking a toll on her. She just wants what’s best for her daughter. She wants this divorce to be over and done with, but it’s being drawn out by Jason. All Bethenny wants to do is move on.”

At this point, both Frankel and Hoppy are battling for custody over their daughter, but they’ve also had some trouble at home recently during a shoot for Frankel’s talk show. Jason Hoppy is a businessman, but he obviously wasn’t concerned with his ex’s shoot when he tried to stop the filming.

A source at the shoot has revealed that Bethenny Frankel “had to move the shoot into her bedroom” after “Jason freaked out and started snapping at everybody.”

Frankel filed for divorce this past January, and it’s continued to take a toll on her ever since. She opened up about the situation on Good Morning America in February.

“Listen, it’s a struggle, and like any struggle, you push through it and move forward,” she said during an interview on the popular show. “I’m going through something very difficult. And you know what? Every dark cloud has a silver lining. I do have a beautiful daughter and I have a lot of things to be thankful and grateful for.”

She continues to focus on her three-year-old daughter Bryn, who recently celebrated a birthday. Frankel has said that Bryn is the “beautiful gift” from the marriage though the divorce process has been very difficult.

Do you think Jason Hoppy is making life miserable for Bethenny Frankel through their divorce battle?

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9 Responses to “Bethenny Frankel Is Struggling Through Divorce”

  1. The Browmeister

    I think Jason is fighting for his daughter & Bethenny is shocked that she can't run all over him. Coming to an agreement involves compromise. Seems this chick isn't too good w/that concept.

  2. Anonymous

    I agree with Brownmeister. I think he is mounting this epic battle for his daughter. He lived with Bethenny and knows that she has some serious issues.

  3. Toni Simons

    It's a shame the two of them are going through this. I watched their whole relationship evolve on Bravo and they went so much together and now it appears they hate each other. They had everything — a beautiful daughter, all the money they could ever want with the sale of skinny girl liquor, successful careers, etc. She definitely has issues, but he knew all about them when they got married. Shame.

  4. Laurie Pruett

    She makes herself miserable with being a control freak. She does know how mean she is but always uses her upbringing as an excuse. What a shame that she cannot grow up and be a real adult.

  5. Rebecca L Pearce-Whisman

    I watched her on her own show. She is abrasive and treated Jason like a door mat and did not respect him as the dad or a husband…And now we are to feel sorry for her? I am so over Bethenny and her controlling behavior. I will not watch her talk show nor will I buy anymore of her products. Divorce is sad enough. Both of them need to meet in the middle keep it private. Which, I know can be done. There have been several celebrity couples who have been able to keep their business private.

  6. Cheryl Everett Spina

    But she would not be where she is today (whatever that may be) without airing her dirty laundry. Sadly that is what sells. I do not even know who she is or care to know anything about her.

  7. Cheryl Everett Spina

    But she would not be where she is today (whatever that may be) without airing her dirty laundry. Sadly that is what sells. I do not even know who she is or care to know anything about her.

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