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Gretchen Carlson Leaving ‘Fox And Friends,’ Will Be Replaced By Elisabeth Hasselbeck [Video]

fox & Friends

There’s going to be a bit of a change on morning television. Gretchen Carlson will be leaving Fox & Friends this fall and Elisabeth Hasselbeck will be leaving The View.

Carlson will move on to her own show on Fox during the afternoon hours while Hasselbeck will take a seat next to Steve Dooocy and Brian Kilmeade on Fox & Friends.

The news broke last night but Carlson made it official this morning on the Fox show.

Carlson said: “I’m going to move forward in my career … moving on to the afternoons here at Fox and hosting my own show coming up in September.”

Doocy added: “Congratulations, Gretch … We know you work really hard and it shows each and every morning.”

Hasselbeck also said goodbye to her friends over at The View this morning. The ABC co-host will film her last episode of The View today before moving on to Fox And Friends this fall.

Hasselbeck said in a press release: “I have been a longtime fan of Fox & Friends and am excited to be joining their team in September. It is an honor to call the Fox News Channel my new television home.”

Here’s a video of Gretchen Carlson announcing her departure on Fox & Friends.

What do you think of the move? Do you think Gretchen Carlson is making the right move by leaving Fox & Friends? Will Elisabeth Hasselbeck make a good replacement?

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75 Responses to “Gretchen Carlson Leaving ‘Fox And Friends,’ Will Be Replaced By Elisabeth Hasselbeck [Video]”

  1. David Levy

    Libtards are all sitting in Starbucks ready with their mocha lattes to start the day fresh by sitting there and doing nothing but trying to look important as they type nasty messages all day about Elizabeth. They will only take time off from this to replace the batteries in their dildos and clean their strap ons.

  2. Terry Hamilton

    It's hard to say if Gretchen is making the right move. It's very difficult to break into a new show with Fox News. I guess it will all depend on the format of her show and what she is able to bring to the audience. I have watched a few come and go without mentioning names. Some have failed completely and ended up being a fox contributor on other shows while others started out with a daily show but ended up as a weekend show. As for Elizabeth Hasselbeck moving to Fox and Friends. This is a fantastic move for her. She will be among friends on this show and not constantly battling her co-host on her politics and positions. She has a great personality and will add to the show. The View in my opinion could end up losing 50% or more of its audience because I do believe Elizabeth brought a lot of people to the show just to watch her do battle every single morning. Now she is gone from the show it's going to be very boring to watch. The one thing I can say about all the people working on Fox News is there is not a dumb one among them. All are extremely smart and capable and Gretchen is most definitely one of them.

  3. Anonymous

    Congrats to Gretchen on her new gig and to Elizabeth for her rescue by FOX.

  4. Urich Iam

    Oh well, she knew her days were numbered. Ratings were low and those two buffoons next to her were no help. How she'll fare in the afternoon slot is anybody's guess. She will jump ship before too long. Moves one has to make regardless of one's convictions and beliefs. Sometimes money is the main motivator.

  5. Anonymous

    Fox & Friends has the best model to avoid sexual harassment issues. With Gretchen, they had Steve Dooocy and Brian Kilmeade co-host. These two gay guys would never make a move on Gretchen.

  6. Anonymous

    Wow….another misogynist queen. Chill little lady, even dogs are lovable.

  7. Paul Coye

    Congrads to both of them. Liz sure made a smart move.

  8. Anonymous

    Fox & Friends total brain power, including Hasselbeck, would be the equivalent of a zit on an azze of an elephant. But then Fox viewers are, shall we say, not the brightest bulbs in the universe. They would pick a rose over cabbage because it it smells good and naturally assume would make a better soup.

  9. Anonymous

    Hey Bob Zloty…….Fox & Friends total brain power, including Hasselbeck, would be the equivalent of a zit on an azze of an elephant. But then Fox viewers-like Zlutty- are, shall we say, not the brightest bulbs in the universe. They would pick a rose over cabbage because if it smells good, it must taste better.

  10. Zoey Nestor

    What? Another blonde bimbo is joining the FoxSnooze line-up? What a hoot! It looks like Ailes is busily rearranging the deck chairs while the ship is sinking. Couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch of rant-jockeys IMHO. Virtually all of their on-air personalities have far out-lived their usefulness. Last one out, please turn off the lights.

  11. Greg Vine

    Gretchen Carlson with her OWN show? That's sure to have all the intellectual heft of a hard-boiled egg.

  12. Danny Bell

    This a long time coming. Carlson has been the weak link on this morning program. Hasselbeck will be the perfect fit. Good luck on your new temporary afternoon gig Gretchen.

  13. Cheryl Case

    I agree with you, Terry. Let's pray for those in these transitions.

  14. Paul Belyea

    Paul B.

    Hasselbeck said goodbye to her friends at the View? Wow, clearing out her desk drawer took longer that that.

  15. Philip Morgan Kates

    Now GO GET LENO! Rick Santelli! Carrusso-Cabrera for FBN. Lou Dobbs has really been a pleasant surprise. Gretchen will do great…Megan Kelly and O'Reilley though don't seem well informed about anything…like whatever anybody tells me…might do a little HOMEWORK, and that includes THE FIVE! Not well prepared. Like, where's the Maxine Waters' film about 'mining data'; or the attackers at Benghazi yelling that 'Dr. Morsi sent us, don't shoot'! They're the only hope we have, though.

  16. Anonymous

    I am glad she is leaving, and I hope they are not giving her Megan Kellys spot. Gretchen is all about Gretchen. She could give out some big dirty looks to Brian and others and she wears her clothes to short and her bust is alwsy popping out. The sound of her voice is awful. I love Ducey and Brian and I think Elizabeth will be a real asset to the show. Gretchens show I am sure will be all about her and how wonderful she is and how accomplished she is and of course the Miss America thing.

  17. Laszlo Kadlacsik

    I see from your page you are a intellectual powerhouse with your attempt at community college, clearly Calrson's cum laude degree from Stanford University and time at Oxford University pales in comparison.

  18. Mary Light

    I'm anxious to see what kind of show Gretchen is planning. And I'm excited about Elizabeth Hasselback. She's good. I would like to see Glenn Beck come back to Fox. He was the best.

  19. Gene Harvel

    i think you are a little mixed up. it's fox, not cnn.

  20. Robert Kirby

    Please tell us what your news sources are.
    Just want to make sure you aren't another ranter against Fox News, who, um, doesn't watch the news at all.

  21. Anonymous

    Remember it FOX who sent CNNs Contessa O'Muddlehead back to obscurity where she is more if a benefit to us all.

  22. Tom Connors

    By adding hasselbeck to this show, it raises the combined IQ of the three to 90, with hasselbeck topping out with a robust 58

  23. Jeanne Hyndman Barber

    What a bimbo Gretchen is, I've heard that about those Stanford graduates. Sexist pigs!

  24. Anonymous

    I am incensed… should have thrown in Geraldo.

  25. Anonymous

    If he get's it from msnbc,cnn or any of the other MSM it isn't news, it's propoganda. Liberals and progressives like to think they are tremendously smart…..but look at the shape our country is in and you tell me.

  26. Anonymous

    Tom Hyder Jr. And you have been governor and president how many times?

  27. Elizabeth Highsmith Kelly

    Elizabeth Hasselbeck will be a refreshing improvement for Fox & Friends. She has brains, beauty and class!

  28. Dennis Vest

    Zoey- Jealous b/c Fox leads in every time bracket by double the ratings? I guess you're a brain-dead lib who would rather watch last place MSNBC with the likes of crazy Chris Matthews!

  29. Dennis Vest

    Pecker head- Then why does Fox lead in the ratings by 2-1 over CNN & MSNBC combined? You libturds just can't get over your jealousy…

  30. Dennis Vest

    Greg- If you're so smart, why don't you have your own TV show? Awwwww, guess you're jealous!

  31. Dennis Vest

    Tom Hyder Jr. That makes Kerry one too huh? Bush has accomplished more in his last 20 years than you will in ten lifetimes!

  32. Dennis Vest

    "Ratings were low"? WTH do you get your information? The Onion? F&F leads the ratings, as do all Fox shows from sunup to sundown! Their 3am shows beat CNN & MSNBC's prime time line-up! Look it up!

  33. Dennis Vest

    Gosh, you're so smart we're surprised you don't have your own TV show. Must be an idiot.

  34. Linda Steep Messina

    Gretchen Carlson made a good decision to leave. She got tired of spewing the F'OX BS. Hope she makes it on her talk show but who knows. Elisabeth Hasselback will FRY. She's too controversial, doesn't share well and the boys will give her a hard time IMHO. She's not very likeable which is the kind of news reader Fox likes. Her set in stone opinions will bed her ruin and if FOX wants her to tone it down a bit she will be unable to do it and buh bye Elisabeth. I HOPE.A

    Now FOX needs to get rid of that pointy noise Steve morning person. He's down right hateful.

  35. Jim Barrow

    Wow, they gave Gretchen Carlson her own show. Good for her.

  36. Bruce Carlson

    It always hard to see something change because we are a custom to liking the same thing. But I am sure it for the best of Gretchen And I wish her the Best. Go Gretchen.

  37. Brigitte Elizabeth

    Happy to be able to watch Fox and Friends again…I have not watched while Gretchen was there…she is just terrible on that show. I suspect as they always seem to do that the show in the afternoon will be canceled after 6 weeks…a way to gently let her go. Looking forward to Elizabeth Hasselback!

  38. Sonna Pulley Pitts

    I wish she would move right on out of Fox. Not a fan of GC, but I wish Elisabeth the best of luck.

  39. Doug Faulls

    Will be interesting to see how both Carlson and Megyn Kelly do on their own. Glad both are staying with Fox.

  40. Elizabeth Highsmith Kelly

    I very happy for Gretchen, and I hope she is successful! However, I refuse to watch Kris Jenner, and cannot understand why Fox would hire her. She has already said that the perfect guest on her show would be Jane Fonda aka Hanoi Jane.

  41. Matthew Golden

    Dennis Vest I would rather watch actual news not Faux News bullshit – I trust a grade school newscast more that Fox

  42. Matthew Golden

    Dennis Vest I would rather watch actual news not Faux News bullshit – I trust a grade school newscast more that Fox

  43. Joyce Sutter

    Thank God she's leaving. Best news I've heard in a long time and an afternoon gig that no one will watch anyway is the perfect spot for her.

  44. Connie Malloy

    I like watching Fox and Friends everyone on the show is great, but in the last few months Gretchen is always gone, so maybe if she had her own show she may be at work more times than not. Steve and Brian hardly are ever gone but every time you turn around Gretchen is out. I don't know that much about her replacement but I do hope she is well received. Basically Gretchen is already gone.

  45. Katherine Rae

    Why Elisabeth Hasselbeck ever got picked to replace Gretchen is beyond me. Her voice is like a nail on a chalkboard — and her off-the-cuff comments are annoying — not very well articulated or smart. I wish that Alisyn Camerota had been chosen to replace Gretchen. She's intelligent and well spoken, I really was looking forward to Gretchen's replacement — but after viewing her replacement over the last few months, I couldn't be more disappointed.

  46. Eden Keel

    much like you LEVY sitting on your aese and trying to look somewhat err an I Q above 3 and agree with golden

  47. Eden Keel

    not really shes still a ditz still cant speak a complete sentence without a snide remark which generally makes no sense

  48. Eden Keel

    Dennis Vest because old folks homes leave the station on so they can cheer the repeats as if it is new news thats why and they are not number one in news ITS COMMENTARY duh///

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