Apple iOS devices with Target Gift Card

Target Gift Cards For iOS Buyers

Retail giant Target is now offering customers gift cards of varying amounts based on specific Apple iOS products they choose to purchase.

The company’s newest attempt to move a larger number of Apple iPads, iPod Touch’s Apple TV’s, and the iPhone 5 showed up in this weeks nationwide sales flyer.

All but the iPhone 5 are direct rebates, which include Target gift cards valued up to $50 per device. Target will also further discount the cost of the iPhone 5 if the customer trades in another device.

Also with the promotion Target is offering an iPhone 5 for just $149 with a two-year contract.

Just a quick warning: The flyer does not state if only certain iOS models are included in the Target gift card promotion.

The ad does specifically mention the 16GB full-size Wi-Fi iPad with Retina display which sells for $500, but the ad infers that the offer applies to any Apple iPad device. The ad below the iPad offer reads: “Other Wi-Fi and Cellular models available.”

Apple TV buyers who throw down $99 plus tax will receive a $10 Target gift card while the 16GB iPad Touch which sells for $229 offers a $20 gift card.

The iPhone 5 which sells for $149.99 is offered via AT&T Wireless, Verizon Wireless, and Sprint, and that device comes with a $25 Target gift card. Target will also buy a customers old mobile phone as part of their trade-in and provide them with another $25 gift card which can drastically reduce the iPhone 5’s acquisition cost.

The promotion ends on July 13, and buyers should remember that not every Apple iOS device is carried at every single Target store.

With Apple expected to announce the iPhone 5S and next-generation iPad devices in the near future, we will continue to witness price cuts for iOS devices. Recently, Best Buy and Walmart cut the acquisition cost for the Apple iPhone 5.

Will you be taking advantage of Target’s new gift card program for iOS devices?