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Lavish P Showcases His Extravagant Lifestyle On Instagram, But Is He Real?

Lavish P has turned into an internet star after repeatedly posting images of his extravagant and spoilt lifestyle to his Instagram, but is he real?

The incredibly rich 17-year-old from San Francisco, has been uploading pictures to his Instagram feed that show him playing with a large amount of cash, his multiple mobile phones, and pouring sparkling water into his toilet.

Because of his antics he has now amassed over 60,000 followers on Instagram, and a further 20,000 on Twitter, but now various users are beginning to suspect that he is actually an internet troll.

Lavish P has stated that his “life problems” include getting his arm hair caught in his “new 89K Rolex” whilst he has also noted that he hasn’t been able to read the menu at a five-star restaurant because of its “ambient lighting,” and that his mansion is so big he can’t access wifi in parts of it.

His website describes himself as a wealthy teenager from San Francisco, and he states that his life is “like Louis Vuitton – everyone wants it.”

Lavish added about himself, in the third person, “Playing Polo and Golf are his favorite past times. Sipping cappuccinos in his multi-million dollar penthouse, he loves taking balling to a whole new level. Your life savings are considered pocket change to him.”

Lavish’s most outrageous display featured him tying $4,000 to various balloons, and then simply launching them into the sky and then over a bridge.

Lavis P balloons


He has remarked that he acts in such a disgraceful manner “because many peasants don’t understand what true luxury is.”

However, many people have taken to Twitter to accuse Lavish of being fake, and have stated that his actions are either part of an art project or that he is just an internet troll.

Do you think Lavish P is real or fake?

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