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Chicago Gun Violence: More Than 70 Shot, At Least A Dozen Killed Over 4th Of July Weekend

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Gun violence in Chicago erupted over 4th of July weekend with at least a dozen people killed.

According to the Huffington Post, at least 74 people were shot in Chicago over 4th of July weekend. Twelve of those people died from their injuries.

Chicago gun violence has been a problem in recent years. The city has seen fewer gun related incidents this year but its hard to see the progress when 74 people get shot in a single weekend.

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthysaid in a statement: “While to date we’ve had significantly fewer shootings and significantly fewer murders this year, there’s more work to be done and we won’t rest until everyone in Chicago enjoys the same sense of safety.”

The Huffington Post reports that Chicago saw its 200th homicide on Saturday when 25-year-old Jerimiah Milsap was killed on the 1000 block of West Maxwell Street. Sadly, Chicago quickly surpassed the 200 milestone with at least two more murders. The Chicago Suntimes reports that by the end of the 4th of July Weekend Chicago had seen 202 homicides. By this time last year, Chicago had 275 homicides.

Chicago has stepped up its anti-gun violence efforts but many feel that the city isn’t doing enough to keep citizens safe.

Chicago Police spokesman Adam Collins said that the CPD is working to make sure that people feel safe.

Collins said: “Every day, Chicago Police work to combat crime and violence in close partnership with the communities we serve. We all have a role to play in the safety of our city. And though we’ve had significantly fewer shootings this year, there’s certainly more work to be done and we’re not going to rest until every one in the city enjoys the same sense of safety.”

Officers may be working hard to stop gun violence but some citizens are taking matters into their own hands. A man attending the Fireworks show at Navy Pier ran down a crook this weekend because he was “fed up” with all of the crime.

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14 Responses to “Chicago Gun Violence: More Than 70 Shot, At Least A Dozen Killed Over 4th Of July Weekend”

  1. Ig Nwene

    American gun violence , particularly in Chicago is becoming more than worrisome. Nobody is safe as anybody can be shot any day , any where.And the shootings are unprovoked, yet some people in the Riffle Association are against legislation to curb this. What manner of a nation is this where people are shot like animals at will?

  2. Anonymous

    If more automatic assault guns would be given out there would be a lot fewer wounded people.

  3. Anonymous

    Darn it. We put one of the potential victims in the White House.

  4. John Oconnor

    5000 brothers a year kill each other between the ages of 18-24. Your forefathers went through soooooo much so you could have what you have. I feel worse for them knowing how hard they worked prayed and struggled. please stop killing each other.

  5. Ben Moore

    The issue is that legislation doesn't prevent criminals from getting weapons, it only leaves the law abiding citizen defenseless. The more pressing issue is the glamorization of the gang/thug lifestyle

  6. Bill Abers

    Break down the race off the victums, the shooters, how many guns were legal, Black 85%, hispanic 11%, white 4%, legal guns 2%, this says what's you anti gun libs?

  7. Prince Campbell

    Man cannot control what happen on earth without God. I have been victorious again crime in my community 3 times starting in 2004, by call on the community around me to pray. We have not because we ask not, and we ask not because we do not believe. I ask in 2004 and did a Jericho ride with a group of ladies from different churches. I did it again in 2007 with a larger group of melting pot believers around the community and crime has been dropping sin 2004. The ride took seven weeks which was done on a Saturday morning on church buses.

    My last victory occurred when a drug house open next door to me. I got the neighbors to take a time slot to pray for a week around the clock. Then two neighbor road around two block praying everyday for six days and we finishes on Saturday. The man lost his house and moved. Our prayers was answered that no one would be killed. Our scripture for the neighborhood was psalms 91.

    A lot of Christian know how to pray, but do not realize that we have to do something spiritual as a show of faith.
    Faith without action is dead, says the word of God. Another scripture says, "Whatever we bind on earth will be bind in heaven; Whatever we loose on earth will be loosen in heaven. God is waiting on us to act on faith so He can help us.

    Evil grow when God is seen as a little, or none existing God, and believers lack knowledge on how to fight a spiritual battle, which is where all evil originates that use mankind.

  8. Bobby Whitaker

    Yes Chicago needs to have MORE GUNS. But they could never. That city has pushed gun control so far past it's breaking point, that it has turned people for good, there is no turning back for that city.

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