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Heidi Klum’s Cornrows Didn’t Last Long [Photo]

Heidi Klum’s cornrows seemed to be the perfect style for her extended Fourth of July vacation in the Bahamas. Like many visitors to the island, she even photographed herself having the braids put into her lovely blonde hair.

Alas, all good things must come to an end, even Heidi Klum’s bikini vacation in the Bahamas.

If you check those recent tweets down below, you’ll see the July 5 tweet where she’s getting those braids put in. And then you’ll see today’s followup tweet, where she takes them out — all the while pondering the enduring question: “I don’t know if I prefer braids or the big curls.”

By the way, yesterday I put together a whole photo spread from Heidi Klum’s Bahamas vacation called, Heidi Klum Bares Butt, Gets Sunburn, Has More Fun Than You In Bahamas. Be sure to check it out for lots more photos, because the 40-year-old model appparently spent the entire vacation in a bikini and not much more.

This one’s about the hair. I’ve always wondered just how long those braids last for different people. I’ve heard up to a month, but for me it always seems like it’s more like ten minutes.

Heidi Klum apparently considered the cornrow braids strictly vacation hair and took them out on purpose, so we’ll never know for sure how long they would have lasted.

A lot of her fans seem to like the curly look, with Instagram posters leaving comments like “Loving the big hair!” and “Kinky is better.”

Hmm. Come to think of it, that second comment could have more than one meaning.

But, like I said, this one’s about the hair. Check out Heidi Klum’s tweets:

I’ll be honest. For me it’s a no-brainer.

I liked the cornrows better than the curls. I think they’re a cleaner look in the hot summer sun. But that’s what makes horse-racing.

What’s your favorite look for Heidi Blum’s vacation hair — cornrow braids or lots of curls?

[top photo Heidi Klum via Instagram]