Zimmerman trial resumes

Zimmerman Trial Enters Third Week With Defense Case

The Zimmerman trial enters its third week of testimony with the defense’s case.

On Friday, the prosecution rested its case after presenting all their witnesses in the racially charged trial of accused murderer George Zimmerman, who allegedly shot unarmed Florida teen Trayvon Martin in 2012.

Zimmerman is a former neighborhood watch leader, who prosecutors say racially profiled Martin, who was African American.

The Friday testimony included the dramatic audio from the 911 call placed while Zimmerman and Martin where fighting. Both Martin and Zimmerman’s mothers took the stand and claimed they recognized their sons’ voice screaming in the background.

When asked who was screaming in the call, Martin’s mother answered,

“Trayvon Benjamin Martin.”

Zimmerman’s mom also defended her son when asked the same question,

“My son, George.” she answered and added, “Because he’s my son.” when asked why she knew it was Zimmerman.

Prosecutors made a strong opening statement in the Zimmerman trial stating that the accused killer had placed a profanity-laced call to non-emergency police reporting Martin as suspicious.

In completely opposite arguments, the defense says that Zimmerman shot Martin in self defense after the teen viciously attacked him.

At a press conference on Friday, defense attorney Mark O’Mara said it was “very surprising” the state decided to delve into issues regarding Zimmerman’s past. It is a move which he said could “open up” the case to make Martin’s past relevant as well.

The defense hinted they may ask the judge to consider allowing the jury to hear evidence pertaining to Martin’s past and alleged drug abuse and fighting.

On Friday, away from the courtroom, the medical examiner stated that he changed his opinion on whether or not marijuana, found in Martin’s system “could” have affected him.

“We now have Dr. Bao who said as a matter of fact, it does have some effect,” O’Mara said.

The Zimmerman trial will be on going throughout the week.