Peeping Tom In Public Toilet Flushed Out In Tulsa

Peeping Tom In Public Toilet Flushed Out By Police

An alleged peeping tom in a public toilet has been arrested by Tulsa Police, according to a Monday report from

Kenneth Webster Enlow, a 52-year-old man, was observed inside of a septic tank by a woman taking her 7-year-old daughter to the restroom at a Keystone Lake park.

(The police report noted that the park, located on the southeast side of Keystone Dam, has toilet facilities, which include a septic tank under a cement slab. A plastic toilet seat rests over the hole “allowing for septic service.”)

When mother and daughter arrived at the toilet, they saw Enlow looking up at them from inside — and apparently, they weren’t the first to “make use” of the facilities while the man was down there.

(By the way, we’re assuming this is the part where a torrent of screams and expletives followed.)

Tulsa Police were called to the scene of the White Water Park women’s bathroom on Sunday evening by a park ranger.

From Deputy Brian Osman’s arrest report: “I observed the white male while he was in the septic tank. … I saw that he was standing with his head and shoulders out of the hole and that he was covered in feces.”

Keystone Fire and Rescue helped fish out the alleged peeping tom in the public toilet,and then used a fire hose to clean him off.

Police said Enlow’s initial story was that his girlfriend “Angel” slugged him on the head with a tire iron and then dropped him in the toilet. Enlow added that Angel drove him to the scene in a 1972 Chevy Monte Carlo, “blue and white,” and that she left him in the hole close to 30 minutes before he was discovered.

Osman said Enlow had no injuries that would back up the claim but did say there were “old scratches” on his head that had scabbed over. Osman also observed scratches on Enlow’s arm that police think were from the rough edges of the concrete slab under the toilet. Surprisingly, the peeping tom in public toilet case isn’t alone with the “ick” factor. In June, The Inquisitr‘s Emma Flint reported on a Japanese man, who would hide in sewers to catch a glimpse up women’s skirts.

And in April, two Duluth, Georgia, men were arrested for allegedly peeking in on women from the ceiling of a theater restroom. Probably would have gotten away with it, too, had they not fallen through the tiles.

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