Ender's Game controversy

‘Ender’s Game’ Boycott Launched Over Author’s Anti-Gay Stance [Video]


The upcoming sci-fi film Ender’s Game will be boycotted by a group of activists over anti-gay remarks made by the author of the original book.

The group, called “Geeks Out,” has launched the Ender’s Game boycott online over comments made by science fiction author Orson Scott Card, who wrote the 1985 novel the film is based on.

On the group’s website, fans are asked to “not buy a ticket at the theater, do not purchase the DVD, do not watch it on-demand. Ignore all merchandise and toys. By pledging to skip ‘Ender’s Game,’ we can send a clear and serious message to Card and those that do business with his brand of anti-gay activism — whatever he’s selling, we’re not buying.”

The movement is actually picking up some steam in major cities like New York, Orlando and Seattle.

So what did the author say to set Geeks Out off so badly?

Orson Scott Card has actually written quite a bit about homosexuality and same-sex marriage, and he has used pretty aggressive language. He once issued a statement in support of a North Carolina ban of gay marriage, saying that it would be “the bludgeon (The Left) use to make sure that it becomes illegal to teach traditional values in the schools.”

The most famous example of his anti-gay beliefs is an op-ed for the Mormon Times. He wrote that the acceptance of gay marriage would lead to the “end of democracy in America,” and begin a “slippery slope towards total homosexual political rule and the classifying of anyone who disagreed as ‘mentally ill.'”

He also called homosexuality a “tragic genetic mixup.”

His hiring at DC Comics inspired a similar fan boycott, as well. You can watch a report about that below:

Fans Threaten DC Comics Boycott Over Orson Scott Card Hiring

The film adaptation of Ender’s Game will be released on November 1, 2013. It stars Asa Butterfield, Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley.

What do you think of the Ender’s Game boycott? Will you still see the film?