Bull Terrier Beheads Tiny Pomeranian Dog

England – A bull terrier beheaded a tiny Pomeranian dog [not pictured] during a vicious attack Saturday in the front yard of a home. After the horrific incident, the owner of the bull terrier just walked off and acted like nothing happened.

Before the owner of the bull terrier strolled off, she reportedly said, “It’s not his fault – he’s only a baby.”

The horrifying ordeal occurred during a little boy’s birthday party. The Pomeranian barked at the bull terrier walking past before the bull terrier burst through the gate and brutally attacked the little dog.

“It was like something out of a horror film, like it’s not actually happened,” Gemma Antell, the owner of the Pomeranian, said.

“Our little dog Elvis was brutally killed by another dog. The dog literally ripped his head off. It ripped Elvis in half. It is my son’s birthday and my kids are in tears and my whole family are traumatized,” Antell said.

Antell said she had to leave the family party to take the Pomeranian to the vet to be cremated. She believes the the owner is worse than the dog because the dog didn’t know any better.

“It was on the lead the whole time. It dragged her in the garden she couldn’t control it. Elvis was attacked in his own garden and he is the size of a rat,” she said.

The bull terrier has since been taken away from the owner. “We will be speaking to the owners in due course and will do all we can to deal with the incident appropriately within the guidelines of the law,” Chief Inspector Darren Hebden said.

What do you think should happen to the bull terrier who beheaded the Pomeranian? Do you think his owner should receive some type of punishment?

[Image via Shuttershock]