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Miesha Tate A Hypocrite? MMA Fighter Defends Ronda Rousey Body Issue Comments

In 2011, Miesha Tate criticized her rival Ronda Rousey for taking off her clothes for ESPN Magazine’s Body Issue. Now, two years later, Tate is doing the same thing.

Tate said in 2011: “Anyone else think it’s hypocritical 4 Ronda Rousey to talk crap about ring girls in playboy but it’s totally fine 2 pose ‘artistically nude?'”

Several people have called Tate a hypocrite for appearing nude in the Body Issue but Tate doesn’t see anything hypocritical about her previous statements.

The MMA fighter posted a message on Twitter today asking her fans to go back and read her full comments. Tate said that she had a problem with Rousey criticizing people like Kim Kardashian and the MMA ring girls and then posing nude in The Body Issue.

Here are Tate’s full comments:  “I just get so tired of Ronda criticizing everyone else. I think we should just all live our lives and I don’t really care what she does or what anyone else does. It’s not our place to judge. I’m just sick of hearing her mouth off about other girls this and that, and Kim that, the Playboy girls this. I’m just like ‘just shut up’.”To me it’s so stupid that you would talk crap about ring girls doing Playboy, which that’s kind of what their appeal is – it’s a sex appeal. For an athlete, there’s no real reason to have to get nude, although I think there’s nothing wrong with ESPN. I don’t think what Ronda did was wrong.I’m just saying it’s not okay to talk crap about the ring girls and then get 1 percent less naked, and say it’s okay. To me it kind of falls in that hypocrisy.”

Do you think Miesha Tate is a hypocrite? Or do you think her comments were directed more at Ronda Rousey being judgmental and not at her rival stripping for The Body Issue.

Tate said that she agreed to pose for the magazine this year because she wanted to show that female MMA fighters have a feminine side.

Tate said: “One of the of the biggest common misperceptions about women’s mixed martial arts is that we’re not feminine. So for me it’s important to show that women in this sport are comfortable about their bodies, that we’re pretty and carry ourselves as women — and we can also turn it up a notch in the cage.”

A photo of Tate from the Body Issue leaked online today. You can see the full shoot, which also includes 77-year-old Gary Player, later this week.

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