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Dwayne Johnson Shares New ‘Hercules’ Image On Twitter [Photo]

Dwayne Johnson shared a new photo from his upcoming action flick Hercules on Twitter.

The busy actor is apparently taking a cue from Fast and Furious 6 co-star Vin Diesel. Instead of letting the studio do all of the early promotional work, Johnson is getting folks fired up about the project by releasing a steady stream of images on Twitter.

Dwayne Johnson will tackle the title role in Rush Hour director Brett Ratner’s big-budget adaptation of Hercules. Instead of incorporating some of the more fantastic elements found in the Arnold Schwarzenegger films, this version of the classic hero will reportedly be a bit more grounded.

The latest Hercules photo shared by the G.I. Joe: Retaliation star puts the focus on the film’s elaborate sets. According to Johnson, award-winning designer Jean-Vincent Puzos was tasked with bringing the world of Hercules to life. You can find the black-and-white photo embedded below.

“I sit in awe,” the actor wrote on Twitter.

Jean-Vincent Puzos has served as production designer on a number of memorable motion pictures. His big-screen credits include 10,000 B.C., The Cat’s Meow, and the Nicolas Cage thriller Lord of War. His work on Hercules: The Thracian Wars should be a feast for the eyes.

Although Dwayne Johnson has shared a number of photos from the upcoming flick on Twitter, he hasn’t given fans a good look at his own appearance in the movie. The actor sports long black hair and an impressive amount of muscle in Ratner’s version of Hercules.

Of course, this isn’t the only movie Johnson currently has lined up. The actor is expected to reprise his role as Luke Hobbs in James Wan’s Fast and Furious 7. Reports also suggest Johnson will tackle the role of Sinbad in an adaptation of Arabian Nights.

You can find the latest image from Hercules below.

Are you a fan of Dwayne Johnson? What do you think about all of the photos he’s shared from the set of Brett Ratner’s Hercules: The Thracian Wars?

[Top Image via Paramount Pictures – Bottom Image via Dwayne Johnson / Twitter]