Lady Gaga Pleads With Court To Seal Potentially Damaging Information

Lady Gaga Hopes To Block Court Docs Regarding Her Discovery

Lady Gaga has filed documents requesting that the court block certain information in a lawsuit between two of the people, who helped discover her, according to a Sunday report from TMZ.

The website noted that Gaga’s reasoning for the request was that certain information regarding her discovery is “sensitive, private, and personal,” and said info would “inflict significant personal and professional harm” to her.

The lawsuit is between a former collaborator and close friend, Wendy Starland, and Gaga’s friend and producer, Rob Fusari. Starland sued Fasari in 2010, claiming that she was owed revenues for her role in the superstar’s discovery.

Specifically, AZ Central noted, Starland is claiming she obtained Lady Gaga a production deal with Fusari, which led to her signing a deal with a major record label along with publishing deals for Gaga’s lyrics.

As for Lady Gaga herself (the former Stefani Germanotta), she is hoping that a court will honor her request, adding that she and Fusari are bound by a “non-disparagement agreement” to keep whatever information she’s referring to private. A judge’s ruling is still forthcoming.

While the transgender speculations are sure to heat up, there was no further indication as to what Gaga was referring, and as far as we’re concerned, she squashed that in the 2010 Barbara Walters interview.

Besides, to us, it’s hard to see how that could “inflict significant personal and professional harm” in a post-DOMA society, especially considering that Lady Gaga already has a strong LGBT base that knows exactly what they’re getting with the superstar.

Whatever else it could be, it would take a lot to topple Gaga’s musical empire.

Forbes recently referred to her as the “most powerful musician in the world.”

The singer earned $80 million between June 1, 2012 and 2013, and she could have added $30 million to this had she completed her Born This Way Ball tour, which she had to cancel in order to complete hip surgery.

Let’s remember: this is a woman, whose fingernail once brought $12,000 in an online auction.

Still, whatever Lady Gaga is referring to, even in her own words, sounds pretty damning. What’s your take?

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