92 Year Old Marries a 22 Year Old

92 Year Old Marries Woman 70 Years Younger

A 92-year-old Iraqi farmer married a woman 70 years his junior in a village north of Baghdad according to Fox News.

Musali Mohammed al-Mujamaie married his 22-year-old bride Muna Mukhlif al-Juburi Thursday during a four-hour long ceremony.

Mujamaie had been previously married to a wife who died three years ago. He had shared 58 years with her and fathered 16 children in his home village of Gubban.

Fox News reported that Mujamaie shared the ceremony with two of his grandsons.

“I am so happy to get married with my grandsons,” Mujamaie told AFP after the ceremony, “I feel like a 20-year-old!”

Reports say that the ceremony lasted four hours and included musical and dance performances and celebratory gunfire. Local tribal and religious leaders also attended the triple celebration.

The age differences seem startling, but this isn’t the first time age has gotten in the way of a marriage.

Just take a look at Hugh Hefner and his recent marriage to Crystal Harris. The age difference between this celebrity couple is 60 years.

The Playboy model got cold feet the first time around and called the wedding off just a few days before the ceremony in 2011.

Harris apparently regretted the decision, however, and was soon living back under the Playboy mansion roof.

Hugh and Crystal managed to patch things up and got married on New Year’s Eve during a private ceremony.

Reports stated that this is Hugh Hefner’s third marriage. He’s previously been married to Mildred Williams and Kimberly Conrad and has four children from those marriages. Harris, who was the Playboy’s Miss December 2009, has never been married before.

After Mujamaie’s marriage to his 22-year-old bride, he says he feels young again. He also expressed joy at the fact that he was able to be married alongside two of his grandsons, ages 16 and 17.

The grandsons’ wedding had been reportedly rescheduled multiple times so that they could be married along with Mujamaie.

While a 92-year-old man marrying a woman 70 years younger than him may seem strange to others, Mujamaie seems to be perfectly happy with his new bride. What do you think of the huge age gap?

[Image via Shutterstock/Nadezda Cruzova]