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‘The Lone Ranger': Disney Cancels Johnny Depp’s Promotional Trip To China

Johnny Depp hears from one US critics about Lone Ranger flop.

Disney canceled Johnny Depp and Jerry Bruckheimer’s promotional trip to China since it’s currently unclear when The Lone Ranger will open in theaters.

The star and the producer of Disney’s latest box office disappointment where originally scheduled to promote the flick in China on July 15. However, the studio ultimately decided to scrap these plans since a proper release date hasn’t been announced.

In addition to Depp and Bruckheimer, Entertainmentwise reports that The Lone Ranger star Armie Hammer and director Gore Verbinski were also slated to make the journey. The adventure has been pushed back by a few months.

“As part of their promotional activities for ‘The Lone Ranger,’ Johnny Depp and producer Jerry Bruckheimer plan to visit China in early September closer to an expected release date,” a Disney rep said in a statement to The Wrap.

Although Disney released the movie in North America last week, the studio has no idea when the flick is expected to bow in China. Government officials are known for giving little notice when announcing release dates for foreign films.

The studio was likely hoping to score some extra money from the world’s second-largest film market. The movie struggled to find an audience at the extremely crowded North American box office this weekend. Industry insiders believe the movie may only make $40 million during its five-day run.

Considering The Lone Ranger cost Disney an estimated $220 million to produce — a number that doesn’t include promotional costs — this certainly isn’t good news. Unfortunately for the studio, the same thing happened last year with director and co-writer Andrew Stanton’s John Carter.

Strong numbers from foreign markets would certainly help offset the lack of interest here in the US. The film may have benefited greatly from curious moviegoers in China, though it appears the film may not hit theaters in the country until September.

Did you catch The Lone Ranger in theaters over the weekend? Are you surprised that Disney may have another huge flop on their hands?

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7 Responses to “‘The Lone Ranger': Disney Cancels Johnny Depp’s Promotional Trip To China”

  1. Lee Sullivan

    I am disappointed in Disney with the Lone Ranger movie. This is supposed to be for 'all' audiences but not so. Not only have they allowed cursing – something Walt would 'never' have done – they've allowed several uses of taking God's name in vain. Some of us don't curse at all and don't like to hear it – especially the taking God's name in vain.

    Exodus 20:7: Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.

  2. John Nicoletti

    Good grief, take a look at the outfit, Depp is wearing. A black crow on his head, white face, and just a terrible looking sidekick to the infamous Lone Ranger. Clayton Moore, and Jay Silverheels, must be turning over in their graves. Hollywood. Keep it freakin simple. Wonder if the producers of this god awful trash, took the time to see the old Lone Ranger flicks.

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