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MLB All-Star Voting Finds No Place For Yasiel Puig, But Dodgers Rookie Could Still Play

MLB All-Star Voting Finds No Place For Yasiel Puig, But Dodgers Rookie Could Still Play

MLB All-Star Game voting did not give Yasiel Puig a bid, but the Los Angeles Dodgers’ sensational rookie could still find a spot on the roster.

Puig failed to make the game either on fan balloting, the player vote, or as a selection of National League manager Bruce Bochy. But Puig still has a few chances to participate in the All-Star Game July 16 at Citi Field.

Yasiel Puig can still be chosen in online MLB All-Star voting for the final spot, fighting out for the slot along with four other candidates. Puig could also be named as an injury replacement.

Bochy noted that the injury replacement could be a viable option. Last year Bryce Harper was tagged to play as a replacement despite not having played a full season, Bochy noted.

“Part of it is you understand as a manager the fans want to see a certain player. It’s exciting for them,” Bochy said. “They’ve made a huge splash. They’re bringing so much energy, it’s intriguing. And even though it’s a small sample size, when you look at the noise (Puig) has made, and it happens in a big city, and he has to be credited with what’s happened with their club. He’s been a spark for their team.’

The Dodgers outfielder has sparked debate over whether his fantastic but brief MLB season warranted an All-Star bid. Puig has a .420 batting average and 1.155 OPS, ending June with 42 hits. But he has only played one full calendar month in the Major Leagues after a late call-up.

Count Jonathan Papelbon, Philadelphia Phillies reliever, as one of those who believe Puig hasn’t proven himself worth of an All-Star slot just yet.

“To me, it’s an absolute joke .It’s really kind of stupid if you ask me,” Papelbon said in a radio interview, ESPN reports.

Papelbon added: “The guy’s got a month, I don’t even think he’s got a month in the big leagues. Just comparing him to this and that, and saying he’s going to make the All-Star team, that’s a joke to me.”

In MLB All-Star voting for the final spot, Yasiel Puig is competing with Washington’s Ian Desmond, Atlanta’s Freddie Freeman, San Francisco’s Hunter Pence and Dodgers teammate Adrian Gonzalez.

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3 Responses to “MLB All-Star Voting Finds No Place For Yasiel Puig, But Dodgers Rookie Could Still Play”

  1. Guy Karr

    Puig is good and may be great in time, but he's not proven. An all-star should show over time that he is an all star and "pay his dues". In may opinion to be eligible a played should have started the season in MLB unless held out by injury. He also must not have been selected for what he "would have done" if healthy. He should be selected for actual accomplishments.

  2. Beverly Hills

    Puig has through his incredible start been an inspiration to fans and teammates. He has generated new life in the Dodgers winning 14 of last 17 games. Baseball needs to acknowledge his incredible start and give him an all-star position.

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