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Slick Aguilar, Jefferson Starship Guitarist, ‘First In Line’ For Liver Transplant

Jefferson Starship guitarist Slick Aguilar told his fans on Facebook that he’s the “first in line” to receive a liver transplant.

The musician has been waiting for quite a while for a liver to become available. Although he needs the transplant to save his life, Aguilar isn’t sure when the procedure will take place.

The guitarist explained on Facebook:

I was told that I am now first in line for a transplant for my blood type whenever the next liver becomes available. My blood type is B-, which is kind of rare. So, even though I am now at the top of the list, it could still take a while before a B- liver becomes available. Could be tomorrow — could be six months.

Slick Aguilar told his fans and followers that he was scared and excited to receive the liver transplant. The idea of having to undergo surgery is understandably giving the talented guitarist mixed emotions.

“When I received this news, my heart raced, as this is what I have been hoping and praying for. But when I think that I may be under the knife soon, it’s scary. However, since this has to be done sooner or later, lets rock ‘n’ roll and get this done!” he explained.

Aguilar has been a member of Jefferson Starship since Jefferson Airplane co-founder Paul Kantner rebooted the group back in the 90s. The guitarist also played with Marty Balin, and Jack Casady, and Paul Kantner in the 80s rock outfit KBC Band.

Jefferson Starship recorded three albums with Aguilar as guitarist. The musician helped out on the studio albums Windows of Heaven and the 2008 effort Jefferson’s Tree of Liberty. The group’s latest effort Loveless Fascination is expected to arrive on September 17.

Are you a fan of Jefferson Starship and Slick Aguilar? Are you excited that the guitarist is now “first in line” for a liver transplant?

[Top Image via Slick Aguilar / Facebook]