Donald Trump anti Obama Apprentice parody surfaces

Donald Trump Anti Obama ‘Apprentice’ Parody Surfaces [Video]

A never-aired Apprentice parody featuring Donald Trump giving a faux Barack Obama a “career evaluation” has emerged.

You’ll be shocked — or not — to learn that the video ends with Trump telling the president, “you’re fired.”

Today showed a clip from it last year, but the full video has now surfaced. It was meant to be shown at the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa. As you may recall, Hurricane Isaac caused the GOP convention schedule to be truncated, however, with the cancellation of the Monday evening program.

That aside, contemporary, made-for-TV presidential conventions are for the most part a relic of the past given that the candidate is already selected through a series of primaries, and the outcome of the nomination is no longer in doubt.

In the video performance evaluation that was not shown at the convention, Trump blasts Obama’s failed stewardship of the economy. He starts off by saying “It looks like you’ve never really managed people before. You’ve never run a business. Who hired you? You oversee budgets and you’re never been responsible for making a payroll or signing paychecks.”

In the run-up to the convention, Trump tweeted about a big role that he would play in the festivities — which apparently was this video parody. According to CNN, Trump thought the video would have “brought down the house” if it was shown in the convention hall, but event organizers deciding against airing it. Trump has also suggested the Romney campaign never called upon him to play a role in the general election contest after the convention.

Said Trump at the recent Faith and Freedom Coalition convention, “They never put it on. The reason they didn’t put it on is because they thought it was too controversial. Controversy. It might not be politically correct. And it was very sad, and I didn’t do any work for him — I mean, I would have, but again they didn’t ask me — because I think they thought I was too controversial, more tough.”

The real-estate mogul and Twitter aficionado has been floating the idea of seeking the presidency himself in 2016.

Trump, who recently won a $5 million judgment from a Miss USA contestant for defamation, named Trace Adkins as the winner of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice (season 13 of the reality show franchise) in March.

Reportedly it cost $100,000 to produce the Obama Apprentice parody. Do you think Trump’s team got their money’s worth? Watch for yourself and decide:

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