Amanda Bynes eating disorder and plastic surgery are making her look like Nicki Minaj

Amanda Bynes Eating Disorder: Closing In On Weight Goal, Almost Looks Like Nicki Minaj [Op-Ed]

In spite of Amanda Bynes’ eating disorder she closes in on her weight goal, and starts to look like Nicki Minaj.

In previous tweets, internet and Hollywood celebrity Amanda Bynes has stated that she is trying to reach her weight goal of 100 pounds, which at five foot seven is grossly underweight. In a tweet Wednesday, she stated what sounds positive until you actually think about it, “I just weighed myself and I’m 114! Only 14lbs closer to 100!”

At 114 pounds, Amanda Bynes is already dangerously underweight, and seeing as she’s fighting an eating disorder on the side, and this falls somewhere between a goal and an obsession.

Amanda Bynes says she is doing this for a reason that sounds incredibly close to a masochistic caption on an Overly Attached Girlfriend meme. Amanda Bynes tweeted, “I Need To Have Surgery To Look Beautiful For The Man I’m In Love With So I Feel Comfortable With The Way I Look When We Get Married”

Something Amanda Bynes‘ eating disorder and apparent love of plastic surgery aren’t taking into account is that most women feel unattractive. It’s natural. Getting plastic surgery and making yourself grossly underweight is not going to win anyone over unless he’s just that heartless.

It seems that with a recent picture she posted to Twitter, Amanda Bynes is looking a lot like Nicki Minaj these days with the blonde wig and fake eyelashes. The cheek piercings only seem to exaggerate the look of a self-obsessed drama queen that Nicki Minaj had become up to and during her American Idol days.

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Amanda Bynes weight tweet
Amanda Bynes weight tweet
Amanda Bynes plastic surgery tweet
Amanda Bynes plastic surgery tweet


Also, capitalizing every word in the sentence when you tweet is not only putting way too much effort into it, but it’s annoying to read unless it’s a news article title. Amanda Bynes needs to stop before she ends up destroying her life for the sake of a man who might not even care about her, but I doubt she’ll listen.

What do you think of Amanda Bynes’ eating disorder and plastic surgery making her look like Nicki Minaj?

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