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Lance Armstrong Will Ride Again At Iowa Cycling Event

RAGBRAI Armstrong

Lance Armstrong will hop on his bike for an upcoming event in Iowa.

The disgraced cyclist is expected to show up during the The Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa later this month. Although this is his fifth time at RAGBRAI, it will serve as the first public cycling event Armstrong has attended since admitting to doping earlier this year.

According to The Associated Press, the state-long adventure is scheduled to take place on July 20.

While some believe Lance Armstrong is attempting to make a statement by participating in the annual event, the cyclist said he just wants to ride with a “friendly group of people that share the same interests.”

Armstrong said that he and his staff intend to spend three or four days at RAGBRAI later this month. He also intends to make an appearance at an expo held in Council Bluffs ahead of the event.

During an interview with USA Today, Lance Armstrong admitted that he’s a little nervous about how other RAGBRAI riders will handle his participation. Many people felt betrayed by the cyclist after he admitted to using drugs to win the Tour De France.

“I’m well aware my presence is not an easy topic, and so I encourage people if they want to give a high five, great. If you want to shoot me the bird, that’s okay, too. I’m a big boy, and so I made the bed, I get to sleep in it,” Armstrong explained.

Although the cyclist is excited about participating in the upcoming event, not everyone thinks it’s such a swell idea. Below you can find a handful of Twitter reactions to the news.




Of course, not everyone is against Armstrong’s participation.


What do you think about Lance Armstrong participating in RAGBRAI?

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25 Responses to “Lance Armstrong Will Ride Again At Iowa Cycling Event”

  1. Anonymous

    Who th' hell gives a shlt, what this idiot does in Iowa..

  2. Greg Brennum

    Apparently you do since you felt the need to read and comment on it.

  3. R.j. George

    I guess it means he's over it, he owned up and he's over it, so maybe everyone else should get over it too! Time to move on folks…..

  4. Bruce Langley

    cimanal? our politicians are the crimanals…do they help others? only when they have too.. lance has been known to help a lot of ill folks.

  5. David M. Patton

    Who in their right mind would want to ride along side of CHEATSTRONG? But of course 52% of the voting public voted for Obama, so I guess there are still people out there that have a need to embrace a celebrity, even if it is a cheater.

  6. Saved By His Grace

    "Judge not, lest you be judged likewise." Any body ever hear the word "forgive"? Give the guy a break people. Some day you might need someone to forgive you too…..he knows the bed he's put himself in.

  7. Ed Metz

    Good for you Lance! You need to get on with your life, and do your best to ignore the negative comments of others who have done nothing of significance with their own lives. Have a good trip!

  8. David M. Patton

    Why give him a break? He made millions of $$$$$ by cheating. If he gives all the money back that he earned doping, then maybe I would consider giving him a second chance, until then, sorry.

  9. John Wong

    Considering that doping was flagrant when Lance was riding in the Tour de France and if you didn't dope there was no point in even competing. I am not saying that it was right but it was an equalizer since so many did it.

  10. Anonymous

    Mr Armstrong has cheated so many people out of the achievements they should have received.
    Mr Armstrong is an ass, and he should be completely shunned until he dies, and more. He is a very bad man, a very bad person, just the worst of our society.

  11. Pamela Donovan

    He ruined peoples lives, he bullied and destroyed people's lives who thought he was their friend. It was more than just him doping. It had to do with his cruelty to those around him. Why enable this guy? Let's give him a t.v. show like Charlie Sheen who battered his girlfriends…or a broadway show like Mike Tyson who beat up his wife and raped a young girl? No, I'm tired of guys like this getting away with their atrocious behavior because they are celebrities. He did make his be, and he should never be able to ride in any event again. Read up on all the things he has done and the families he destroyed in his wake. This is more than his cheating.

  12. Steven Mendelson

    For dozens of years doping was rampant and was done by all the winners, the runner ups and other high placers. Lance did a tremendous amount of good for cycling in general, and more particularly for cycling in America. He more or less single-handed caused the number of cyclists in this country to explode. He publicized cancer issues, helped with research, gave hope to cancer survivors, and helped fund people to give relief to the cancer patients primary caregivers. His first book descriptions how incredibly bad his cancer was, involving several areas of the body, and basically the doctors told him he was dead several times. He fought back and survived. He then went on to become the patron of the Tour d France. He was more disciplined than any other rider. It was generally accepted that Jan Ulrich had more physiologic talent than Lance, but Jan would put on 25 lbs or more in the off season. Lance would gain 3-5 lbs. He weighed every piece of food he ate. He practiced more. He was single minded and that is why he won, not because he was a doper and others weren't. They all were. He was a winner because he wanted it more, and he was a winner for his work on cancer and for exploding the number of cyclists in this country.

  13. Michael J. Toro

    It's not about Armstrong being arrogant enough to ride again (that's no surprise), it's about anyone being ignorant enough to be interested in him at all.

  14. Joaquin Ricardo Claure McCalmont

    I wish all you nay sayers had the energy to pursue HANOI JANE (AKA jane fonda). She should be tried as a traitor.

  15. Eric Booker

    Good for him…
    He's admitted his wrongdoing, something everyone(at least those who "know")knew he was doing all along. So you continue to persecute him for life? He made millions "cheating"(he just did what everyone else was…only better), and now he'll probably end up with little to show after the lawsuits settle. In the end…LA on his WORST day on a bike was(and still is) better than 99.9% of you weekend warriors who start seeing sideways @250W.

    It's time to move on…"Let those without sin cast the first stone".

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