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Homesteading Expert Melissa K. Norris Interview


Pioneering Today author Melissa K. Norris recently sat down for a chat about homesteading skills and faith with The Inquisitr. Norris is not only a renowned pioneering traditions expert but is a historical romance and Christian fiction novelist as well. She practices her “olden days” habits in the Cascade Mountains, where she lives with her husband and two children.

Melissa Norris’ writing career has enabled her to blend her desire to provide a healthy lifestyle for her family with her immense faith in God. All of her books and weekly newspaper column are inspired life on her family’s small beef cattle farm, her love of old-fashioned homesteading techniques, and her days spent as an amateur barrel racer. The Pioneering Today author grew up devouring the pages of Laura Ingalls Wilder books. “Half Pint” would likely be proud that Norris is tending to her own little house in the big woods in such a loving and proficient manner.

Melissa Norris Interview

IQ: Some of your books and multiple blog posts focus on reviving our pioneer heritage. Why is preserving the traditions of the past such a labor of love for you and why are such skills important for the common American?

Melissa: If we don’t preserve the traditions of the past, they’ll be lost. I don’t want my children to grow up ignorant of how to take of themselves and the land. Our health, debt, and families can be redeemed by many of the skills and traditions of the past. Food grown at home has more nutritional value than fruit and vegetables from the store and even local farmer markets, though farmer markets are an excellent choice if you can’t grow anything at home. For those living in the city, container gardening can still be a way to grow some of your own food. I noticed that when I was outside in the garden, I felt a closeness to God. Watching a seed sprout to maturity, to harvest, and then back to seed form is such an amazing example of the way God takes care of us.