Russian Firetruck

Russian Firetruck: ‘If Ghost Rider Drove A Truck’ On Fire [Video]

A new Russian firetruck video uploaded this week is making me understand why Russians seem to all drive around with dash cams. It’s never a dull moment on the Russian highways and byways, and you never know when you’ll want a video record of something absolutely ridiculous.

Punch the button, and check out that top video called: “Russian Firetruck: If Ghost Driver Drove a Truck.”

There really isn’t much else to say. Some fine folks in Russia see a dumptruck on flaming fire driving around town, and they just follow it until the clueless driver finally catches on and dumps the burning cargo.

That can’t be remotely legal, but I’ll have to leave to somebody in Russia to alert the proper authorities to this evidence of outrageous illegal dumping of garbage that’s totally on fire. I was hoping that the dump site would catch fire at the end and go up in a wall of flame but, if it did, we’ll have to wait for the follow-up video, since we seem to get cut off before the whole story is told.

I’m starting to wonder about Russia. Really.

We just saw a video from a different dash cam which showed a road rage incident where two guys with a pipe planned to beat up some other dude who cut them off in a truck — until a fourth man popped out of his vehicle with a gun to break up the fight. Hey, there’s nothing quite as embarrassing as finding out you brought a pipe to a gun fight.

There’s that dash cam incident of an encounter between a driver and a classic Russian bear.

And, of course, the all-time Russian dash cam favorite was the February video capture of that exploding Russian meteor.

Hmm. I think America is losing the dash cam weirdness race. I bet if somebody out there really tried, they could post a video as mindlessly hilarious as the Russian firetruck.

[fire photo by Marcus Obal via Wikimedia]