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Barry Manilow’s Face Captures Twitter’s Imagination

A Captail Fourth

What is wrong with Barry Manilow’s face? That’s the question Twitter is hoping someone can answer.

The singer drew quite a bit of praise from critics for his performance during the 33rd annual A Capitol Fourth celebration. The special aired Thursday on PBS.

According to Social News Daily, Barry Manilow’s face captured Twitter’s collective imagination after folks became enraptured with his surgically-altered appearance.

While his fans were just happy to hear him sing one more time at the Fourth of July celebration in Washington, D.C., others seemed more interested in what has happened to his skin over the years. You can find some reactions to his appearance embedded below.

Barry Manilow seemed very excited about participating in this year’s event. Newsmax reports that the acclaimed singer was simply “thrilled” to perform during the celebration.

Manilow explained to reporters:

I did it four years ago and I was so thrilled when they called me back and asked me to do it again. For me it was one of the biggest thrills, not only because I was standing, singing, looking at the Capitol and being surrounded by history … and then being in the company of the National Orchestra [who] are amazing. Most of all, for me, it was ending the show with ‘Let Freedom Ring.’ Bruce [Sussman] and I wrote it for a moment like that.

Are you curious to see what some people on Twitter thought about Barry Manilow and his 70-year-old face? You can find some reactions to his physical appearance below. If you’re a fan of the singer, then you might find some of these tweets a little offensive.

If nothing else, at least his face is helping inspire conversation between the generations.

What do you think about Barry Manilow’s face? Were you surprised by the singer’s appearance during his performance at the National Mall on July 4?

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7 Responses to “Barry Manilow’s Face Captures Twitter’s Imagination”

  1. Deannie Smith

    He had injections of FAT or silicone to "puff out his sags and wrinkles." We had one hospital in Houston, that a foreign Dr. was injecting these transvestites, and killed them using automotive silicone.

  2. Synthia Ann Barfield

    His face has nothing to do with his talent!

  3. Wendy Young

    To be honest Synthia, I wouldn't have given them the satisfaction of posting this on FB.

  4. Christine J Sojka

    Not likely Deannie Smith, There are modern day wrinkle fillers but they haven't used fat or silicone for YEARS.Instead they use wrinkle fillers like RESTYLANE AND SCULPTRA.Barry Manilow also had cheek implants back around 2005 to fill out cheek wrinkles caused by too much sun tanning.Personally, I don't get wrinkles because I ALWAYS protect my face from the sun 100% by ALWAYS wearing a really good hat when I'm out in the sun.THAT'S how Madonna, Cher, Jacklyn Smith, Morgan Fairchild, Gwen Stephanie, Isabella Rosselini, Linda Evangelista and Christie Turlington keep their looks.NO COSMETIC SURGERY.JUST 100% SUN PROTECTION.

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