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Teresa Giudice Wonders Why She’s ‘Trending’

teresa giudice why trending

Teresa Giudice’s family feud was a big celeb gossip story today, but in a truly modern, social media twist, the Real Housewives Of New Jersey star seemed genuinely perplexed as to why her name was in the news.

Of course, if you don’t watch RHONJyou’re probably also at a loss as to why Teresa Giudice might be newsworthy at all. In fact, you may have never heard her name before today, when it hit the top of the trend charts on Yahoo.

But if you’re a fan, maybe you clicked to see what’s up in Teresa Giudice’s life — and apparently, so did she.

The RHONJ star took to Twitter after the probably unsettling experience of seeing her name at the top spot on the trends list, perhaps wondering if something major had happened and she had yet to find out. (If that hasn’t happened to a celebrity yet, it is probably totally going to happen soon.)

Giudice apparently was unable to crack the mystery, because over on Twitter, she reassured fans that to her knowledge, no major calamities or events had occurred in her house or family to prompt the sudden flurry of interest.

Giudice said:

Why am I the #1 trend on Yahoo today? Did something happen I don’t know about? We’re all good here. Happy, married, love love love!Xx

Teresa did keep her followers — 7,754 and counting — abreast of her goings on today, visiting a water park with her kids before tweeting a pic of food. (Reality TV contestants — they’re just like us!)

Giudice said:


Teresa Giudice topping gossip news probably circles back to some buzz about family troubles and harsh words she had for brother Joe Gorga — but four days ago, she confirmed the family planned a “healing retreat.”

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3 Responses to “Teresa Giudice Wonders Why She’s ‘Trending’”

  1. Anonymous

    Because she's an idiot from Italy…makes Italian look bad, starting with her parents, who she claims she loves and respects. Yeah and puts their family business out there and now Papa is having health issues…where's the respect Tre? You are all to blame for your fake fame. You sign up with bravo, do a "reality" show , more like delusional show…and this is what you get. Back stabbing nonsense. They have all become fame whores and boo whoo their laundry has been aired… This cast is tired – get a life people!

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