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Cher Hates Republicans, Says They’re Ruining America

cher republicans crazy


Gay icon Cher hit up New York for Pride celebrations, and the long-time diva and mom to Chaz Bono spoke candidly about her son, her career, her rabid fanbase, and the Republican party.

As a long time ally and deified gay community touchstone, Cher is a natural Pride attendee. And it makes sense that the former Mrs. Sonny Bono would take issue with Republicans, particularly after transgender son Chaz came out a few years back.

Cher was straightforward about the GOP and their recent actions, saying:

[Republicans] are going to ruin the country … They’re just crazy. They would rather see the country go down in flames than work at all with President Obama.

Cher also dished on men, and the ones with whom she’s been linked across her decades in the spotlight.

Of her relationships, she says the one with a half-her-age bartender named Robert Camilletti was the simplest — she recalls:

“There was never a problem … Never a worry. I’m temperamental. Not like a star, but I’m mercurial, and if I was, like, having some sort of tizzy, he’d say, ‘I’m going to get cigarettes and I’ll bring you a black and white cookie.’ ”

It’s been quite some time since Cher hit the scene and dominated TV with then-hubby Sonny, and she also admits that the phone doesn’t ring quite so often now that she’s AARP qualified.

But she doesn’t sugar coat it — of aging, Cher conceded:

It’s a bitch. I don’t like it. Anyone who says they do is lying. Or they don’t have my work.

Still, Cher is going strong and doesn’t have any plans to retire soon. She’s got an album out in September, and will tour to support the release after it hits.

Are you a big Cher fan?

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110 Responses to “Cher Hates Republicans, Says They’re Ruining America”

  1. Shelley Perri

    No stupid bitch, your president is and he's a democrat . Obviously to much kool aid

  2. Robert Lillie

    At least she has the gonads to tell it like it is. Anyone that disagrees with her statements, is only kidding their self's, or has been in habitation for the past few years. The good side to all of this is, the Republicans are digging their own grave……………..

  3. Diane Cranford

    It wouldn't be so bad if the black bastard wasn't a dam liar and killing American and a muslium and she is brain washed by the dumb asses

  4. Rosie Perez

    I don't care about her plastic surgery or whatever she's done to stay young looking. She has the $….so be it. She's a survivor, she's got a god given talent that shot her up to the top. She worked hard, no one gave her anything for free. Props to her and I would go see her in concert again! 😉

  5. Jeanne Dubrasky-Elsesser

    no and she made the comment on a show that if she could meet one person it would be Jesus Christ. OK CHER WHAT WOULD JESUS SAY? and I have been a fan of yours since 60's. you can't [play both sides. if anything you want it would be to live forever. Jesus wrote books in the bible…. read and read with undertone. if your dyslexia a problem. I will get them read for you or have one your celebrity peers that does know read to you. God Bless……

  6. Ricky Kendall

    Where do you people get this crap? Who's brain washed here. Show some proof that Obama is a muslin and he got us out of one stupid unnecessary war and working to end another. Tell me, who was killing Americans. Don't you people ever watch the news or research the truth on anything or do you just go on day to day believing every stupid lie that floats across your little mind.

  7. Gina Salazar

    One word racism! Thats why you people hate Obama. You cant even come up with facts why you people hate him its just Racism!

  8. Rebecca Nichols

    I wonder if she'd hop in the sack with old Barry—-and tell like she did about her other lovers.

  9. Austin Shelton

    I don't understand how anyone could support a political figure that stands for deny rights to citizens that pay taxes just like everyone else. Republicans need to just agree to disagree on this issue! I don't understand how people can be so cruel.

  10. Dee Ree

    Yes, I knew I liked Cher for a reason.. Tell it like it is. Those haters are just in denial. Their insulted that there is a black man in the Whitehouse, so they try to say he's a liar, a communist , socialist and a Muslim. Everything and anything to slander the man, but we all know the truth and I'm so glad you see it too:)

  11. Doug Griffin

    She used to be someone. Now she's a has been so shes getting political to get some attention. She is about as credible as Kim & Kanye. Of course you left-wingers probably think those two are just great. And racism has noting to do with criticism of Obama. A lousy president is a lousy president.

  12. Robert Lillie

    Jeanne, I have news for you, Jesus did not write any of the bible. And, Jesus would say love everyone. I don't remember reading anything about the color of skin in the bible…………

  13. Glen Clark

    right, because her opinion may or may not jibe with your own she has to be addled in the head by excessive plastic surgery.

  14. Michele Perry

    Absolutely LOVE Cher. I always have. She's an awesome singer, actress, mom and just a really together lady! I totally agree with her about Repubs! They put down OBama, yet they fight every move he makes! Tell it like it is, is my motto and Cher does just that!

  15. Austin Shelton

    Muslim? Really? I'd like to see the proof! If so who gives a damn. I work with muslim people and there is nothing wrong with them. You wouldn't last in an environment with much diversity very long lol.

  16. Wilma Jones-Swinson

    Well that's original. Anybody who disagrees with Obama's policies is racist. That is way past getting old , I don't even care when anybody says that bull anymore because I know I don't agree with his policies, I am a Republican. I don't care if he is black, white, yellow or brown. I don't like him as a president. He is deceitful and is trying to ruin our country. So you need to pay attention to what is going on in our country instead of playing the race card every time someone doesn't agree with you or him. One more thing you want a reason that maniac is trying to stomp all over our constitution. He is trying to take our guns, not criminals guns law abiding citizen's guns. Also freedom of speech in this country is slowly being taken away. WAKE UP or you will not find yourself living in a FREE country anymore.

  17. Michele Perry

    Diane-You make no sense. Go back to school and learn how to write!

  18. Michele Perry

    Ricky Kendall -Ty,Rick,you're exactly right!

  19. Wilma Jones-Swinson

    Oh and if Cher doesn't like me I see no reason to support her by buying anything she produces or promotes.

  20. Michele Perry

    Wow,Jeanne! Really. Read what you wrote and see if it makes any sense! Lay off the booze!

  21. Glen Clark

    I notice when republicans and or conservatives disagree with anything someone says that they do not agree with they fall back to base insults and the whole sheeple Kool-Aid thing. This is how it is: sometimes you may find out in the wide wide world that some people actually disagree with you. Now for cher's part she looks at republicans and being the mother of a woman who felt out of place in her body and had gender re-assignment surgery and notices that those republicans revile, berate, abuse, and attempt to legislate against an entire community of people with the attempt of stripping them of rights that the rest of us enjoy based on their religion despite the fact that we have hardwired into our constitution a separation of church and state. which means that we will not create law based on the rituals and beliefs of any religion practiced in this country as well as not interfering with anyone's personal choice to follow any one given religion. The way she sees it, republicans are waging an all out assault on her daughter/sons rights, along with gay people's rights. not to mention womens rights, minority voters rights, abortion rights, reproductive rights, etc. etc.

    from HER point of view, they are ruining the country. You can call her a stupid bitch to her face from your little computer chair but I doubt youd do it face to face because ignorant cowards like yourself all seem to be the same, rights for anyone who looks, acts, and believes like me only and anyone different, fuck them go back to Kenya.

  22. Lee Garrard

    it will all come out in the resurrection…everyone has an opinion…at the great white thrown judgment…we will all get to see what cher tells jesus…and many others… it or not…its coming.

  23. Glen Clark

    You used to be a nobody. Now you are still a nobody so you're getting political suddenly cause a black dude became president and that just frosts your micro-weenie. You are about as credible as any other mouth breathing megaphone for the right racist tealiban fuckwit banging keys on the internet. Of course you right-wingers probably think you're all the only true non Kool-Aid drinking patriots and pat yourselves on the back as such. And racism usually has something to do with criticism of Obama when the critic goes out of his way to mention racism has nothing to do with his criticism. A lousy comment is a lousy comment.

  24. John Torre

    Cher is a very strong, opinionated and talented women, idiots like Diane Cranford who's remarks below just show ignorance, bigotry and apparently watching too much Fox News, it is people like her who are the real problem in this country!

  25. Bonnie Kay Bradley

    Why do people have to use that kind of language In a debate it just shows your ignorance because you have to attract instead of defend.

  26. Glen Clark

    Diane I read your comment and have a few points of criticism: first, next time you pencil your eyebrows in for a Facebook profile selfie make sure you don't give yourself the "oh no, I think I shit myself" look. Second, you are a foul racist pig of a woman that I really pray doesn't have any children due to a certainty that a loathsome person such as yourself would raise children with the same piss poor ignorant hateful and spiteful attitude as yourself, perpetuating a shitty world full of shitty people ad nausea. Third, he isn't a muslim, you aren't a Christian, he isn't killing "American" and if you had one working synapse in that empty misshapen head of yours that would allow you to read any damn thing relevant and balanced whatsoever you'd be free of making ignorant offensive comments that would most likely embarrass your entire family if they saw them.

  27. Joy Cain

    Oh yes, and Cher by virtue of her celebrity has the credentials to determine what constitutes "going down in flames."

  28. Glen Clark

    I was sure after reading a few comments here that it wasn't possible to find one more ignorant than the last nor as mind numbingly fuckwitted and stupid. Are you fucking serious @Jeanne Dubrasky-Elsesser? Jesus wrote books in the bible? You are aware that the old testament supposedly occurred before Jesus was born and the new testament supposedly was written well after Jesus' death right? I mean you HAVE to have the ability to realize that a person cannot write a book that was written after his death, right? You have read the thing too, yeah? I never read the part where Jesus berated and poked fun at a dyslexic after making proclamations that whomsoever denies the republican platform denies Christ and my father and will reap the whirlwinds of hell. Most of what I read about jesus usually had him running around declaring that there is no sides. He was all inclusive, loved everyone, never denied a living soul of his grace, forgiveness, or help. So, i'd imagine that jesus would say the following "fuck you Jeanne! cher, you can absolutely not like republicans and still wanna meet me, I love you, republicans, gays, democrats, and everyone else! Jeanne I even love you despite you running all over the internet and speaking for me and whatnot. Please just tone it down a bit and we'll be cool. besides, id never ever say some of the shit you claim of me in the first place."

    finally, you told cher to read the bible with undertone. I imagine you meant you want her to read the bible with the intention of reading between the lines, looking deeper to the true hidden meanings of the teachings of Christ. This is what your, and similar minded people's problem is: you sometimes read the bible looking for your "undertones" and use those interpretations to twist the meanings to support your flaming and intensely irrational seething hatred of certain things. You read the bible and go to church and use those teachings as justification for being just about the least Christ-like people on the fucking planet. Hypocritical pricks.

  29. Liz Clifton

    Robert Lillie…shut up, your as delusional as her old ass. Get real Obama is the worst thing to ever happen to the United States. Her 'son' was born a girl, it had a sex change. The Republicans are sick of Obama and his lies, BS and taking our Freedom away. You might need to be TOLD how to select healthcare, you might needed to be monitored 'if' you own a gun, you might need your cell phone records screen or emails read. America has been recognized as 'The land of the free…home of the Brave'. Before any of you liberal crying tiddy babies go to crying "Racist" lol Don't forget his mama was white, its not the color of his skin that I dislike…its the waste of 'grey matter' between those Dumbo size ear!

  30. Terry Birch Kilbourne

    Wilma…got any proof he and the guvmint trying to take yer guns? Or how it is that he is trying to take your freedom of speech? Doubt you could answer this…I call BS.

  31. Tamber Bliss

    Yep a woman after my own heart strong and loud and very proud! She a walker if I ever saw one.. You don't like what she is saying then Deal with it..

  32. Meg Suhr

    All I can say about your comment, Liz, is that Valdosta Technical College hasn't helped you a bit. I guess they didn't have remedial reading and writing classes, huh? It's sad that no one taught you not to abuse ellipses. It's ironic that you should comment about grey matter. Considering how little grey matter that you are in possession of, you should not be making judgments about any living creature above the level of algae.

  33. Cindy Bazis Dunn

    another tolerant response from the tolerant party…..go figure…

  34. Lou Ellen Brown

    She doesn't know squat about real people, having spent all of her talents in and around 'folks just like her'. Her world is not mine, and I do not envy her, I actually feel sorry for the way her life has turned into a world of hate and regrets, or so it looks like by her words. Life must really suck when everyone who does not come up to your belief of how things should be. Does she even know how much actual harm her perfect Mr. Obama has done?

  35. Dawn Grounds

    Everyone thought Hitler was a god also, look what happened to him and his followers! Everyone shall see eventually, the cards are already playing out in a bad hand.

  36. Samuel Freeman

    she talks about republicans ruinung america.. look what she did to her daughter.shes a FREAK of nature..just like her mom..a freak..

  37. Dawn Grounds

    and Demi Moore is not looking more and more like Cher, where do you people come up with this stuff?

  38. Dawn Grounds

    and Demi Moore is not looking more and more like Cher, where do you people come up with this stuff?

  39. Diane Cranford

    Yea you must be an Obama lover you got it right he is the worst black ass to ever hold a big office job that has screwed over America and you must be one of his followers and you know what you can just fuck off cause you are one of the problems you can't see past the color

  40. Billy Brockman

    who gives a shit what Cher or any other liberal dumbass thinks < I think them and Odouchebag are ruining the country , just like the plastic surgeon that ruined her face!

  41. Diane Cranford

    Well you can just fuck off to, sounds like you like Muslims and the people that wants to kill Americans ,she use to sing pretty good but and fox news is where you can here it like it is and they don't kiss Obama's ass and try to hide shit

  42. Jay Buchanan

    The republicans needs to step it up before this country is totally run by people like Cher and Chaz. Poor Sonny must be turning in his grave. Thank God he's not here to see this.

  43. Colleen Pyle

    If life sucks when everyone doesn't come up to your belief of how things should be then your life must be completely miserable. It's so funny that you bash Obama when the worst of what he's done so far (and there have been things I disagreed with) is still light years better than Bush's best. Jeez, I'm Canadian and I can see that! And you don't have to like or agree with Cher or with me but one thing is for sure, she is not a hate filled lady. Hate leads people to oppress and discriminate against those who are different or who don't agree with them. It's the republican mandate and clearly not hers. One thing is for sure, she's not losing sleep over your opinion and neither will I, though I'm sure I'm going to get slammed for my opinion haha.

  44. Kristie Douglas

    Bullishit, I am not a Republican and even she offended me. I have a lot of friends that are and they are good decent people. You are the fucking problem always bring the race card into it, people don't give a shit if he is black, white, purple or polka dot, if he can't do his damn job right, he needs to be gone. He is a liar and to deny Bengazi, you are a damn fool, he has blood on his hands and hmm lets see look at the factual stats on unemployment, the rate people are on food stamps, etc. If you want to support that lousy son of a bitch that is your business, but don't bullshit anyone, he is responsible for many losing their lives and have ruined this country. Not just Republicans you liberal moron.

  45. Karen Peters

    Got to ask, exactly what rights and freedoms has Obama taken away from you?

    On the other hand I can name several things that the right has or are trying to take away. The big one is a womans right to choose what to do with her body. Also there is the most recent one, the voting rights of minority groups. I could go on and on, but you would just deny any of it, so what is the point.

  46. Reta Lane

    She is one strong woman and does so much more than I and she is 7 years older. I saw her in concert and it was a fabulous show. She was probably in her mid 50's then. Old age is hell but it helps to have something you are passionate about and a great talent like she has.

  47. Deborah Collier LeBlanc

    Well we could debate this all day and none of us will see eye to eye! And why work with Obama he is taking this country down all by himself! He don't need our help!

  48. Paul Bennett

    Bengazi, NSA, IRS, you blind fools. How much more do you need. Read hos book idiots, in his own words " if the winds change I will have to stand with my Muslim brorhers". You libs are so blinded by your "savior" you don't know the truth when it is slapping you in the face. As for Cher I will pray for her and her kind.

  49. Terry Birch Kilbourne

    Diane, pulling that old Republican Muslim card eh? You are very uninformed and unable to back up your assertions with logic. Believe me, Faux News is happy to have you that way so keep watching them.

  50. Terry Birch Kilbourne

    Decent folks walk all paths Michael…your comments just show you to be iintolerant and narrow.

  51. Carol Corbley Soos

    If you had the truth you would see we're going down the hill via Obama. I'm a Democrat, at least I claimed it before Obama, now I'm a plain American, proud of her country, and those serving in the military. This is the first time in my life I have actually been afraid of what is happening. I am most concerned with my , children and my grandchildren. Cher, I love you and your music. Such great talent. But I hope you see the light soon. I'm sorry, you are wrong at least where I am concerned. I voted for him the first time, sorry I did. Not this time though. So you see, it has nothing to do with color. My mother didn't bring me up that way. I believe in my God's Commandments, equality, love they neighbor as thy self. GOD BLESS AMERICA! And if that offends anyone, too bad. The songs with profanity, movies etc. offend me. Don't watch them?? Well I could say the same to you. If you have the right to take away "God" then you have to also take those other words away as well. GOD BLESS AMERICA! 😉

  52. Joe Treichel

    Diane, please try to use a spell check and get some grammar help. You're making even The Tea Party look much less educated as a whole (if that's at all possible}.

  53. Bill Feagin

    And I suppose you think Dubya was a genius? And if so, exactly what have you been smoking? I laugh at anyone who calls Obama stupid – the man has shown the ability to think rationally and speak in clear, declarative statements and has made only a few egregious gaffes (and none of them particularly memorable at that – so they couldn't be that egregious). Bush, on the other hand…ugh. And I refuse to buy into this Bush revisionism that tries to make him into a not-so-bad guy. Don't insult my intelligence; I was fully aware for all 8 years. Bush and Cheney ruined this country and weren't even subtle about doing it. And their buddies on the right are still at it. And you support them – so how's that workin' out for ya, eh?

  54. Bill Feagin

    "Anyone who says they do (like aging) is lying"? Well, that just depends on exactly where you are. People love to push the lie that your teens and 20s are the "best years of your life." BS. Those years were a nightmare for me, and I used to get freaked out at turning 30 because I actually believed that lie. Against all expectations, my 30s were the beginning of the best years of my life – I finally "got it" (i.e. what life is really worth to me), met my wife, had my best jobs (running my own business, earning a regular salary in my day job, being able to provide for myself and my wife), and have had all my best experiences since then. And 40 was a great birthday – I took it in stride, accepted what I was and never looked back. I'll be 45 in a few months and I wouldn't trade the last 15 years for anything. I wouldn't wish my youth on my worst enemy!

  55. Jayne Knous

    I have always enjoyed her singing, sense of comedy, outrageous costumes but don't give a freakin' damn about her political views! Like all the rest of Hollywood – amuse me – now back to your rock!

  56. John Torre

    If I were you, before I talked about anyone else,I would have my nose done and then work on my filthy mouth , your ignorance ,stupidity and bigoted attitude, well thats a whole other story, we aren't born to hate, we are taught, CONGRADS TO YOUR PARENTS ON A JOB WELL DONE !

  57. Patricia Hanby

    Yes. I am a fan of her music and glad she stands up for her son. I am an independent but closer to being a republican. We are not all rabid!

  58. Tresa Lamb

    As much as I enjoy Cher, on this issue, she doesn't know what the hell she's talking abt! Primarily, it's the Democrat's who are ruining this country by licking Ovomit's backside! She wants to live in a Facist country-go to Venzuela!

  59. Bill Rollings

    the only way this old cunt can get any attention is to say something about politics.I don't know of anyone who likes her except some lame idiots who can't see their hand in front of their face.

  60. Kenneth Llewellyn

    Why are white people so hateful and bias?

  61. Mary Stansbery Rollings

    I have to say. TODAY has nothing to do with Republican or Democrat. This has to do with a Muslim, non american president. Wait until you need to have health care and won't be able to. OH well, Cher thinks she doesn't fall into the catergory since she has the money to buy anything. I could care less about her appearance in a whole. I do care about America and the rest of us poor folk who won't have that opportunity. You all wait and see who is bring America to the ground. Not Republican – Not Democrat Simply Muslim Obama (MINI HITLER).

  62. Diana Helms

    This is correct, Jeanne: The Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were written by Apostles. " Quoting Christ" Rest assured no matter what the courts do. Or what People say, The Bible stands. Yes, God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son. For those who believe shall have ever lasting life. ( Belief ) Doing His will. Study to find his will.

  63. George Makdad

    So every other country in Europe( Germany excluded) that have implemented plans like Obama is trying to do, and their economies are in shambles are "right" too? Stop looking for handouts. I am handicap and Have to work. Maybe if some of you "Gimmie" people went hungry or faced homelessness you would get off your lazy asses and do something about the decline of our economy and freedoms. Posted as a registered democrat, (for now)

  64. Nina Reid

    A great deal of the financial crisis being felt around the globe are directly related to the fiscal fall of the great Giant (USA)..clearly not because of taking care of their citizens health needs.. Also, to be fair, I appreciate the fact that you are Handicapped and still are able to work but a blanket statement about everyone who needs assistance is also able to work. A mother of several young children who is abandoned by the father cannot make enough money to pay for child care for several children and transportation and expenses of work and pay bills too… heck, a great deal of men cant do that without a woman working to help as well.

  65. Nina Reid

    and a great many people are handicapped to a point they are unable to sustain a job. I have a child who never will be able to work in her life. If my husband were to become unable to provide or care for her so that I could earn whatever I could…I am very afraid of how we would survive..

  66. Nina Reid

    and a great many people are handicapped to a point they are unable to sustain a job. I have a child who never will be able to work in her life. If my husband were to become unable to provide or care for her so that I could earn whatever I could…I am very afraid of how we would survive..

  67. William Stewart

    you're stupid about what is actually happening apparently,awful administration is awful period,no matter who's at the helm

  68. Ryan Quattro

    Democrats called Bush a terrorist and Hitler. So the slandering does both ways. You either are ignorant or deliberately ignoring the fact that slander has been part of American politics since the 1800 election when John Adams are called a hermaphrodite by Jeffersonians.

  69. Karen Spivak

    Meg Suhr -Love your reply to that little twit-I don't get this hate for Obama. Where were these idiots when Bush was attacking a country that did nothing to us. Where was Bush the month before 9-11 when he received all kinds of warnings about a possible attack on a large American city? He was on vacation cutting Texas brush is what he was doing. Ignored every warning and all this twit can discuss is the size of Obama's ears.

  70. Karen Spivak

    I like and respect her too. She was a staunch defender of women's health rights long before it was politically correct and she is not shy about discussing her views.

  71. Ryan Quattro

    I don’t think you know much about politics, Robert. History tells us that political parties will, like animals, adapt to the environment. The Republicans will do just that. The Republicans problem is not that they are be obstinate with Obama, but their homogeneity as a party. They need to become more diverse. One of the great myths being put forth today is that minorities all think the same. They don’t. Hispanics, Blacks, Arabs, Asians…each have their own experiences and concerns. The Republicans simply need to find a way to adapt their basic philosophy (small government) to the concerns of just two of the aforementioned. I think that can be done. Not everyone is in love with the government. In fact, animosity towards the government is fairly widespread. The Republicans–particularly those of a libertarian bent– have a chance because of that reason alone. Then there is the undeniable fact that many Democratic initiatives will have falter.(as many programs regardless of which party is in power) The Republicans are in dire need of reform, but they are far from dead.

  72. Melody Pyland

    She doesn't have a great track record herself. Look at Cher's history.

  73. AdBirds

    Cher rocks, irregardless of her personal opinions. A great entertainer. A freak perhaps.

  74. AdBirds

    Cher rocks, irregardless of her personal opinions. A great entertainer. A freak perhaps.

  75. Diana Helms

    Want to see a perfect description of our country and Government .Read Romans Chapter one, all of it. Wow

  76. Diana Helms

    Want to see a perfect description of our country and Government .Read Romans Chapter one, all of it. Wow

  77. Diana Helms

    What is sad. Where does the Bible based Moral person stand. We can not stand on the liberal side for all the obvious reasons that are totally anti Bible. The Republicans at least say the have some what a moral Base. Years ago a person as my self was consider The silent majority, Now I would be considered a RIGHT Wing Extremist. WHO moved the line… IS there any thing the liberal finds Morally wrong. Please list them… And I will show you where they came from.

  78. Ray Angel

    All you Nobama freaks are disaluition with your head up your Keisters all you see is Crap and you think thats great that you can even see at all you people are in de nile

  79. Topher Reisner

    @George Makdad Germany is doing just fine precisely because they have used an approach very similar to Obama's plan. They have invested heavily in infrastructure and education and it's paying off for them. It's the countries that have implemented austerity programs (as Repiglicans want to do here) that are in real economic trouble. Greece, Spain and Portugal are the prime examples but if you look at the data it's pretty easy to see that the countries that have invested in themselves are doing proportionally better than those which haven't.

  80. Marlana Hobden

    @Ryan Quattro The problem is, I don't think the Republican party WANTS to adapt. Atleast not yet. I don't think they've been hurt enough. But if they keep this up, after Obama's term is done, we'll probably have another Democrat in the White House.. I know I'm not impressed with the Republican party. I haven't voted for a Republican in a few years, and I probably won't until the party decides to back a Moderate, instead of some hardened far-right extreme Conservative.

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