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Lolo Jones Agrees To Twitter Date

Lolo Jones will be going on a date with one of her Twitter followers.

The Olympic hurdler, who recently became a poorly paid bobsledder, told Bubby Lyles that if he got 150,000 retweets she would go out on a date with him. Well, Lyles kept his part of the bargain.

Lyles writes: “If I get 150,000 RTs @lolojones will let me take her on a date! Help me out!”

Lyles, who uses the Twitter handle @harrylylesjr, has been on a social media mission since Lolo Jones agreed to his request a few weeks ago. He asked all of his friends to retweet his message and even got some attention from media outlets like Bleacher Report and

Lolo kept track too. She checked in periodically with Lyles to see how his mission was going.

On June 27, a nervous Jones wrote: “I heard about your 48k RTs…”

Lyles message slowly found its way around the Twitterverse and today he finally reached his goal.

Lyles wrote on Twitter: @lolojones good luck at your race today, whenever you find time I’d love to make some plans!

And it looks like Lolo is going to keep her word. The track star sent out a message today warning Lyles that she drools during an interviews and saying that she was game if he still wanted to go out on a date.

Are you surprised that Lolo Jones will be going on a date with one of her Twitter followers? Lyles promised that he would keep the world updated as soon as the date goes down.

This, of course, isn’t the first time that a celebrity has agreed to a date thanks to social media. Super model Nina Agdal recently agreed to go to prom with Jake Davidson.

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