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Al Sharpton: MMA Trained George Zimmerman Didn’t Have To Use Gun [Video]

al sharpton

Rev. Al Sharpton weight in on the Trayvon Martin case today saying that George Zimmerman’s story just doesn’t add up.

Sharpton took issue with two points made during the Trayvon Marton trial. For one, the NBC host doesn’t see how Trayvon could have been “reigning blows” on Zimmerman since the medical examiner testified that Martin didn’t have any extensive injuries to his hands.

Sharpton also questioned why Zimmerman didn’t used his “MMA” training to fight back against Martin instead of pulling out his gun.

Al Sharpton said: “If he was raining blows, MMA-style, you think there would be some physical evidence of that on his fists.Second, it was testified that Zimmerman had MMA training. If Zimmerman had MMA training and there was an MMA attack going on, why didn’t he use his MMA training to defend himself?”

Sharpton’s comments come after neighbor Jonathan Good took the stand and said that he saw a serious fight occur outside his house before the shooting. Good said that he saw Zimmerman on the ground while Martin hit him “MMA” style.

Here’s a video about Good’s testimony from earlier this week.

Here is Al Sharpton talking about some of the alleged holes in Good’s testimony.

This isn’t the first time that Sharpton has taken issue with Zimmerman’s story. Earlier this week he made a similar statement saying that Zimmerman should have been able to use his martial arts training instead of his gun.

Sharpton said: “You’re telling me you’re a watchmen that was training in martial arts, knew you had a gun, and you couldn’t’ do anything but shoot to kill this guy – a 17-year-old kid can come and hit you two or three times and the only thing you can do is try to kill him? What happened to your martial arts training?”

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116 Responses to “Al Sharpton: MMA Trained George Zimmerman Didn’t Have To Use Gun [Video]”

  1. Ed Kratochvila

    Al shut up and just be glad you have a show after your past with the brawley case.

  2. Steven Wilson

    GZ has said TM went for his gun so he got to it and fired. If TM was going for GZ's gun, and gotten it , would he have used it? Al is just making excuses and trying to keep this a racial thing since the trial isn't going well at all. The state did not do there job and Zimmerman will be a free man soon.

  3. Anonymous

    Alfred needs to have his nose broken and his big mouth shut. This punk needs to just die.

  4. Prince Artie

    if treyvon was going for zimmermans gun why is there no evidence to back that up….

  5. Billy Edgar

    Mr. Sharpton (term used loosely) Where were you when the big thug broke into a home and beat the hell out of a white women, where is your outrage on that. Please comment you hypocrite.

  6. Anonymous

    Old Al is just a race baiting POS and should have gotten off the stage a long time ago as his 15 min were up a LONG time ago and now he is irrelavent!
    ZIm is not an MMA fighter as you can plainly see and TM had bruised knuckles. I'm not sure if they are bruised from hitting GZ or from dragging them on the ground!

  7. Ann Gunther

    Had Zimmerman obeyed the police dispatcher and left the confrontation to the police he wouldn't be on trial for murder a just turned 17 yo (2 months prior to shooting) wouldn't be dead and his parents wouldn't have to be living in the hell of grief that they are. His past phone calls to the police show he was already disposed to think badly of Trayvon. it seems from some of the postings and talking heads on tv that the only one who had a right to protect himself was GZ. Did Trayvon not have that same right, to protect himself from a stranger following him and acting like Wyatt Earp Jr? The evidence just doesn't add up to someone who was supposedly getting the hell beat out of him and there is no evidence on Trayvon and Zimmerman needed a couple of band-aids. I could be wrong but that doesn't sound like someone who just had the hell beaten out of him…sounds more like a man who was waiting for an excuse to make those F****ing A******S pay.

  8. Jon Hudock

    Can someone shut Sharpton up. Is there anyone who takes what he says seriously besides minorities wanting a free handout?

  9. Jon Hudock

    Al go get a real job. Oh yeah you think the world owes you.

  10. Carolyn Gibson

    He got his information the way the rest of us did, from the media or the trial. He has a very good question, why didn't he use MMA training? He is certainly bigger than Trayvon was.

  11. Budd John

    Yeah right Al…we know that if Zimmerman was black and Trayvon was white, you would not even say one damn word you two faced hypocrite!

  12. Jason Christopher Johnson

    Where were you standing? The point of the matter is only God, Zimmerman and Trayvon knows what really happened and all I want is JUSTICE TO BE DONE POINT BLANK

  13. Carolyn Gibson

    I an glad to see there are some sane people on here, Ann. Thank you.

  14. David Baker

    GEE another nigra defending a nigra, regardless of the evidence. Seems like if they aren't shooting each other they are defending the guy they want to shoot. One of the great Geto moto creeds!

  15. Larry Kelser

    Right on, Billy Edgar! Al Sharpton is nothing but a bum. He is the most racist m—-r—–r in this country. I feel just like you, where was he when that poor white woman was beaten unmercifully by that black-a$$ thug? I'll tell you where: He was standing in a corner snickering about it. He's such a f—–g lowlife! Hey, Al! I suppose you'll help defend that POS thug if he's EVER caught, won't you? Go to hell, Sharpton, because that's where you're headed. Thanks for posting, Billy Edgar…Your post made a lot of sense. And it's true.

  16. Anonymous

    WEIGHT in? How about WEIGHED in? Does no one check the usage or sense of what they write anymore?

  17. William Rogers

    I'm going to put it bluntly to you Al/ You are nothing but a hypocrite and the worse kind of racist in this country.

  18. Doug Kraft

    Hey Sharpton, you putrid sack of feces…….Even if trained in MMA, things can go south in a hurry if you stumble or trip and need your hands to break your fall.

  19. William Rogers

    Living in a "Hell of Grief" What bs is this! Yeah you are partly right for them not caring any more about their son and hjs behaviour, getting kicked out of school, poor grades, running around looking and acting like a thug! The grief I see them concerned about is whether they can get some money from whitey.

  20. Frank Dermody

    Al was standing in the nearby bushes choking a chicken.

  21. William Rogers

    Liiving in a world of grief? Oh please get serious. Where were they when he got kicked out of school. When he was getting poor grades. When he was being shuttled from home to home. And running around looking and acting like a thug. Its now they are grieving about whether or not and how much money they can get from whitey!

  22. Fritz Schenk

    You'd have to ask him why he didn't use MMA training instead of a firearm but I'd choose the firearm too. Self defense is not a game or a gamble. You use the most effective defense that you have and martial arts can be very ineffective if your opponent has superior skills. Not many people can overpower a well aimed shot from a decent caliber firearm. Your question displayed a lack of thought but I think you knew the answer. By the way, if you are too inexperienced to know this, size does not win a fight. There are 150 lb fighters who could beat the brown out of most 200 lb men. Leave the questions to the pros and anytime you find yourself in agreement with Al Sharpton, back up because you have your head in the wrong spot.

  23. Scott Kram

    the only time sharpton cares is when the victim is black and the subject is not and his face gets put on t.v.

  24. ChickenZombie Tom

    Hey Al…."Tawana Brawley"…….Now STFU!

  25. Frank Dermody

    Another liberal white broad wallowing in white guilt.

  26. Frank Dermody

    Cyrus Brown : What script? Did you write the script? I hope you didn't write it in cursive because your black thug bros won't be able to read it. Nome sane?

  27. Phyllis Dixon

    Doug, how do you work with any organization when you don't heed their instructions….

  28. Robert Fong

    Psh…According to Al Sharpton, any black can commit any crime against a white and it's coo! But if anyone even looks at a Black person wrong, it's racist and all hell breaks loose!

  29. Phyllis Dixon

    Remember this, your sons will grow up in this world and they could be cut down by another fool like Zimmerman… it could happen…!

  30. Robert Fong

    You must be watching a different trial than me…from what I've seen, it's VERY possible that Zimmerman gets acquitted.

  31. Anonymous

    go f yourself Sharpton.. you are as useless as can be. go away you b..Turd.

  32. Marc Gannon

    he was standing in poo……….and he still hasnt washed it off apparently

  33. Phyllis Dixon

    You are so jealous! Eat your ugly heart out.

  34. Marc Gannon

    Frankly Mr Sharpton I could give a damn less why he didn't use his MMA training when he was LEGALLY carrying a gun to defend himself………………which he did……….effectively I might add. why fight and risk having the perpetrator take your weapon and use it against you. If you have a weapon USE IT. SIMPLE

  35. Rae Baines

    Al is a liar..a perjuror…found guilty of libel and lying in the twana briley hes a RACIST douchebag low life negro.

  36. Marc D Smith

    The problem is why was Zimmerman playing cop or security? This was not his home, business or property. That is what began the altercation. This young man was on the phone talking to a young lady and far from bothering anyone. I can assure you every man posting has been on a cellphone with a woman and knows that would be the worse position to attempt to assault someone.

    The facts are Zimmerman initiated contact, the altercation escalated, he was on the wrong end of the fight, and then shot him. That is how this happened and he should go to jail for manslaughter. I don't agree with the murder charge, but he absolutely initiated contact causing this entire event to occur. He has no authority to ask anyone anything. I'm 42 and no has ever stopped me when I was walking through a neighborhood or complex. One day you might try that and be on the wrong end of a weapon and wish you had kept to yourself. Lucky he wasn't in NY or this would have been a different story or he would have known better than to try something so foolish here.

  37. Brian Williams

    I see alot of white people hate al & jessie and if martin was alivey you guys prolly hate him too, but since al & jessie is here u guys give them a hard time much like u did back in the days with yo white sheets on, my point is that u know these men have always been known for justice & the civil rights movement you guys had an have your leaders judges, polices and even took matters in your on hands and nuthing was done about it until guys like al, jessie & martin came along so if you have a problem with them now! then you prolly would have been wearing a white sheet back then so want you just put it on now.

  38. Marc Gannon

    he was punched on the wrong of the fight and defended himself with his weapon as you stated……….no crime

  39. Jimmy Axten

    or when he said someone should burn down a white owned business in harlem and someone took hip up on it doused people in gasoline and killed them? u r the racist.

  40. Lewis Diane

    Sharpton looks like a crack head wearing make up.

  41. Anonymous

    When mounted in MMA it's still difficult to get out from under even with the pros.

  42. Therealdan McKelvey

    Reverend? Got his designation in about 5 minutes…He is an absolute idiot…Check out his Reverend crap…He is revered only in his pants…Who gives this guy money to promulgate garbage? Stop it….Zimmerman may be guilty of something, but Al Sharpton is guilty of being a moron.

  43. Kim Pennebaker

    The first sentence of this article "Rev. Al Sharpton weight in on the Trayvon Martin case today saying that George Zimmerman’s story just doesn’t add up". Weight in? Is this a weigh in for a fight? Learn to write before putting something out on the internet. As for the article, Al Sharpton lost all credibility with the Tawana Brawley case of 1987.

  44. Adnayar Michel

    William Rogers You don't run around carrying a bag of skittles and iced tea and be considered a thug. You go live in the hood and you will see real thugs. I just want you to know that its not about racism but in history black people have been fighting for their freedom. So to speak, you need to look deeply into a situation before you come out with your nonsense comments.

  45. Todd Reese

    Any time Sharpton gets involved, you can be sure that the black person is guilty. Please Yahoo stop showing the cute little boy pictures of Trevon. Show the pictures of the tatooed hood rat he was.

  46. Mark Hovsepian

    So someone is following you at a distance ands that gives you the right to tackle them and pummel them? Really? Didnt know that. And if you take some of Zimms testimony take it all. He said he lost sight of him and then TRAVONNE surprised him. His GF said Travonne called hima Cracker so you tell me who was racist.

  47. John J. Griffin

    Sharpton is a waste of oxygen and a complete idiot, and dishonest as the day is long. Please go away you SOB, back to the gutter were you belong!

  48. Sheilah Meek

    Right. The judge is doing everything she can possibly do against the defense. Frankly, I don't see an acquittal from an all white jury. They will bend over backwards to show the world they are not racists. I have seen several on twitter today making promises to come to Sanford if GZ is acquitted…he won't be because the bleeding hearts will see to that….However, Judge made a couple big mistakes that will let them win on appeal.Thank the Lord.

  49. John Gaydos

    Mr. Sharpton should have learned to shut his mouth after that mess in the Duke rape case. A pathological liar and race baiter is not the person to ask for the truth.

  50. Anonymous

    he did not use his training for the same reason big al does not use a so called rev.he is more of a racist than he will ever be a man of God.what do you think of that cyrus big mouth.

  51. Anonymous

    anything that Al Sharpton has to say has less worth than what my Pug lays on an old newspaper! He's nothing but one of many whiny assed Negros still thinking that they deserve more than the rest of the hard working honest Americans. Didn't even read the article because I have no interest or respect for anything his racist piece of shit mouth has to say!

  52. Anonymous

    carolyn, obviously you never heard the phrase"it is not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.big does not always mean bad.

  53. William Faries

    and the king of the racist speaks out, I bet the guy had a few classes in mma that did nothing more than make him sore from the exercise, it takes years of mixed martial arts training to be really proficient which this guy obviously did not have so don't even go there, I think the guy over stepped his bounds leaving his vehicle but he was obviously attacked or he would have simply pulled his gun and made TM stand there until the cops arrived.

  54. Anonymous

    Rev Sharpton lost all credibility during the Tawana Brawley incident years ago.No one probably remembers that case.

  55. Anonymous

    Al Sharpten;s Mouth Is Going To Get, More People Killed Than Any Type Gun Ever Could In One Day,,,!

  56. Anonymous

    Uncle Al The Hoodies Pal, Clearly wants to make this a racial case, cause… if he can can make it a racial issue, it gets more traction and solicits the Panthers involvement. The issue of racial divide continues to creep into society and public conversation, but the fact is, people like Uncle Al Sharpton and Jumpin Jesse Jackson keep that pot stirring!
    Let it go Al and trust the seated Jury to make the call… this is the American Judicial System.

  57. John Smith

    Of course it can!!! You'd have to be crazy to run up on a man that you don't know and start beatin' on him……I can tell you this..thats why I never approach people in the street like that. No matter how tough I think I am. You never know how they roll???

  58. Anonymous

    I wish Zimmerman would have used his MMA training & saved the bullet for Al.

  59. Duke Dopudja

    Ann Gunther, the trial is based merely on assumptions, just as you are doing. Witnesses are contradicting each other, the judge is partial to Martin simply to please the blacks who seem to think Trayvon Martin was an angel. Martin has been in trouble on other occasions, even being caught on the school campus by security with illegal drugs in his back pack, and he assaulted a bus driver, along with another person. His mother rants and raves about how good he was, but his record proves otherwise. The judge thought acceptable to dig into school records for Zimmerman, but they couldn't do the same for Martin. The case is a can of worms, and there isn't any way that Zimmerman can be found guilty, other than the jury's fear of a riot which is likely on racial grounds only. Martin's brother couldn't recognize the voice of his brother previously, later he can along with all his negative excuses. Neither you, I, or the jury has solid facts and evidence to warrant a guilty sentence. If there is the slightest doubt, innocent must be the only decision rendered. As it stands, the best we can do is to pray that God would help the jury to make the proper decision that is pleasing to all without violence as an alternative.

  60. Dallas Duncan Sr

    Circus Brown,If Al and Jesse are Reverends then I'm the Pope!Whites and Blacks good get along if it weren't for your racist leaders!

  61. Anonymous

    exactly… gosh the poor miss treated black man, STFU… IF YOU WANT TO BE EQUAL START ACTING LIKE IT. YOU CLAIM RACISM WHEN IS SUITES YOU.

  62. Frederick Bock

    OBVIOUSLY any so-called training didn't work or he wouldn't have ended up with a split head, nose, etc. Let's NOT confuse a few possible lessons to years and years of serious hand to hand combat by a person who is ALREADY an athlete and fighter, not slow motion simulated tactics taught so students don't get hurt or run home.
    I can tell you that if someone was banging my head off the ground, punching me etc. and I feared for my life I would do what was necessary.

    I think Mr. Sharpton should concentrate on the fact that Zimmerman was getting his butt beat and NEEDED to protect himself not because the victim was black Zimmerman meant to kill him– Maybe Sharpton should take a few lessons in MMA and then try what he learned in the real world, takes a lot more than a few minutes practicing in the mirror to get to that level.

  63. Steve Ramsey

    Zimmerman may have been MMA trained, but it was pretty clear to me he was losing the fight. Thus the use of the pistol.

    I've followed this case pretty closely, and if I had to make a prediction, I'd say the jury returns a verdict of guilty of Manslaughter. The state doesn't seem to be proving their 2nd degree murder case very convincingly, but Zimmerman did follow Martin despite the 911 operator telling him not to do so, and the confrontation and fight ensued.

  64. John Smith

    Are you watching the trial??? The prosecution has offered no evidence that proves that GZ had continued to follow TM after the dispatch suggested not to. Oh and by the way GZ was not bound by law to follow the instructions of the dispatch. The dispatch is not law enforcement in state of florida and has no legal authority. This is not a black or white thing this should be a JUSTICE thing….

  65. Mark Stevens

    If Sharpton is standing in logic, then he should pull off his bigoted blindfold and look at the facts. 5800 kids killed each year but only one 17 year old 5'11, 160 lb kid's death gains attention….and honest people know why. I'd hope that when my kid finds someone watching him due to being a community watch person, he will say "thank you for volunteering in keeping my community safe" and not pound the crap out of him.

  66. Kim Quirin

    What a jerk. If I was Zim I would have used the gun also. Sort of like the old joke about taking a knife to a gun fight. If I feel I am threatened I will use the most deadly defense I have, stupid not to. for all he knew Martin could also have had a gun or knife and where would he have been dead.

  67. John Wong

    Bigger than Trayvon? Are you Carolyn still looking at that pic of Trayvon when he was 14 years old? On the night of the attack 17 y/o Trayvon stood 6'1 while Zimmernam is 5'9" and has packed on a lot of wt (fat) since then.

  68. Calrissian Foxx Steele

    You can be taught things and take classes on specific skills but you can still suck at them in the end. lol.

    I was taught Algebra and Fractions on multiple occasions….I still suck them to this day.

  69. Tom Smith

    the blacks in florida are already out shopping for a big screen TV. when zimmerman is declared innocent the blacks will know what stores to loot. I have followed this trial from day one and I don't see any hard evidence that zimmerman did anything against the law. even the prosecution witnesses helped zimmerman with their testimony.

  70. Toby Tankersley



  71. Mike Masters

    Al THE MOUTH SHRIMPton you are nothing more than a RACE BAITING BLACK ASSED BIGOT that is RACIST to the BONE. You have never mentioned JESUS in any of your RACIST RANTS. You are NO CHRISTIAN. When I looked up neger on google is to see THE MOUTH SHRIMPton. THE MOUTH IS NEGER THRU & THRU. If it was for RACISM & ignorant FAUX racist negers that think they are Christians you'd be a crack smoking neger.

  72. Kenneth Edward Polley

    @Phyllis Dixon And if our sons attack someone and start beating them and make them fear for their life, they will deserve what they get. Just like what happened to Toby Martin!

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