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New Edward Snowden Poll Shows America Has Changed It’s Tune On NSA Whistleblower


Most Americans seem to have changed their mind about NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. A new poll shows that most people now think he did the wrong thing by leaking information on the federal government’s domestic spying program.

Snowden has been a divisive and controversial figure from the start, with many headlines dedicated to figuring out whether we should laud him as a hero or condemn him as a traitor for what he did. Most media outlets have suggested the former, while politicians have called for his arrest for treason.

For a while, a majority of Americans thought that Snowden had done the right thing in leaking the NSA scandal to the public, but a new HuffPost/YouGov poll shows that the tides may have changed.

Roughly 38 percent of Americans think that Snowden did the wrong thing, while 33 percent think he did the right think. This is almost a complete reverse from a similar poll conducted after the story broke.

The remaining 29 percent of Americans simply don’t know what they think about his actions.

The drop in support for Snowden has primarily been among Republican voters. Democrats overwhemingly think that Snowden did the wrong thing in the poll, which was virtually unchanged from the previous number. But Republican support dropped from 37 percent to 44 percent, who now think he did the wrong thing.

Independents have been Snowden’s greatest champions, with 40 percent believing he had done the right thing and 28 percent saying that he was wrong.

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