Edward Snowden Denies Iceland Asylum

Edward Snowden Denied Asylum Request In Iceland

Edward Snowden’s asylum request with Iceland has been denied. Snowden is currently residing in limbo at Moscow’s Sheremyetevo airport after more than one dozen countries have denied him political asylum.

A group of Iceland Pirate Party members introduced a bill on Thursday that would have granted Edward Snowden asylum. Members from Iceland’s parliament refused to comment on the bill until its summer recess.

On her blog, Birgitta Jónsdóttir, an Iceland parliament member who has worked with WikiLeaks in the past, wrote:

“It is with great grief I have to announce that Snowden will not be getting any form of shelter in Iceland because the current government doesnt [sic] even have enough spine for the parliament to discuss Snowden’s request.”

Iceland’s parliament Speaker of the House denied the Pirate Party’s request to put the bill on Thursday’s agenda, the last day of parliament’s summer recess.

Jónsdóttir explains why the proposal failed:

“It is important to put current political situation in Iceland into perspective.”

Jónsdóttir uses the Edward Snowden hearing refusal to highlight Iceland’s new government and its position:

“This new government intentions is to bring us back to the same form of governing as we had before and lead us to the 3rd largest financial collapse in the history of the world.”

Jónsdóttir calls Edward Snowden a hero and concludes:

“I hope we have set an example for other parliaments that remain is session this summer or gather sooner then ours to give Snowden citizenship for he has been made stateless by his own government for blowing the whistle on grave human rights violations by his and other governments against all of humanity,”

WikiLeaks recently revealed that Edward Snowden’s aslyum request is being looked over by six new countries. At this time, we do not know which countries have received an Edward Snowden asylum request.

Do you think one of Edward Snowden’s asylum requests will land him inside a new protected home?