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Teresa Giudice Deepens Family Feud After Father’s Release From Hospital

Teresa Giudice Deepens Family Feud After Father's Release From Hospital

Teresa Giudice is no stranger to creating discord, but this time the Real Housewives star is blaming someone else for starting a family feud.

Giudice is calling our her brother, Joe Gorga, for creating a rift in the family by disrespecting their parents. Teresa leveled the allegations against her brother just as their father was coming home from a hospital stay, saying Joe is too confrontational with them.

“My dad raised us with a lot of respect,” Teresa said. “I would never raise my voice at my father, but I’ve seen my brother do that with my father and with me.”

A preview for the upcoming episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey gives viewers a glimpse at the ongoing family feud. Video from the episode shows Joe screaming at Teresa as they argue about their father

“And with my dad’s health being so bad, my brother and I should be getting along. It’s disrespectful,” Giudice said.

The incident comes not long after Teresa tried to bring some healing to the family. On a previous episode of the reality show, she met her cousin and frequent rival Rosie Pierri for a meeting to a talk about plans for a family retreat. Though the two ended up arguing, they ultimately came to agree on the family get-together.

“We can make it a whole family affair,” Teresa said. “I feel like I have to try something else so maybe being away for a few days doing stress exercises, whatever it takes, I can’t give up.”

Though the public fights may put stress on the family, for Teresa Giudice they translate to big bucks. A salary review conducted by Radar Online found that Giudice was the best-paid of any of the Housewives, raking in close to $600,000 per season.

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27 Responses to “Teresa Giudice Deepens Family Feud After Father’s Release From Hospital”

  1. Dianne Szonn

    I can't even watch this show anymore…it is like watching a bunch of mean girls from high school with money. That goes for any of the "Housewives" shows. They seem to only care about the petty stuff in life. I'd feel sorry for their husbands if they didn't feed into it so much.

  2. Bob Schnier

    This ugly slut gets paid way to much. She is nothing more then an over the hill version of snooki. You couldn't pay me $600,000 per episode to watch this crap.

  3. Anonymous

    $600,000 per episode? Hardly worth it. Geez, I need to get me a reality show.

  4. Rob Slanchik

    It's not $600,000 per episode. It's $600,000 per season. This article's wrong on a few other things too. Teresa didn't call Rosie to try to "bring some healing to the family." It was the other way around. Rosie called her for that reason.

  5. Roxanne Radabaugh

    I am so over this show.. You can actually predict that there is going to be a argument or a fight in the family. She causes every argument. But I guess I could act a like an asshole for that kind of money too.

  6. Kim Hudson

    Teresa and Joe Giudice are both a low class trashy couple…..He is a huge BULLY and she is delusional, it's always everyone else's fault…She ruins the show along with her bratty children who need a belt on their behinds……

  7. Jackie Cañada

    Her husband is a drunk and he's fat and ugly. She knows he cheats, but to save face she puts up with it so that eb thinks all is well. When the show played back the video of him calling her the " C" word.. she tried to make excuses for him. It was clear he was talking to another woman.

  8. Annie Mae

    The article is absolutely wrong in the amount of money Teresa Guidice makes. Number one, Nene Leakes is the highest paid housewife at 1 MILLION dollars per year. Teresa may make 600k per year but she absolutely does not make 600k per episode.

  9. Annie Mae

    The article is inaccurate. Teresa may make 600k per season but she definitely does not make that per episode. Absolutely not.

  10. Jessica Castano

    I Love Teresa. Her daughter only with her brother kids are very beautiful kids, I've seen a lot of kids but her daughter are some of the prettiest daughter I've seen.

  11. Liz Scutchfield

    Hopefully Teresa reads all these comments and realizes the only people she is fooling is herself, her children and a@# Kissers who only tolerate her because of her "fame". She isn't half the woman any of the other housewives are, on her show or any other franchise. I don't watch it anymore because of her, and neither do a lot of other people I know who used to love it. I almost stopped Danielle Staub was on, but Teresa makes her look good.

  12. Deborah Gerdes

    If her daughters are some of the prettiest you have seen, I can only assume you have not seen many. Her children are rude, obnoxious and out of control. Teresa Guidice and her husband set a horrible example for their kids, and if she spent 1/2 the time working on her own family that she spends taaaking her brother & sister-in-law apppart, she would probably be a bit more successful as a human being. I don't think, in all the time this program has been on, I have ever heard her take responsibility for anything whatsoever. Nothing is ever her fault, she never contributes in any way to anything negative, blah blah blah. It really doesn't matter what her S-I-L did before she married Joe Gorga, as a sister, Teresa should be supportive of her brother's family. Whatever Melissa may or may not have done or been, clearly Joe hasn't a problem, so Teresa should shut the heck up. MYOB

  13. Marie Lehron

    someone just needs to tell Teresa that she isn't married to her brother Joe Gorga, Melissa is. She need to butt out of their lives. How about being a good example for your daughters and stop talking about Joe & Melissa and all their drama in front of them. You say nasty things that your daughters hear and repeat all the time. And you want to talk about disrespectful, what kind of man calls his wife the "C" word and thinks its ok? Let me tell you, if my husband ever called me the "C" word, whether in public, in private or on the air like her husband did…He'd be gone, gone, gone! Period.

  14. Jessica Castano

    Deborah, that is just rude, her children have done nothing to you, you wouldn't like if I told someone your kids weren't cute, her daughters are beautiful little kids, I've seen a lot of beautiful kids, they are some of the most beautiful little kids I have seen, her and as while as her brother kids, you seem to have a personal issue with Teresa, me on the another hand I don't know Teresa, I don't hold grudges against people, especially since I don't know Teresa, if you don't like watching Teresa than don't watch the show period.

  15. Anonymous

    C'mon people, why is it that none of you watch the show, yet you hate (LOVE) Teresa so much? Why burn daylight reading about and commenting on something you all say you care so little about? Does it make you feel better tearing someone down? Someone who is a multi millionaire because she busts her butt AND raises a very large and very young family despite being bankrupt less than 2 years ago? I LOVE Teresa, can't stand that her "family" put her through it so much and everyone else (Manzo/Laurita THUGS) are just jealous. FYI if anyone is paying attention, this season is showing Teresa in a different light and the others for what they are since BRAVO fired a few producers for getting too chummy with the Manzo's and dare I say? Editing the final run to make Teresa look like the bad guy? Read all about it yourselves and check out a website called the FameWhorgas and read read read till you want to really like and understand everything Teresa Guidice has gone through these last couple of years. Respect her, she deserves it big time!

  16. Cynthia Range

    Are you serious??? The Federal Government proved who Joe & Teresa is! How they got rich…"busting her butt" by lying and cheating and stealing recipes for her book! They are CROOKS! Their family didn't make them do these things! You are just as delusional and Joe & Teresa!

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