Teresa Giudice Deepens Family Feud After Father's Release From Hospital

Teresa Giudice Deepens Family Feud After Father’s Release From Hospital

Teresa Giudice is no stranger to creating discord, but this time the Real Housewives star is blaming someone else for starting a family feud.

Giudice is calling our her brother, Joe Gorga, for creating a rift in the family by disrespecting their parents. Teresa leveled the allegations against her brother just as their father was coming home from a hospital stay, saying Joe is too confrontational with them.

“My dad raised us with a lot of respect,” Teresa said. “I would never raise my voice at my father, but I’ve seen my brother do that with my father and with me.”

A preview for the upcoming episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey gives viewers a glimpse at the ongoing family feud. Video from the episode shows Joe screaming at Teresa as they argue about their father

“And with my dad’s health being so bad, my brother and I should be getting along. It’s disrespectful,” Giudice said.

The incident comes not long after Teresa tried to bring some healing to the family. On a previous episode of the reality show, she met her cousin and frequent rival Rosie Pierri for a meeting to a talk about plans for a family retreat. Though the two ended up arguing, they ultimately came to agree on the family get-together.

“We can make it a whole family affair,” Teresa said. “I feel like I have to try something else so maybe being away for a few days doing stress exercises, whatever it takes, I can’t give up.”

Though the public fights may put stress on the family, for Teresa Giudice they translate to big bucks. A salary review conducted by Radar Online found that Giudice was the best-paid of any of the Housewives, raking in close to $600,000 per season.