Birthday boy, 21, stabbed elderly homeless man over 70 times

Homeless Army Veteran Stabbed 70 Times

Doylestown, PA – Authorities in Pennsylvania allege a 21-year-old man, out celebrating his birthday, stabbed a homeless man over 70 times while outside of a train station in Philadelphia around 2:30 am Wednesday.

Dale “Bugsy” Wakefield of Doylestown was arrested Thursday and has been charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, and weapons charges for stabbing 71-year-old George Mohr, an Army Veteran, dozens of times without an obvious motive or provocation.

The victim is miraculously alive but in critical condition, reports MSN. He is recovering from both the numerous knife wounds and severe head trauma.

Police caught up to Wakefield several hours after the boy called and confessed to his sister that he’d stabbed someone and was fleeing to North Dakota. She contacted authorities thereafter. Wakefield made it as far as Baltimore, where he was detained by authorities, reports the Huffington Post.

Investigators have not disclosed all of the information surrounding the event, but do believe Wakefield was drunk when he allegedly attacked the homeless army veteran.

Attempted murder is the incomplete, unsuccessful act of killing someone and is a serious criminal offense that, in all but a few cases of mitigating circumstances, can result in substantial prison time.

Any act that is done with the intent to kill is a direct violation. It may consist of using a weapon against another, such as a gun or in this case a knife, and inflicting potentially life-threatening wounds, deemed serious enough that the victim would most likely die if not medically treated.

Most jurisdictions have degrees of attempted murder charges. A first-degree attempted murder charge requires premeditation or a willful act; a second-degree attempted murder charge is any other act that is considered not deliberate.

First-degree attempted murder carries greater penalties and often means a life sentence with the possibility of parole. Offenders typically spend at least 10 years in prison. Second-degree attempted murder penalties usually range from five years to 15 years in many states, depending on whether serious injury was inflicted.

In regards to the felony aggravated assault charge, depending on the degree applied, if found guilty, Wakefield could face 10 to 20 years in prison for stabbing a homeless army veteran 70 times.

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