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Ted Nugent 2016 Presidential Slogan: I Have 9 Children From 7 Wives And I’m Running For President

Ted Nugent is a man who speaks his mind (even though it often gets him in trouble) so when he throws his hat into the presidential ring in 2016 don’t expect anything to change. The rocker recently unveiled his potential presidential slogan and it’s about as straight forward as you can get.

In an interview with the Washington Post this week, Nugent said that he was thinking about running for president in 2016. He’s apparently so serious about it that he’s already come up with a slogan.

If Nugent does decide to run for president, this is what you can expect on his billboard: “Hi, I’m Ted Nugent. I have nine children from seven women, and I’m running for president.”

The Motor City Madman hasn’t talked much about his presidential plans but this isn’t the first time that he’s thought about running for office. Nugent nearly ran for governor of Michigan in 2006 and 2010. The 70s rocker hasn’t committed to a political life yet but things could be different this time around.

Nugent said: “Things are just so wrong in the country now … And I know that my answers would make things wonderful, unless you just refuse to produce, and then I’d recommend that you move to Canada. Or Illinois.”

President Ted Nugent may sounds a little funny but USA Today notes that the Motor City Madman has a lot of political supporters. The newspaper reports that “Nugent For President” memorabilia was flying off the shelves at the last NRA convention.

Are you hoping that Ted Nugent runs for president in 2016? What do you think of his potential presidential slogan?

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