Bill Dudley McDonalds Oldest Worker

Oldest Mcdonald’s Worker Is 88, Doesn’t Plan On Quitting

Bill Dudley is the oldest McDonald’s worker in the world, and, at 88-years-old, he has no plans to stop working.

Despite a pacemaker, angina, and a replacement knee, Dudley continues to show up at his local McDonald’s franchise in Britain for six hours a day, two days a week.

The world’s oldest McDonald’s worker is the company’s “customer care manager,” which basically entails greeting customers and wiping down tables.

Bill Dudley drove a cab for years but eventually decided to “retire” while taking on a part-time job. Dudley tells The Sun:

“I’ll carry on until I drop. Sitting at home can get boring. I’m not a drinker and my wife won’t let me touch the garden as she does all that. After four days off at home I look forward to coming to work because I like talking to people and meeting people — that’s why I loved the taxi work.”

The world’s oldest McDonald’s worker doesn’t feel awkward around a much younger workforce. In fact, he says of his fellow employees: “… we’re like a family and I’m their father.”

His boss Terry Johnson calls him a wonderful worker and the face of the business.

McDonald’s could not confirm that Bill Dudley is in fact the oldest worker in the company because McDonald’s doesn’t keep a database of franchise workers’ ages.

Even if he isn’t the oldest McDonald’s worker in the world, Bill Dudley proves that entering retirement age doesn’t need to slow you down.

We know that Bill Dudley has worked with McDonald’s for at least three years. Speaking to the The Mirror in 2010, Dudle said of his on-the-job performance:

“Many customers don’t believe I’m 85. They think I’m in my 60s.”

Are you impressed with Bill Dudley’s worth ethic as he rounds the corner to a century worth of living?