Kids National Anthem

Kids Explain National Anthem, Hilarity Ensures

Last night, kids explained the National Anthem on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and the results were rather hilarious.

In celebration of America’s birthday and its Fourth of July celebrations, the children were asked about the National Anthem and their answers are hilarious.

Our favorite is the last little girl who talks about the Strong-Singled Banner and then sings the first sentence of the song. The little girl claims she’s “stupid,” and her remark is both funny and sad at the same time.

In one attempt at showing her understanding of the song, a little girl sings “you’re so proudly to pieces” for which she says that we are “proudly to all the states and the Uniteds.”

When asked “who we declared our independence from, a little boy answers “Canada.”

Another child says Ramparts are “parts of a lamb” while another children says they are “parts of a Ram.”

One boy even offers up an interpretative dance while another child claims that Quincy Jones wrote our national anthem.

Kids really do say the darnedest things, and kids singing the national anthem are no different.

What did you think of the Jimmy Kimmel Live video?