Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson: ‘I Was A Dumb A** On ‘The O.C.’


What’s worse than going through your rebellious years? Doing it in front of the whole world. Someone who could relate to this is The O.C.’s Rachel Bilson. Bilson played good girl Summer Roberts for four years on the moderately successful teen drama The O.C., and during that time Bilson admitted that she was a dumb ass.

Bilson opened up to Cosmo magazine to promote her new film The To-Do List. She characterized her rebellious time as going through her “dumb ass phase” explaining the time as “a little bit of a wild phase and got into trouble.”

She attributes a life threatening near-fatal car crash she was involved in at age 14 that left her unconscious for several days, and a scar over her right eye as a wake up call. Of the car accident Bilson said: “It definitely impacted me and how I was living my life.”

When The O.C. debuted Bilson was 22-years-old, and found herself in a long term relationship with then co-star Adam Brody. However, she admits that her relationship with longtime boyfriend, Star Wars star Hayden Christensen as a positive influence on her life.

Of her relationship with Christensen, Bilson said:

“I’ve been in a relationship [with Hayden] for six years, and I’m happy. To have a partner is one of the greatest things. I’ve always been a fan of love.”

It seems like Bilson is pretty serious about her six-year relationship with beau Hayden Christensen. On the significance of turning thirty and being in a relationship, Bilson said: “Thirty is a whole different thing; you can slow down and focus on family. Starting a family one day is definitely something I look forward to.”

Although we don’t exactly know how a car accident at fourteen really describes her dumb ass phase during the filming of The O.C., we’ll take her word for it.

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