Scottie Pippen fight

Scottie Pippen Fight: New Details Emerge From 911 Tape [Listen]


Scottie Pippen’s fight with a fan outside of a Malibu restaurant last month keeps getting weirder and weirder.

We reported late last month that the former Chicago Bulls star got into a scrap with a man outside of a Malibu restaurant called Nobu Sushi, that Pippen won the fight handily, and that the other man was sent to the hospital.

Not much was known at the time other than that, but Pippen did end up as a suspect for felony assault. Since he was so cooperative with authorities, he was not arrested, and charges against him were dropped.

TMZ has obtained the 911 tape from the night of the incident, and it reveals a few new details about Scottie Pippen’s fight.

Mainly, the dispatcher suggests that Pippen actually fled the scene after cold-clocking his apparent victim.

There are also conflicting reports about how the fight escalated.

Though most publications reporting the story seem to agree that the man was a fan asking for an autograph, something happened that turned the request into an altercation. Pippen accused the victim of calling him the “n-word” which is why he attacked.

The victim denies these allegations, saying that he simply wanted a photo. He doesn’t, however, explain how the incident turned into a full-blown fight.

The investigation is still ongoing, but as Pippen hasn’t been arrested or charged with anything, it’s not likely he will be. The only thing left for his victim would be to file some sort of lawsuit.

Do you think that Scottie Pippen’s fight was started by the basketball great for no reason, or was he provoked by his alleged victim? Sound off!