San Diego man admits to shooting pit bull on Facebook

Pit Bull Shooting Announced On Facebook

A San Diego man took to his Facebook page to announce that he shot his neighbor’s pit bull.

The admission prompted many intense pro and con social media responses but that section of the Facebook page appears to have been taken down now..

The pit bull broke from its tether and allegedly attacked Lee Pattison, a Navy diver, and his Husky while he was chatting outside his home with a pizza delivery guy. Reportedly the dog had a history of aggressive behavior.

Pattison’s post-shooting posting said, “Well. I said if that dog came in my yard and attacked again I’d shoot it. So I did. I am not a pitbull advocate.”

Another of his Facebook postings stated that “It’s not something I wanted to do. You know, not like I’m happy about it. But I WAS NOT going to let that happen to one of these kids on my street.”

The pit bull had reportedly attacked his Husky on one previous occasion, and Pattison, 24, a licensed firearms owner, had warned the neighbor he would kill the dog if it happened again.

With regard to the pit bull shooting on Monday night, Pattison told the San Diego Union-Tribune that “I really didn’t want to shoot the dog. After hitting the dog with the [gun] butt several times … not even fazing the dog whatsoever, I really had no choice at that point.”

Pattison did not require medical treatment for a minor bite wound to his leg and his dog was unharmed in the incident.

The pit bull owner was issued a misdemeanor ticket for failure to keep her dog leashed.

In another pit bull incident recently, a cop shot a pit bull inside a Petco store in Austin, Texas, after it attacked another dog.

Do you think that pit bulls are more aggressive and/or dangerous than other canine breeds? Was the San Diego pit bull shooting an appropriate subject for Facebook?

[generic pit bull image credit: Dante Alighieri]