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Was Trayvon Martin An Honor Student With A 3.7 GPA?

trayvon martin honor student 3.7 GPA

On Twitter, a popular meme stating Trayvon Martin was an honor student with a GPA of 3.7 has been circulating relentlessly — but was the slain teen really any of the things claimed in the viral image?

In full, the “Trayvon Martin was an honor student” meme paints an image of a teen headed for greatness, and it reads:

Trayvon Martin … Was an honor student with a 3.7 GPA … Was accepted into college on a full ride … Was a volunteer of over 600 service hours … Was a devoted member of his church … Was a loyal friend and a loving son … Was an innocent boy.

The “Trayvon Martin was an honor student” meme continues:

“But black skin, Skittles, and a hoodie deemed him a ‘threat to the community’ RETWEET to spread Trayvon’s REAL story RETWEET for justice R.I.P.”

The origin of the viral Trayvon Martin image is unclear, but the first verifiable tweet came on June 27 including the image and a comment that Martin was “going to make it.” The “make it” bit is strange, given he seemed to live a fairly middle-class American lifestyle and did not appear to be battling great odds in his life to pursue his interests or career path.

The first tweet read:

So, first — was Trayvon Martin an honor student with a 3.7 GPA? School records for Martin have not been released to the media, and we are not sure specifically what his GPA was, nor whether he had achieved honor student status. That the claim cannot be verified does not make it untrue, but the only hint we have on record about Martin’s academic performance comes via his English teacher, Michelle Kypriss, of Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School in Miami.

Martin was, the Orlando Sentinel paraphrases, by Kypriss’ account, “an A and B student who majored in cheerfulness.” Kypriss herself said:

He was extremely creative … He just loved building things. He really was intrigued by how things worked.

Much has been made of the fact that Martin was suspended at the time of his murder, but Kypriss also said that the teen had been sanctioned not for misbehavior, but for lateness — hardly and indicator he was a raging juvenile delinquent:

Trayvon was not a violent or dangerous child. He was not known for misbehaving … He was suspended because he was late too many times.”

Supporters of George Zimmerman also frequently state that Trayvon Martin was 6’2″, but autopsy records show he stood a tall but not towering 5’11”. The claim came to issue again this morning at trial, but it is a matter of record that Martin was not a hulking brute:


As for having a “full ride” to college, the claim of Martin’s height and stature seem to overall illustrate a greater lack of understanding of the teen’s true life stage when he was killed. While Martin was 17 when he died, he had just had a birthday. Martin was, in all likelihood, too young to have even begun to visit (much less apply to and be accepted by) colleges, and had probably not yet started that process.

The other points are even less checkable, and largely opinion based. Whether Martin was a loved or loving child is certainly not in dispute, and no one who knew the teen during his short life has spoken a cross word about him since his death.

Rachel Jeantel, the teen who had been speaking with Martin on the phone at the time of the murder, spoke after her testimony to say Trayvon was “one of the few guys that never made fun of [Jeantel], about the way [she] dressed, about the way [she] talked, about [her] hair, about [her] complexion… about [her] weight.”

So, was Trayvon Martin an honor student with a 3.7 GPA, a full scholarship, and 600 service hours? The question likely is, does it matter? By all accounts, Martin was a decent student and pleasant child, but even a poor to mediocre student (all evidence points to the contrary) deserves to walk home without getting shot to death.

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98 Responses to “Was Trayvon Martin An Honor Student With A 3.7 GPA?”

  1. Shaina Kelly

    Well I suppose your neutral stance is obviously nonexistent. Thanks for your closing remarks…you are a prime example of why the majority of the pieces on this site are laugh-worthy.

  2. Kim LaCapria

    It puzzles me that the case has been framed as political. In the past, we've never had issue with murder cases being politically relevant, why is this one a left/right issue?

  3. Frank Burns

    Of course he was! Why else would the family and their attorneys have instantly and frantically petitioned to have his school records declared off-limits? The suspension he was serving at the time of the incident was just his latest suspension. He had previously been caught with a backpack full of stolen women's jewelry and a burglary tool. He'd also vandalized school property, and several other *known* things that are, shall we say, inconsistent with being an honor student.

  4. Kim LaCapria

    It's interesting that you chose to say a burglary tool when it was a screwdriver. Why did you not say screwdriver? Martin was known to be interested in "taking things apart," and possession of a screwdriver is not an offense punishable by death OR arrest.

    It's also interesting that a few pieces of women's jewelry, which he could have obtained in any number of legal, above board ways, has transformed into a pirate-like sack of purloined merchandise. Where are you getting these facts?

    His school records are off limits not because they contain anything damning, but because he is not on trial. The man who shot him dead is on trial. Martin was not shot because he may have failed a math test. School records do not come into play because he is not being tried for a murder, his killer is.

    As for vandalism, it is exceedingly common in schools and no mark of a criminal.

    What I really think you should examine is why so much of what is said of Martin – that he was far taller, far heavier, had face tattoos, was a bevy of people he is not in pictures – is so easily provably false. Why are so many people so dead set on making up Trayvon fairytales? It changes nothing about this case.

  5. Kenny Le

    right because every curiosity high school student walk around with a backpack full of screwdriver and women jewelery.

    "taking things apart" where did you get that quote from? you mean "He just loved building things"?
    Tell me what on earth is he building? a shed, a table, a lamp?

    "an A and B student who majored in cheerfulness.” first off what does that even mean? any ADHD kid out there could be label the same, running around the classroom cracking jokes and won't shut up.

    let me tell you something most of the kids with 3.5 gpa and above have a different demeanor, most study hard, quiet in class, takes upper level course in terms of AP or Pre-AP classes. Their behavior is reflective of that, they don't turn in their work late, don't show up to class late is for sure, don't hangout with illiterate girls like Rachel Jeantel who spend hours on end each day talking to each other; phone record has shown.

    Honesty I don't believe this kid deserve to die but facts are facts without them this is a trial base on opinions and emotion.

  6. Shaina Kelly

    Your closing remarks which read along the lines of "innocent kids shouldn't be gunned down on their way home…". You are in journalism, yes? Your job is to present the evidence professionally and [hopefully] without bias so as the reader may draw their own conclusion based off the facts (in this case, opinions) you have presented. When one can see YOUR stance in your writing, not only has your credibility been sacrificed, but you distance those who actually would (for reasons unknown) read your hogwash. I am neither left nor right so if you chose to go down that road, that's your choice. KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid. Frankly, no one cares how YOU feel, so throwing your two cents in at the end like a firework dud only serves to prove why no one trusts the media as it is. Anything else?

  7. Redorblack Nigelbottom

    Yeah… the classic fallback on "journalists shouldn't show bias". That's how all those news shows and newspapers survive, by not showing any emotional interest in the stories… yep, that's what wins Pulitzer Prizes, cold calculating heartless stories. Just ask the crew over at FOX… they follow that… What? They don't? They scream and shout and prejudge and ignore facts? Say it ain't so.. They must not be paid very well then… right? Just because her article doesn't fulfill YOUR bias, doesn't mean she has lied, fabricated… she stated her case, supplied facts and quotes, they just weren't the rhetoric running through your mind, so you dismissed them and attacked her journalistic integrity along with the website's. Fact, Travon has NO criminal record. The jewelry was never tied to a crime, the school just took it from him. The screwdriver was never tied to a crime, they just declared it a possible burglary tool… again no crime committed or any evidence of an actual crime has emerged. His vandalism consisted of tagging a spot with "WTF". His drug use would appear to be that he smoked weed at some point and got caught with an empty bag and pipe. Gee, that puts him in with most kids his age. The demonization of him has consisted of blatant falsehoods.. "What was he doing wandering around in a gated community where he didn't belong" Umm.. lived there and was getting skittles and a Slurpee… "Extensive rap sheet" "Career criminal" Just fabricated BS… "Large and hulking" Attach photo of some other guy that is ripped an has face tattoos… cause YOUR audience isn't going to go find out it that is his photo… just take the word of the people telling you he's an animal.

    Ignore the shooter "In 2005, Zimmerman was charged with assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest, after shoving an officer while a friend of Zimmerman's was being questioned about underage drinking. The charges were reduced, then dropped when Zimmerman entered a pre-trial diversion program. Also in 2005, Zimmerman's ex-fiance filed a restraining order against him, alleging domestic violence. Zimmerman requested a reciprocal restraining order. Both orders were granted.[67][68] The incidents were raised by prosecutors at Zimmerman's initial bond hearing. The judge described the incidents as "run of the mill" and "somewhat mild" and rejected the prosecution's claim that the incidents demonstrated that Zimmerman was violent or a threat to the community.[3][69][70]"

    Travon has skittles and a Slurpee, Zimmerman has a motor vehicle and a gun and orders from the police to NOT confront Travon… but he did with no reasonable suspicion other than a black kid he didn't recognize was walking around in "his" neighborhood, and he killed that kid. EVERY action leading to the death of Travon Martin was made by Zimmerman. From the evidence I've seen/read/heard that actually holds up… Travon was the one defending himself from Zimmerman when assaulted, and got shot because he was doing it successfully.

  8. Gary Burch

    Kenny Le It was "A" screwdriver not screwdrivers plural…still adding to the fairytales of the 7 footer who stomped zimmerman after surprising him from behind bushes that aren't there.

    .George was told to stay his MMA training cop wannabe self in his car….and he did not.Or am i wrong?

    Trayvon Committed not one crime the night he was shot not one! but feel free to go ahead and ok murder Kenny Le ,because that is what you are doing.

  9. Gary Burch

    Shania if those closing remarks makes you think Trayvon Deserved to die,then you have some soul searching and introspection to do.

    HEre is what this Reader drew from this article….Trayvon was a normal kid who died because people believe that if you are of black skin you are a suspect not a person.

  10. Douglas Harry

    Keeping the neighborhood safe was (a) Not George's job, and (b) With Trayvon Martin walking home from a stroll to the 7/11, the neighborhood was almost safe. (c) The unsafe thing about that neighborhood was a batshit crazy, paranoid, judgmental, dimwitted, drugged, man with a deadly weapon cocked, loaded, shut down safety out looking for Assholes and Fucking Punks. There were two people who saw the shooting. One is dead and we will never hear his side of the story, except for what we can infer from the phone call as he was walking along, up to a certain point. We do know the mental state of George. He was cold, without remorse, still calling Trayvon a fucking punk even after learning that was mistaken identity. There may have been fucking punks in that neighborhood, but Trayvon was not one of them. Assume the best for George, Trayvon was a rowdy guy. That's not true, but assume it anyway. George (on drugs himself) diagnosed Trayvon as 'being on drugs,' walking too show, looking around in the dark rainy night, and stopping. George didn't see the right hand, so his assumption was that Trayvon had it in his belt.. Wrong. It was on a cellphone in his ear. Stand your ground means you don't have to retreat when confronted with a deadly force or threat to do grave bodily harm. Of the two people present, only one had a Stand Your Ground right. His name was Trayvon Martin. There's a word for a person who walks around at night on his way to Target with a cocked and loaded 9MM pistol in his holster, who shoots a lad who just turned 17, doesn't even try to see if he is dead or injured, blames it all on the seventeen year old, and lies like a rug with a straight face. Murderer. Except for loyalty, George has all the qualities of a stray dog. Get him off my streets.

  11. Shaina Kelly

    What do you mean MY audience? I am here nor there and stand just as you do. I was not there that night, and to my knowledge neither were the two of you, so the information circling around here in your clouds of evidence is also here…nor there. We may only speculate as to what occured. By using backgrounds you may paint pictures of character, morals, and ethics, but you cannot draw conclusions on event in which you were not a witness to based solely on a teenagers behavior or a man's inner desire to be a police officer. Gary, at what point in any of this did I ever say Trayvon deserved to die? Is that what you gathered? No wonder our intellectual capacity is slowly diminishing to caveman status. Really? I think his life was cut too short, and didn't deserve lethal force unless he was a lethal threat which, I can admit I do not know if he was or wasn't-again, I was not there. I do not condone murder, child murderers, overzealous reactions, or using more force than necessary. But I also don't condone someone conceding in a situation where their life is in danger. So, I guess I'm the realist here who can admit that regardless of the backgrounds, we will probably never know exactly what happened that night, eh? So burn me at the stake and call me a bigot, whatever you will. I did not defend this country by choice to be spoon fed an opinion from some column-writer reaching for the stars on a rickety soap box. In closing, I will be shivering with anticipation awaiting the Pulitzer nominees as I have no doubt this article is a world-changing winner. By golly, maybe if I open the door for someone today and write a mediocre article about it they'll award me the Nobel Peace Prize! But here in the real world, I have better things to do than argue with keyboard warriors who chose to decide and assume what I think and believe in abundant ignorance. I am at fault though, one of the many who stood tall protecting your freedom to assume as you wish. Have a fantastic day! :)

  12. Douglas Harry

    Yes, but it will be excluded. He was on physician prescribed anti-depressant, anti-anxiety meds. He's a normal average American head case. He also has been charged but not convicted of assault on a cop. He has been charged with domestic violence.

  13. Elizabeth Faraone

    Correction – George said "fucking coons." In addition, it has been proven that George's family are racists, contrary to their denial. But then again, the families of the biggest Nazi warm criminals described themselves as nice people. It has also been proven that George sexually molested a younger girl for many years. She didn't come forward until George committed the murder. She was too afraid before then. She knew he was a master manipulator and that too many people believed he was a nice guy to ever believe her story. Why are the Zimmerman's lying about their son. Because they are not a nice family. They're just looking out for their own. None of these truths will come into evidence but they will go down in history, that's for sure.

  14. Elizabeth Faraone

    Hmmmm … I once gave a male friend of mine a bunch of women's silver jewelry I had purchased in Mexico … I guess if he had been stopped by the police, he would have been accused of stealing? Perhaps. He was black and you know how racist cops tend to be. But what was the truth in that scenario. He had legal possession of the jewelry. So let's stop the crazy lies about Trayvon.

  15. Elizabeth Faraone

    If you bothered to research and find how who Trayvon Martin was (instead of paying attention to the lies told by Zimmerman supporters – Zimmerman supporters are f***ing idiots), you would realize Trayvon WAS an innocent kid. But I guess you can't see past the black skin.

  16. Shaina Kelly

    That's the exact ignorance I'm speaking of. Waste of my time to argue with such idiocy.

  17. Joni Jones

    Kenny Le: I was an honor student. I was late. I never studied until just before a test. I didn't take any advance classes and my best friend was a girl who barely got Cs and was nowhere near as booksmart as I. I also was never quiet in class. I was extremely extroverted and I could say on the phone for hours. Your stereotypes of honors students as nerds are bogus. Honors students have many extra-curricular interests, are even good at sports (I and my friends were). It's obvious YOU were never an honors student. I doubt you were ever the best friend of nor were you tutored by, an honors student.

  18. Joni Jones

    Kenny Le Also, Kenny, when you finds some facts to report, please do because I haven't seen anything in what YOU have written which seems emotion-based.

  19. Angela Long

    Saying he couldn't have a had a full ride at 17 is false… My friends son is 16 and has been offered a full ride by Alabama for ball.

  20. Barry Brennan

    Because the Media which is 90% "left" made it that way. Originally Zimerman was let go seeing there really wasn't anything to charge him for based on Florida law. It wasn't till (left wing race baiter all Shartpen) called foul!, That made news. Sharpen went down there and stirred up the "base" "Justice for travyon Martin" shouting "no justice no peace" in other words creating a riot!!! thanks Al Sharpton ! Then there was the ABC news doctored 911 tapes ( showing Zimmeran making it racial by not disclosing what the question the operator was asking that prompted his response about " he looks black") . Then Obama saying "if I had a son he would look like Tray Martin". That was totally not what a President should say! as you know there was a big Gun debate also created by the media and the President going on at that time , they wanted stricter gun laws, this was a good one for them to "run with" they had just finished "exploiting " the victims families of the school shootings for all there worth so they where ready for the next exploitation. This is what the left do all day long. This is nothing more than media and political driven "Cirrus". There where 75 count um 75 ! shootings this past weekend in Chicago alone out of that 19 died. Did you here about that in the news? no! wheres AL SHARPTON!!The Media is disgraceful, so is the President. "they" are creating division and "race baiting " the entire country. This is done in calculated way and all the fools take the bait it works like clock work take any issue "they": create the narrative tell you want to think about it , create division and there you have it and here we are, here lays this entire country in the state its in with Obamas socialist/ Marxists agenda destroying everything in site , creating Division RACE, CLASS <GENDER at every opportunity!. There is for more important social issues going on that everyone should be concerned about ( this is not about that its race baiting and political) , this one is way down on the list but for the Media.

  21. Kubby Bitzer

    You need to get your facts straight before you keep spitting out ignorant fallacies. He never said "coons".. That was part of tape editing made by the media, which he is now filing a suit against for trying to make him seem racist. Quit acting like you know everything, and start doing research before giving people info. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.

  22. Prince Artie

    Someone who looks at the facts & doesn't make stuff up…

  23. Kim LaCapria

    Reasoned by whom? He had women's jewelry, a crime that is not only not punishable by death but not a crime at all.

    Lemme ask you this. A white kid at a fancy school has women's jewelry in his bag. Can we shoot that kid? No? Why?

  24. Kim LaCapria

    Yes, but we have not been able to prove it. The fact remains that full ride or not, Trayvon Martin did not deserve to die. He could have been pulling straight Fs.

  25. Kim LaCapria

    Shaina Kelly Right. So I assume all your news comes from objective sources 😀

  26. Kim LaCapria

    Redorblack Nigelbottom This appears to be the first court case in recent memory where "bias" is such an issue. Because everyone was SUPER NICE to Casey Anthony. No "bias." OJ and Phil Spector too, they were all assumed innocent, no "bias" in those stories.

    That's the weird thing here. Why is THIS case all of a sudden a neutrality issue? I am really speechless here.

  27. Kim LaCapria

    Shaina Kelly Why all the ad hominems? I'm flattered! 😀

  28. Stanley Craig Perry

    Kenny Le lemme guess, youre an honor student? bahahaha then youd know that the education system is far beyond your capabilities and that having fun was the next best thing to do in school, aplace you sit for 8 or so hours.

  29. Kim Powell

    Rachel Jaentel speaks 3 languages. English is her SECOND language. That is hardly illiterate.

  30. Eric Russell

    Kim, are you claiming that Martin was shot because he had a bag full of women's jewelry? Logic isn't your strong point, is it? Please don't spout off illogical things because it doesn't do anyone any good. Now, you will probably reply with some insult that has nothing to do with me or the subject at hand. If I worked at a fancy private school in the suburbs and I found a male student with a bag full of women's jewelry, that would definitely be suspicious. Why would a male high school student be carrying around women's jewelry? Why does the student's skin color matter in this hypothetical example?

  31. Eric Russell

    Elizabeth, he never said "coons". That was an edited tape put forward by some in the media. When the correct tape was played, it was obvious he didn't say coons. But I'm guessing the truth doesn't matter to you if you are still believing something that was proven false over 12 months ago.

  32. Kim LaCapria

    Eric, apparently reading comprehension isn't YOUR strong point because I'm clearly replying to the person directly above me. He mentioned these factors, and I replied.

  33. Marc Witz

    Kim LaCapria this is the first I've heard of him being caught with stolen goods, I had read it was pot, though he was suspended for lateness. I just read, on another thread, that Martin was a thug in the making, while Zimmerman was the one with the history of violence and at least one arrest for it. People will make up any shit to support their hatreds.

  34. Brian Larson

    People need to stop being so "politically correct". The court states "innocent until proven guilty" They tried the man for "murder" but what they should have done is tried the man for "manslaughter". Once again the media shows its true power over the people. Innocent people get murdered everyday. The only reason this case is so popular is because the media knew they could pull strings because the kid was black. They turned it into some "race" issue that really was non existent until people made it that way. A person is a person no matter what race. But yet people seemed to be tied up about the color of the guys skin rather than seeing him as a human. What are people going to do next, boycott skittles?

  35. Karen Campbell

    I have a lot of women's jewelry and a whole box full of things that could be used as burglary tools. Oh, yeah, that's right … I'm not a suspicious character because I'm a white woman.

    Why would a teenage boy have women's jewelry? Because he bought it for his mother, his grandmother, his girlfriend and hid it in his backpack where they wouldn't find it before the holiday and ruin the surprise.

  36. Jeff Saxton

    Elizabeth Faraone George said "fucking coons"….. no he did not. that was propagated by nbc and their smear campaign where they edited tapes

  37. Adam Yang

    @ Douglas Harry, You said something very, very crucial and that is the gun was in his holster. Had the gun been drawn out when they came face to face… Martin certainly had the Stand your ground defense… and George would be found guilty of Man Slaughter or 2nd Degree Murder… and George would not have had one single injury on his head… but that was not what happened

  38. Candace Johnson

    "Martin was 17 when he died, he had just had a birthday. Martin was, in all likelihood, too young to have even begun to visit (much less apply to and be accepted by) colleges" o.0…… I was 17 when I was a senior in high school. I started college [as a freshman a month or two after I turned 18. The first time I went on a college tour I was 15 or 16. So, how is he to young?

  39. Adam Yang

    @ Kim LaCapria… No Having a screw driver in your back pack is not an offense that deserve to be arrested or shot at… Neither is been suspicious of a person acting suspiciously… they don't deserve to be punched in the face when confronted about a suspicion. And yes punching someone's nose and bashing their head on concrete is an offense that can land you in jail… and yes the person who is getting their head bashed in has the right to shoot and fight back regardless if they are white, black, Asian, Hispanic, republican, Democrat, Nazi haters, Nazi lovers, racist, sexist, Trayvon Martin, Gearge Zimerman, or Kim LaCapria… It doesn't matter who you are or what your belief are if you got attacked you can fight back

  40. Adam Yang

    Fact is you so something stupid by punching someone in the face and causing their nose to bleed… you are asking for trouble… how about teach your kids not to start fights because you never know if that person has a gun… just stay out of trouble… when confronted about something don't act like a bad ass and be courteous.

  41. Adam Yang

    Well Kim LaCapria. The whole thing is that we have to guys that did something really really stupid… Both of them… George should not have followed the guy… and Martin should not have punched George… The fact that The gun was in George's holster says that he was not aggressively trying to gun Martin down… but merely trying to confront him and make sure he is not robbing a house… Martin been a hot blooded teenager through the first punch and thinking that he is a bad ass cause clearly he is stronger and in a much better physical shape than George kicked George's ass. George pulled out his gun and shot him… perfect example of Self defense.

  42. Ahmad Khalid Qadafi

    It was a race issue once GZ decided to profile Trayvon. People aren't stupid. This came out right when the NYPD's racist "stop and frisk" program was being highlighted so a case of a white Hispanic man killing a young black man in part because he "looked suspicious" is definitely going to catch our attention. And the media didn't hype this. Grassroots organizers are the ones who pushed the issue. And this is not an ordinary case. GZ killed Trayvon. The burden of proof is on him to prove it was self defense. Yes, that is the politically correct(emphasize on correct) way to do things.

  43. Christopher Burris

    The clerk in that video looks very uneasy…especially when Treyvon reaches into his pocket…don't want to be profiled a thug don't dress like one.

  44. Trisha Burke

    Kenny Le You're statement that honor students should act a different way is a judgement or stereotyping on it's own! A person can be blessed with amazing mental ability without having to like school or be a perfect child! From personal experience some of the smartest people I have known in my life did not fit into a perfect mold. A cheerleader I went to high school with was the sweetest girl who was accepting of anyone and everyone not mean spirited like someone would stereotype a cheerleader to be. Also she was amazingly smart- straight A+'s, many 100%, and in honor classes when a stereotypical cheerleader would be rather uneducated and lacking common sense. A boy I knew well was very smart- read or heard something once and automatically remembered it. He hated school. Skipped often, drank while under the legal age a few times, got into trouble in school and even once or twice with the law BUT still was on honor roll. We used to say "if only he would use his brains for good, imagine what he could do!". He was later accepted into the military for intelligence. Very sad that in general our society places so much value into what you can see of a person to determine the type of person which can often be as far from the truth as you can get. I also tragic that if someone does make a bad decision at one point in their life that people believe they no longer have any value as a human and they then should deserve anything that happens to them later in their life.

  45. Trisha Burke

    So you are a thug if you wear a baggy hoodie… and actually use the hood for what it's intended- to cover your head? And in the rain… how suspicious to wear a hood to walk in the rain. Have you ever worked at a convenience store or gas station? They are more likely than any other place to be robbed…. I've worked the evening shift at a gas station when I was maybe 19 and you better believe I had my eyes on every person who walked in the door even more than when I worked the day shift there!!!

  46. Lily Darcey

    Oh what a load of tripe. All your comments are nothing more than speculation and not factual, but that is typical of you progressives and the lame stream media.

  47. Lily Darcey

    am a minority of color, and I have been racially profiled several times. I have no criminal history with law enforcement of what so every. I have NEVER done drugs nor sold drugs. Each time I have been profiled, I have never assaulted the profiler simply because I felt my race had been impugned!! There are no winners in the Martin and Zimmerman case. Sadly, we will never get to see if a 17 year old and very dysfunctional young man, with a history of violence, drug taking, drug dealing, and theft, would have had a change of heart and straightened out to become a productive citizen rather than lead a life of crime and imprisonment. Sadly, his mother had kicked him out of her home, because she could no longer control him, so she sent him packing to his father. Because Trayvon felt his race honor impugned, he made the very bad decision to assault Zimmerman, and threat to kill him. He said:' tonight you are going to die.' Had I been Trayvon, I would have just said to Zimmerman, that I was on my way home and turned around and walked off. If I had felt that threatened by Zimmerman, I would have called 911, or I would have walked to one of the homes and knocked, and asked for help. Truly a bad choice on Treyvon's part to assault Zimmerman, and then the assault escalated to threat of death toward Zimmerman.

    When Zimmerman was headed back to his car, Trayvon stalked him. Trayvon said:'what is your problem?' As Zimmerman turned around Trayvon chose to sucker punch Zimmerman in the face, and brake his nose. He jumped Zimmerman and knocked him to the floor. Treyvon, the 6ft 2 and 175 pound fully grown man decided to finish Zimmerman off.

    You cry that Zimmerman racially profiled Trayvon because he was black? How is that? It was pitch black in Zimmerman's neighborhood, so all Zimmerman could see was the outline of a very tall man in a hoodie! Oh wait, was Trayvon profiled because he was wearing a hoodie? Wake up and smell the coffee! If you every watch crimes caught on videos at banks or convenient stores, it is a person with a hoodie trying to hide their identity. If you every watch those home security advertisements on TV, the person breaking into the home is usually a man wearing a hoodie!! Hoodies do seems to be the cover of choice for a lot of criminals, unfortunately.

    While Zimmerman may have been acquitted, he will never be a free man, because you liberals will be sure he relives the horrific incident between him and Trayvon for the rest of his life. People like you will hunt him down like a mad dog for the rest of his life, until you have the blood of an innocent Hispanic man on your hand, and then make him the lynching of the 21 century by a mob of , blacks, progressives and mainstream media.

    By the way, I have 3 teen age sons. Believe me, they have been profiled many times, but not one of them has ever felt the need to beat to a pulp those profiling them, and none of them have ever threaten to kill, like Trayvon threatened Zimmerman. None of them has a record with law enforcement of selling drugs, or possessing of drugs. None of my sons has ever assaulted a bus driver in high school. Sadly, Trayvon was brought up with no moral scruples, and in a very dysfunctional family, who refused to discipline him, until it was too late, and he was a teenager on a path to crime and self destruction. The travesty is, had his parent raise him well, he may not have made the poor choices he had in life, such as the choice to assault people, deal drugs and do drugs. This whole story is sad, and no one is a winner. I hope you can live with yourself for the misery you will cause another minority, Zimmerman for the rest of his life. I am sure you liberals will continue to throw temper-tantrums until you get your lynching. Praise God he was in the court on the day of the verdict, and Zimmerman was vindicated. I pray that God will protect Zimmerman from a lynch mob such as yourself. I also pray for Trayvon. May God make him see the error of his ways. I pray what ever made Treyvon the angry, and dysfunctional trouble youth he was, that God will take this burden from his heart. May God give Treyvon the love, peace and stability beyond measure he so desperately needed in his life on earth. I hope one day, some of you will be put in the same position George Zimmerman was, and that is kill, or be killed by a violent person who is beating you to a pulp and tells you they are going to kill you. Maybe then, when put in Zimmerman's position, you will think what would you do.

  48. Lily Darcey

    Amen Christopher. People cry that Zimmerman racially profiled Trayvon because he was black? How is that? It was pitch black in Zimmerman's neighborhood, so all Zimmerman could see was the outline of a very tall man in a hoodie! Oh wait, was Trayvon profiled because he was wearing a hoodie? People need to wake up and smell the coffee! If you every watch crimes caught on videos at banks or convenient stores, it is a person with a hoodie trying to hide their identity. If you every watch those home security advertisements on TV, the person breaking into the home is usually a man wearing a hoodie!! Hoodies do seems to be the cover of choice for a lot of criminals, unfortunately.I remember I use to love to wear British Knight high top tennis shoes. I went into an area where it was known to have street gangs, and their shoe of choice was British knight Tennis shoes. I was profiled and asked questions by a policeman, but I did not turn around and sucker punch him because I felt insulted. I remember as kid, Hoodies were popular wear, but at that time, they had yet to be used by criminals as a fashion of choice to hide their identity. Now they have done that, so if a person, especially a fully grown man like Trayvon is walking in the dark in a neighborhood, one may question why, and it is not because he is black, since Zimmerman could not initially see what race Trayvon was, because it was pitch dark. No, but people like Trisha will make this a race issue. Hey Trisha, I am a minority of color, so don't even think to call me a racist.

  49. Andrea Edwards

    Correction-it was PROVEN that he did not say "fucking coons", he said fucking punks. It has not been proven that he molested his cousin, the same age as he is, although she has made the statement that he did. It has not been proven he or his family are racist. The same cousin accusing him of sexual abuse has stated they are. That's all. Get your facts right.

  50. Andrea Edwards

    Douglas Harry Charges were not dropped for his assault on an officer(pushing the officer). Because he was 20 and highly intoxicated at the time he was give the option of going for alcohol treatment, which he took. He was never charged with domestic violence-his girlfriend filed a restraining order against him, as did he against her. Both were granted.

  51. Mark Peevey

    Lily Darcey Lily, be nice. You know logic and truth to the liberal progressives is like a cross to a vampire. They wanted this so much to be about a white man murdering a black teenager so they could pursue their political agenda.

  52. Mark Peevey

    Ahmad Khalid Qadafi The burden of proof was on the state to bring disprove Zimm's rational of self-defense. They failed to do that.

  53. Jan Kirk

    The first thing we teach our kids is NOT to go home if there isn't an adult there!

  54. David Dromsky

    Trisha Burke, did you happen to watch the video? Was it raining inside that convenience store?

    Most people I know, when wearing a hoodie, will drop the hood when entering a home or someone's place of business. The etiquette is the same as removing a hat under such circumstances.

  55. Mark Peevey

    Elizabeth Faraone Yup. All of your "facts" came out in the trial, including Trayvon's background in a fight club, drugs, and illegal firearms, also. The DOJ "assisted" in the investigation, hence all the facts are in the public light. Sure thing….

  56. Mark Peevey

    Kim LaCapria All children at that school carried screwdrivers and women's jewelry. It was a very enlightened, PC school.

  57. John Robbins

    Hey Doug GZ was the neighborhood watch captain in the area. GZ's neighborhood had been experiencing a rash of break-ins. GZ has a CCW and can legally carry a weapon in FL. Your making up shit as you go, .typical liberal fare. Letts talk about Trayvons school suspensions 3-10 day stretches and let's not forget about those missed school days (53) His gold "grill" dental work or his associations w/ bangers. Martain was a thug and thought he was going to get over on GZ, didn't work and now he's dead. GZ was tried by a jury of his peers and acquitted.
    Sadly, GZ will be looking over his shoulder the rest of his life.
    Keep listening to race baiters like Jackson , Sharpton, and Obama.
    Answer me this, just what is a white Hispanic? Why did the MSM alter the recordings of GZ's phone call and how come we aren't holding accountable the same media that lied to any standard at all?

  58. Alvin Farsini

    Douglas Harry The only drugs Zimmerman were on were typical prescription drugs for insomnia that cause psychosis in a tiny minority of those who take them.

  59. Alvin Farsini

    Elizabeth Faraone The prosecution itself made it clear in the very first line in the entire trial that they don't believe he said "coons". Nobody but deluded internet commentators believe he said that anymore.

  60. Virginia Nancarvis

    Adam Yang No one knows that. Zimmerman could have had the gun drawn and why Trayvon attacked him…explaining the struggle (possibly) for the gun.

  61. Virginia Nancarvis

    Alvin Farsini "by his admission Trayvon had something at his waist, and approaching someone possibly armed on a rainy night, and was therefore endangering himself- Zimmerman was hardly a threat to Trayvon in the long run",
    **you really need to re-read what you wrote. So Zimmerman had a right to be concerned because he thought Trayvon had something at his waist (not a gun)…but Trayvon didn't have a right to be concerned because he was faster..(but Zimmerman had a loaded concealed weapon) .Zimmerman was a threat. He assumed the young man was a burglar and shot and killed him.
    According to Jaentel, Trayvon thought he lost Zimmerman (could no longer see him)…nothing about out running him…if you don't know where the threatening person is…one may be more inclined to hide or attempt to be quiet and walk fast. I can imagine Trayvon's surprise when Zimmerman confronted him..Was The gun drawn?

  62. Virginia Nancarvis

    Lily Darcey Every thing you wrote is based on one person's account of what happened…Zimmerman's. Very telling prejudice. We will never know if Zimmerman pulled the gun on Trayvon and/or if (most likely) Trayvon felt threatened by a stranger that had followed him, pulled over in his car after driving by Trayvon and parked it and then got out. Very threatening behavior to a young man at night.

  63. Virginia Nancarvis

    Barry Brennan There is a person shot dead and the police don't hold the shooter?..Only in states with SYG laws. Now all one has to do is say, I was standing my ground or acting in self defense…and gives the police the right to be the judge and jury…Any occurrence where a person is shot dead should involve a thorough investigation and the shooter detained until that happens. It is a terrible law…

  64. Virginia Nancarvis

    Adam Yang You do not know this nor does anyone else…You are reciting Zimmerman's side of the story that must be viewed as suspect..

  65. Jack J Jones

    Lily Darcey This is a thoughtful response. I think you and I are on different sides of the argument but you are the first I have seen who has actually made logical sense instead of trying to spark an argument. Nice comment!

  66. Alvin Farsini

    Virginia Nancarvis Although this post is over a month old, I'll reply anyway. My remark about Zimmerman's personal safety was that it was just as much of an issue as was Trayvon's in the long run. Zimmerman was endangering himself for the outset, for all he knew, and he still pushed ahead even when he saw something at Trayvon's waist. I didn't say that Trayvon wasn't threatened at all, but for the whole 4 minutes, he wasn't much. Trayvon did initially outrun Zimmerman, and though he did see him again, I will repeat, he went back in spite of Rachel Jeantel's pleas. He could have easily outrun Zimmerman and there were houses on all sides. He was able to call Rachel Jeantel multiple times. He had many opportunities for escape or help, but he didn't really use any of them. I will also admit, in contrast to my last post, it's hard to tell what was going on over the phone by using the window.

    And it's not a certainty Zimmerman pulled his gun out or not, but it is telling Rachel Jeantel thinks he didn't.

  67. Eli Williams

    @Kim LaCapria I can asnwer this for you "Why are so many people so dead set on making up Trayvon fairytales?" This kind of thing isn't new. There's this film called "Birth of A Nation". It outlines there fear of black men in this country. Not that everyone thinks this way, but there are quite a few that do. And fear as you may know can lead to a false sense of the need to establishing-reestablishing control by demeaning another by oppions rather than fact.

  68. Eli Williams

    Kenny Le … My roomate and her boyfriend were on the deans list repeatedly from freshman year-senior year. She didn't have to pay much for college, because most of her educational cost were covered (around the time we ment). In order for her to aquire those scholarships, grants etc. she had to take up extracurricular activities. Trust me from a person who is quiet in nature (me). She was anything but and she was a proud Honor Student. Its, because of her that I acquired the true passion for travel and stepping out of my comfort zone. I was an A & B student, but not honors. I've also been privledged to meet other people who were academically. Let me tell you they are anything, but boring people. As youths and adults. However, everyone is different. Something you fail to understand or equate!

  69. Eli Williams

    So you take obstructed oppinions and voice them as fact. When and where was it voiced that Trayvon said and did all these things. What by Zimmerman's account? Exactly! And I like how you placed "Liberal" in there somewhere identifying your true motives for what they are. Assuming that everyone that doesn't buy into your version YES version of fact is a "liberal" as you call it. You my friend are as delusional as the rest. Get a grip and a life!

  70. Lola Guin

    Lily Darcey I agree with everything you said, but being a minority doesn't mean you can't be racist. Anyone can be racist. Great comment though, this one and the one above. I totally agree.

  71. Audrey Renee

    George Zimmerman's past violent record speaks for itself. With that, if he had been black, and killed an unarmed minor, claiming self-defense, he would have been immediately arrested and jailed, whether the victim Trayvon was black or white.

  72. David Herndon

    Douglas Harry, The prescribed medication that GZ was on had a lot of DON'TS that went with it. For example: DON'T drive and DON'T handle dangerous equipment.

  73. David Herndon

    Douglas Harry, The prescribed medication that GZ was on had a lot of DON'TS that went with it. For example: DON'T drive and DON'T handle dangerous equipment.

  74. David Herndon

    Letting that murderer walk free proves it was all about race. If Trayvon had been a white kid, do you think Zimmerman would have walked free? Do you think Sean Hannity would have come to his aid?

  75. David Herndon

    Letting that murderer walk free proves it was all about race. If Trayvon had been a white kid, do you think Zimmerman would have walked free? Do you think Sean Hannity would have come to his aid?

  76. Brian Larson

    David Herndon at least no one would have given it a shit and it wouldnt have been the only thing on the news for a month.

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