Kruger has also starred in major films.

Diane Kruger Opens Up About Modeling And Fashion ‘Clichés’

Diane Kruger will be featured on the cover of the August issue of Marie Claire in the UK. She’s regularly been viewed as a top model, but she’s not accepting the idea that the fashion industry is full of egos.

“Those are clichés,” Kruger said in the upcoming UK edition of Marie Claire. “You can be as cynical as you want to be about filmmaking or fashion, but at the end of the day fashion makes people dream, it makes women look beautiful, and it can be a wonderful creative outlet. Sure LA can be a silly place if you’re a silly person, or if you’re hanging out with silly people.”

Her dismissal of stereotypes in the fashion industry is one that many models have battled with over the years, but it doesn’t seem to affect her work as she continues to grow.

The 36-year-old is pretty close to Karl Lagerfield, her next-door neighbor who happens to be the frontman at Chanel. Diane Kruger “loves it,” but she also noted that it’s somewhat odd.

“I’ll be coming home from the local butchers in my sweatpants, just walking up the street, when a gold Hummer will come round the corner. And the tinted window will come down slowly and it’s Karl [Lagerfeld] saying, ‘Hello Diane! What’s for dinner?’ It’s so surreal, I love it,” she added. “He literally lives one door down.”

Kruger has taken her modeling career in stride but shes also made a move to major films such as the National Treasure series next to co-star Nicolas Cage. Her success eventually led to a major role in Inglorious Bastards in 2009, but her trademark remains in modeling with the House of Chanel.

“I started modelling for them when I was 15, I know everyone there on a first name basis,” she explained. “They were the first ones to send me clothes when I first started out as an actress. And loyalty is so rare in our business that it makes sense to be supportive,” she finished. “It’s not always about money.”

Do you think Diane Kruger has opened up the fashion industry by dismissing the idea of egos and other stereotypes?


[Image via Nicolas Genin]