Kim Dotcom Mega Google Android App

Kim Dotcom Launches Android App For Mega, Promises iOS, Windows Sync Solutions

Kim Dotcom’s Mega platform has received new support via an official Google Android app.

Along with the company’s first official Android offering, Dotcom also says iOS and Windows sync clients are “in the final stages of development.” At this time, Kim Dotcom has not revealed further details about his company’s upcoming apps.

The Mega app for Google Android can be downloaded for free via the Google Play store.

The Google Android app was “acquired by Mega and is now being maintained by Mega contractors.”

Among the list of included features are the following options:

  • Camera Sync, upload your photos and videos to Mega automatically.
  • Search for files within your Mega account.
  • Create public link to files in your Mega account.
  • Delete files, Rename files, Move files, and Create folders.

The company after acquiring the app gave it a new look and feel to make it decidedly Google Android based. Along with the features listed above, the Google Android app also includes thumbnails that now match the website. Android users can also choose any folder on their device.

Other changes added to the acquired app are all based on bug fixes that have helped stabilize the program.

As Mega continues to grow Kim Dotcom will no doubt continue to ad new features to the platform. Dotcom’s company’s have always thrived to set the industry bar high; for example, his use of two-factor authentication was ahead of the pack and his company’s encryption practices continue to develop at breakneck speeds.

What do you think of Kim Dotcom’s new Google Android app for the Mega platform?