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Barry Manilow, Neil Diamond And Fireworks At National Mall [Video]

American icons Barry Manilow and Neil Diamond performed at the National Mall in Washington D.C, heading up the “Capitol fourth” celebrations.

Neil Diamond sang “Sweet Caroline” as a tribute to the survivors of the Boston Marathon earlier this year. At least three people died and over 150 were injured in the terrorist attack back in May.

World renowned composer John Williams conducted sections from the movie Lincoln accompanied by the National Symphony Orchestra. The film’s director Steven Spielberg introduced the movie by video link-up.

The July Fourth crowds then enjoyed an amazing 17 minute firework display on the Capitol’s west lawn after Barry Manilow ended the performances with “Let Freedom ring”.

The famous Washington monument, which suffered severe damage in an earthquake two years ago, could be seen on the horizon during the spectacular display.

Manilow turned 70 in June but his senior years aren’t stopping the much loved singer from touring the country. The Denver post caught up with Barry Manilow in a short interview he gave them regarding the upcoming fourth of July events.

He spoke to them from LA on the phone saying:

“I just miss home. I started so many years ago and when you do that, you don’t have a life. Your life is hotel rooms and waiting for airplanes and bad room service. It’s a young man’s job.”

When asked specifically if age had slowed the singer/songwriter down in any way he responded:

“You know, I don’t feel any different. I’ve got energy and ideas. I expected the moment I hit this age my hair would turn silver and I’d start to drool and limp with a cane, and none of that has happened. I feel the same. I think I look decent. I’ve still got my own hair. I’m just waiting for this old guy to appear!”

[Image Via: Video courtesy: Zero2HeroInfo]-[Reuters]