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Greta Van Susteran Leaving Fox News For CNN?

Greta Van Susteran

Greta Van Susteran may be leaving Fox News, according to speculation now buzzing on the web. The New York Times mentioned the possibility hidden in an article about another Fox stalwart, Megyn Kelly.

It claimed that Greta had “initiated meetings with CNN” about the possibility of returning to the network where her career started.

According to the Mediate website, NY Times reporter, Bill Carter, wrote that an executive from CNN “confirmed Tuesday that those talks had taken place.”

Van Susteran strenuously denied the story. She wrote on her blog “I’m not going anywhere.” But that was a bit ambiguous. Did she mean not moving from her prime time spot with Fox? Or was she referring to not jumping ship and moving to CNN?

She also had a swipe at – what she termed – ”anonymous sources” and slammed them for their lack of courage in not revealing themselves.

It’s known that she is having issues with Fox about moving to a 7 pm slot, and whether they consider that ‘prime time.’ Or, maybe, a shift to weekends only?

As of now, no one knows anything for sure. If they do, they are playing their cards close to their chest.

Would you like to see Greta Van Susteran back at CNN? Or, do you think she owes a loyalty to Fox News? You can sound off in the comments section below

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20 Responses to “Greta Van Susteran Leaving Fox News For CNN?”

  1. Mikey Drew Hutchens

    She should stay at Fox News… IMO. CNN is garbage.

  2. David Lane Williams

    Greta should stay with Fox News , CNN is a water down version of the news who has lost credibility. She could help CNN but would lose part of her fan base.

  3. Detroit Ultraman

    Maybe she sees Fox for the dead end it is, and wants to go out with a little respect in life…after all, history will certainly not look kindly upon fox news. In study after study, it is the most inaccurate news network of all, where even its viewers are consistently the lowest IQ, most uninformed Americans as well.
    It's obvious it is a network intended to generate pitchfork-waving emotional/reactionary appeal to the ignorant backwater types of America. No intelligent person bothers with it.

  4. Kimberlee Auker-Mcvey

    While I really like Megan Kelly, I love Greta and her show. She should definitely stay at Fox. Greta would never have the same "fit" as she does at Fox! And our TV doesn't get the Clinton News Network, so I wouldn't be able to watch her!

  5. Anonymous

    Greta is a snooze. Her questioning is boring. She continuously interview John McCain and Lindsay Graham, two of the biggest RINO's. I don't care where she goes. I haven't watched her for years now.

  6. Michael C Higgins

    Greta should remain at Fox News since its the only credible source in the main stream media since CNN and MSNBC have become Progressive/Liberal "mouth pieces" for the Obama administration. However, voting record has been Democratic and her "softball" interviews with RINOs like John McCain and Lindsey Graham is not what I would call serious journalism.

  7. Margaret Noblin

    I like Greta, I think she does an excellent job in her questioning and gets to the real "meat" of the interview. I would miss her and will not go with her to CNN. Fox needs her and she needs to stay.

  8. Larry Dame

    I think Greta should stay at Fox. I wish they would move her to 9:00 and move Hannity to 10:00. He has become too intense for my taste. I find Megan Kelly too condescending. Lots of Fox reporters are lawyers but they don't start every sentence, "as an attorney…." She's a Judge Judy want to be. She should stick to the news and quit trying to be a comedian. She is not funny! She has the worst wardrobe and hairdo of all the Fox women. Martha MacCallum does much better interviews and doesn't let the guests run her over.

  9. Robert Luis Rivera

    @ ltrode and Roberta Coronado. Nice try. To even infer that the other news media outlets are "fair & balanced" Shows your true colors. Unobjective and a buyer of compost.

  10. Robert Luis Rivera

    As if CNN,MSNBC,NBC,ABC,CBS are "fair & balanced"? Nothing like unicorns and misinformation. I'm laughing hysterically. I bet you still believe the democrat party watches out for minorites too. Nice try.

  11. Taylor Warren

    I can't stand Greta and can't believe she's held a prime time spot on Fox News for this long. She's a bore. I always tune out when her show comes on. Good riddance!

  12. Taylor Warren

    And you're a complete fool. You probably know nothing about current events. And you probably think Zimmerman was guilty and running around the city with the rest of the "gangstas" terrorizing the city.

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