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Vatican Scandal: First Money, Now Sex. Only Five Sins left!

Pope Francis

The ongoing Vatican Scandal (now Scandals) is probably causing Pope Francis to wonder whether getting the job was such a great idea.

Of course, scandal in the Catholic Church is nothing new. His predecessors had more than their fair share, so he is simply continuing the tradition.

The resignation on Monday of Paolo Cipriani, Director of the Vatican Bank, and his deputy, Massimo Tulli, triggered a wave of negative publicity.

Cipriani has been investigated since 2010 on suspicion of involvement in money laundering. Now the charges have been widened, and it is now alleged that the bank was used as an offshore tax haven. The Vatican Scandal thickens…

But that’s not all!

Monsignor Nunzio Sarrano, an accountant in the bank, is being investigated by the Rome prosecutor on criminal charges of corruption and slander. He tried to smuggle 20 million Euro ($26 million) from Switzerland without telling the authorities.

He is also suspected of money laundering further sums from 2009. We now know that police wiretapped conversations he had with the other bank officers who have just resigned.

The Vatican Bank, or, to give it it’s correct title, The Institute for Religious Works (IOR), is not short on historical scandal. In the 1980s it was embroiled in the collapse of the Banco Ambrosiano. The head of the bank was found hanging from Blackfriars Bridge in London in 1982. The circumstances surrounding this incident have never been explained.

But the current Vatican Scandal is not only about money.

Sadly, the Church and it’s servants, are no strangers to accusations of sexual abuse in (almost) all of it’s forms.

Documents released yesterday (Monday) show that the Cardinal of the Archdiocese of New York warned Cardinal Ratzinger (later Pope Benedict XVI) about the claims of sexual abuse by priests.

The former Archbishop of Milwaukee, Timothy Dolan, simply fired those priests when they were accused. However, the documents show that others simply transferred the problem priests elsewhere. The new parishioners were never told the truth.

By June 2012, the archdiocese had spent over $30 million on litigation and assistance related to the sexual abuse claims of 570 victims.

It has filed for bankruptcy.

Let us know your comments about the Vatican scandal(s) in the comments below.

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92 Responses to “Vatican Scandal: First Money, Now Sex. Only Five Sins left!”

  1. Carol Zuback Alexander

    I'm sick and tired of the media constantly targeting just the Catholic Church for sex abuse…Look up SEX ABUSE IN OTHER RELIGIONS on Goggle,,, and you will see that there is WAY MORE abuse going on in other places,, which is all shameful for sure,,, but it seems that the media insists on just telling you about the 3 or 4 % of sick pedophile clergy in the Catholic Church but never mention the 96% wonderful Priests who sacrifice their lives in many ways for the faith. The devil is alive and well in America and I'm sure very gleeful.

  2. Robert Yaffe

    The Catholic church should be dissolved because of separation of Church and State.If this was a regular was a business it would be shut down and those all would be arrested.Where is justice in the world.

  3. Anonymous

    The whole phony outfit/racket known as "The Catholic Church" should have been shut down years ago, if not for this sickening spectacle, than for the crimes of several centuries of bilking money from the poor (who can scarcely afford it) in exchange for vague, false & wholly unfounded promises of a better life in the hereafter. What a crock of horseshit! Any sane society would call out the bunko squad & shut 'em all down!

  4. Anonymous

    The catholic church should be dissolved, but not because of 'separation of church and state,' because no such provision exists anywhere in the US Constitution. (It's a fact; look it up.) So…nice try, but you have to make a better, stronger argument than that.

  5. Linda Caffy

    The largest, richest church on the earth is BANKRUPT?

  6. Jack Antosy

    so by pointing the finger at other religions does it make it right ? What the catholic Church is doing?,,,,Perhaps you need to have a heart felt talk with the Holy Spirit and ask for guidance. somehow l suspect the Holy Spirit would want you to walk from the abomination called the Church of Rome. pray about it.

  7. Ellenr Stanton

    I agree with you Carol. While all offenders should be brought to justice, the Catholic priests are far down the list of those who abuse children: First is family members, followed by extended family members, teachers, strangers, neighbors, organizations a child belongs to, then the clergy. Again, all should be brought to justice.

  8. Carol Zuback Alexander

    No Jack,,,I NEVER said it was right….I'm stating a fact,,,that the MEDIA ALWAYS seems to delight in just targeting the Catholics,,,no matter what the problem,,,as though the rest of the religions are totally sinless….Look at the Muslims ,,,they go around chopping off heads,,and the Washington Post always seems to find a way to write a wonderful and rosy picture of that faith…The Catholic Faith was NOT founded by some mere mortal man,,,it was founded by Jesus Christ Himself,,,who teaches love and forgiveness,,,but again, mere weak mortal men, figure out how to mess up and destroy that which is Holy and good…Don't blame the CHURCH or want it dissolved,,,blame the men,,and I sure am hoping that Pope Francis, can clean up all the corruption.

  9. Carol Zuback Alexander

    While your at it Robert,,,shut down ALL religions…why not huh?

  10. Grant McCaw

    I like the idea, but some may perceive that as religious persecution ? I, do have strong reservation with church and religious organizations, lobbying for political and civil issues. That, seems like a breach of ethics and conflict of interest.Why, should they be tax-exempt ?When, they give verbal & financial support to candidates and social issues. Such as women's rights, gay rights,immigration reform and right to life

  11. Wayne Keisling

    You folks need to read your bible, read Revelation 17 and 18 chapters It's all there, and how her political paramours are going to viciously turn on her. God calls her a harlet. Jesus even spoke about the religeous hipocrites how they resemble whitewash graves but are full of deadmens bones, they appear beautiful on the outside: Math 23: 27. that's another reason I left the churches they don't even use the biblelanymore and don't even talk about God's Kingdom like they're suppose too, that was a commandment from Christ himself Math 28:19 , 20.

  12. Jonathon Trousdell

    Incredible the number of people calling for the dissolution of the Catholic Church without any means necessary of making up for the many billions in lost aid which would arise. The Catholic Church has had its share of abuse scandals, but it is surprisingly limited in scope when compared to the ongoing abuse rampant in other parts of society. Catholicism is simply the biggest, most convenient target for media outlets. It's a disappointment that so few people opt for independent research when faced with articles such as these, instead choosing to take it as gospel (pun intended) and justification for their already inflammatory and misinformed views of the Church.

  13. Khepri Neteru

    News channels and politics press issues on everything that doesn't matter except this. When you rape a kid you take away a life.

  14. Roberto Cavalli

    True, it isn't only the Catholic church committing these atrocious crimes. But being that the US is a predominately a.
    "Christian" country all of there wrongs are brought to light and discussed more frequently. Also, I can't say this about other religions cause I simply do not know of any incidences. But the "corruptions" goes back centuries and all the way to the Pope. i.e. The Borgias family and others. They were definitely far from being "Saints".

  15. Francesca Miano

    Take a good long look at the history of the Catholic Church, which involved as much violence as the Taliban. As a matter of fact, during the Middle Ages, the Catholic Church was the equivalent of the Taliban regarding torture and murder of those deemed heretics. It is very frustrating that centuries later, those in power haven't actually embraced the teachings of Jesus Christ and started running the organization to reflect them.

  16. Mary-Lee Lutz

    Maybe if the Catholic Church didn't hold itself up as the "one true religion" with an "infallible" pope, the media wouldn't target its hypocrisy.
    Maybe if the Vatican didn't have an embassy in quite so many nations of the world to warn them about the superior rights of religious people, the media wouldn't target its arrogance.
    Maybe if the Church weren't quite so wealthy and if it actually followed the teachings of its founder, who lived and died in poverty, the media wouldn't target its corruption.

  17. Mary-Lee Lutz

    Maybe if the Catholic Church didn't hold itself up as the "one true religion" with an "infallible" pope, the media wouldn't target its hypocrisy.
    Maybe if the Vatican didn't have an embassy in quite so many nations of the world to warn them about the superior rights of religious people, the media wouldn't target its arrogance.
    Maybe if the Church weren't quite so wealthy and if it actually followed the teachings of its founder, who lived and died in poverty, the media wouldn't target its corruption.

  18. Cill Bassidy

    @shveek You are 100% incorrect: "The First Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof …." That is literally, the definition of "separation of Church and State…"

  19. Holly Nelson

    I do believe the problem with the sexual abuse in the Catholic Church rises from the fact that Priests cannot marry. Sexual needs are a given…..have to be satisfied one way or the other. These particular problems are not as rampant in other religions and that is what is being focused on. Yes…other religions have other problems, but the rape of children? Disgusting. And simply transferring a Priest to another locale? Criminal! Add to that….having the parishioners continue to provide them with a very posh lifestyle? Shocking! I, as well, hope this Pope can clean up the corruption which has gone on for centuries. High hopes.

  20. Mary-Lee Lutz

    Billions of lost aid? Where does that aid come from? Not from the coffers of Rome, for sure.

  21. Vicki Jones

    Jack Antosy – You, sir, are just another idiot who falsely condemns an entire organization over gossip and misleading information that the media puts out for the sake of having a topic for their next report or article. The Catholic Church has no greater percentage of pedophiles than that of the entire human race. You're either too lazy to do the research to discover the truth or you simply enjoy spreading hate like so many other evil people in the world. Besides, you have no room to accuse anyone of sex crimes. For years, all you men at Penn State have turned your backs while young boys were being raped right in front of your eyes!! What those men at Penn State are doing????? God would want his followers to walk away from such an abolishment. You should pray about it.

  22. Mary Robb

    What the hell – this must be a slow news day! The scandal about the money is new; but, you people are digging.
    up all the old allegations and scandal from 10 years ago and trying to make like it's more bad neww about the.
    Catholic Church. Why don't you find something else to do with your time.

  23. Carol Zuback Alexander

    Of course you don't hear or see about the other religions, the liberal stations,,,don't bother with the others…but since the Catholic Church is the oldest, well,,it will get the most media attention. I saw on TV how a Jewish Rabbi,,of all people, actually answered a internet posting of, what he thought was a minor,,and came to his house…it was a trick by a TV show,,and he was very upset when they brought out the cameras…he was a pedophile and did NOT want it on TV …

  24. Elinor Dandrea

    Sex and money are both located in the base chakra of mans survival nature. The Church is no different than any other organization, or barrel of apples for that matter. The vast majority of those who serve her, are men who believe their purpose is to learn to love God and their neighbor as themselves. And like us, they are all at different stages in learning what it is to be more Christ like.
    The few who are themselves sick, in this society , will of course be used to demean all those whose good is rarely recognized. But it is Christ who will judge the fallen, and not those who take pleasure in finger pointing, so as to keep the spotlight off of their own sins of omission. Their fruitless attempts to destroy what she is, and who she strives with grace, and fortitude to serve. Is only fodder for those who know nothing about who she is, and the tremendous good she does. If you want good character for your children, there's no better education. Why doesn't the media do a poll on those results?

  25. Anonymous

    Now.. I want an article on Muslim Religion Abuses.

  26. Bernie Czarniecki

    Pope John Paul I was preparing to blow the lid off the Vatican Bank corruption in the 1970's, and was poisoned by his own "brethren" cardinals – and the GOT AWAY WITH MURDER! God is GREAT, but The Vatican is horribly corrupt.

  27. Donald Hull

    As a Catholic, I believe the Catholic Church has a 'TREMENDOUS' OPPORTUNITY to DO THE RIGHT THING…RIGHT the WRONGS…but it's going to take a while…a looong while. There are SO MANY WRONGS to right… The FIRST thing the Church MUST do is ENERGIZE the laity, give them a WORLD platform…as the Church teaches, "the Spirit resides in the laity"…it's TIME FOR THE LAITY TO SPEAK and SPEAK LOUDLY! Then it's time to OPEN THE BOOKS (religious, NOT monetary…that comes later). Next, it's time for the great theologians of ALL religions come forth and delve into the myriads of texts and manuscripts and see to it that they are translated and interpretted without mans many perceptions of "what they 'think' it says" but "what it 'REALLY' says"…'SECRETS' of the ages need to be REVEALED and CORRECTED. Next comes the RETURN of STOLEN TREASURE, including the TRILLIONS UPON TRILLIONS stolen from the Holy Lands and the Americas. The Vatican Vaults need to be opened and emptied…what the Church PAID for needs to be SOLD to public museums and the monies applied to the poor and sick of the world…other treasures taken from other people need to be returned lock, stock and barrel. DAMAGES need to be PAID for the thousands of people who were banished, branded, burnt and/or beheaded…if their families cannot be found, then to their home countries. ALL Church properties need to be RETURNED TO THE PEOPLE WHO PAID FOR THEM…non-religious properties need to be sold and put into the Church treasury to further pay DAMAGES. ALL remaining Church property needs to be placed in trust for ALL Catholics. ALL religous organizations MUST return ALL property/possessions to the laity from whence it came. The Church needs to become POOR to become RICH IN SPIRIT…the Lord WILL provide, have FAITH. While all of this is taking place, many…if not all…of the hierarchy needs to be permanently demoted/removed…not one of our Cardinals has raised his voice, none of them need be restored. As has been written, ALL clerics must either become true servants, or find another field to work. The Church needs to respect ALL nations and the SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. Then, and only then, will the people of God be ready to step into a new future, a NEW WORLD…IN GOD, WE TRUST.

  28. Carol Zuback Alexander

    Thanks Ellen for your support. If you are not a Catholic,,,and never attended Catholic schools etc,,and never were taught Catholic origin, and doctrine,,then people have a hard time understanding the faith. The FAITH, not the mortal men who are priests,,etc,,,but simply the Faith that Christ instituted over 2000 years ago,,and told Peter that he was the rock, and upon this rock, He would build HIS church…

  29. Bernie Czarniecki

    Pope John Paul I was preparing to blow the lid off the Vatican Bank corruption in the 1970's, and was poisoned by his own "brethren" cardinals – and the GOT AWAY WITH MURDER! God is GREAT, but The Vatican is horribly corrupt.

  30. Carol Zuback Alexander

    How do you know Mary? If they were to shut down all the Catholic schools alone,, where would all those kids go? It would cost our Government plenty to build more schools for them,,hire more teachers,,more buses,, books,,etc… Lets not forget,,the Catholics opened the first schools in America, AND hospitals. because of the teachings of Christ who said to take care of the sick and poor….Read your Catholic history before making remarks.

  31. Sam Raborg

    So the Catholic church can't be taxed, but they are allowed to have their own personal bank? Something doesn't seem right here….

  32. Francois Comeaux

    It is interesting that ills of such a religious sect, plague the average Catholic universally. Human; those
    so plain yet prayerful may become altered in body and mind by forces more powerful than any element of danger. The sickoes named Bishops should all be rounded and set to prayer on their knees until way past midnights for a long, long time.

  33. Anna Conda

    I'm sick and tired of Roman Catholics not waking up to the fact that too many priest have and are sexually abusing many against their own will . . . 3-4% of all Priests is way too many priest abusing other sexually. And the RCC just moving the priest around!!! And then expecting the church members to pay for all the cost (legal and payouts) of the abuse my the priest. And yes, abuse does happen in other religions but not at the same extent at the RCC! Btw, Jesuit priests have infiltrated the Protestant world and have for decades been speaking at the pulpits in Protestant churches. That is more than likely the source of abuse in the Protestant world! Not kidding! The Roman Catholic church is evil . . . and the Jesuits are evil! And Pope Francis is a Jesuit.

  34. Ingerbore Rivera

    Been scandal in the Catholic Church from the beginning. Yes it is occurring in other religions too, it's just the way they, the Catholic Church is handling it all. Jack Antosy is correct, pray for guidance from Almighty God in the name of his Son Jesus Christ.

  35. Ingerbore Rivera

    Actually, the Catholic Church was not founded by the Catholic Church. Early Christians did not worship in the manner that Catholics worship and follow blindly the Catholic Church and recite their creed. Look at how the Catholic Church from time back actually sold the Papacy. And no the Pope is NOT God's representative on earth and the head. The Head of the Church is the risen Savior Jesus Christ. Mary is NOT the mother of GOD, since Almighty God has always existed and is a Spirit. She was just a servant of God who was used to bring into this world His Son our Savior, Jesus. Don't get it twisted. Read your Bible with open eyes. Not just the Catholic Church following traditions of men.

  36. Barbara Mazur

    Sex abuse in any form, from any source is despicable. What makes the Catholic Church vulnerable is the constant interference in government regarding its moral code. The Evangelical Church is becoming equal in moral control fervor. It would be better for both to stick to their own flock and leave the rest of us alone to guide our lives as we see fit. The pilgrims fled to this country to be free of religious domination. Don't fail them with religious take over.

  37. Jennifer Moore

    You know nothing about the church. I will be glad to instruct you in a civil friendly way. You will soon see that only the catholic church will hold up in the end. One great historian who was an agnostic came to the conclusion through a historical search that the Catholic church is the true church. The devil likes to cause dissention. This is what he is doing here. Open your eyes.

  38. Ena Sanchez

    They should all go to prison just like every one else. Not moved to another church and protect them so they can keep doing the same thing over and over again. A crime is a crime no matter who does it. I could careless what church they go to. If you do the crime you do the time.

  39. Jim McCarthy

    There is no question that there are truly dedicated, holy priests. In any organization of any type there will be a few bad apples. The problem is that organizationally the church just swept the issue under the rug and pretended like it wasn't there. It was up to the church hierarchy to do something about the criminals among the flock and in that it failed miserably.

  40. Aaron Dale Caudil


  41. Aaron Dale Caudil


  42. Anna Conda

    You may want to do some more reading . . . and what you will discover once you put the facts together . . . that is was the Roman Catholic church (came into being about the 3rd and 4th century and back date to Jesus and the disciples) that created the Islamic religion. Thus, it is Satan who is behind the Roman Catholic church and Islam! Allah is Satan! And the Pope and papacy are Satan's helpers!

  43. Aaron Dale Caudil


  44. Aaron Dale Caudil


  45. Anna Conda

    Btw, if you "sick and tired of the media constantly targeting just the Catholic Church for sex abuse.." then tell the priests to stop sexually abusing others . . . especially children. If the priests are going to abuse others sexually; then they need to be caught and punished! And they need to be put in the spotlight and shown for who they are . . . BAD MEN! EVIL MEN! The publis has every right to know about the corruption in the Roman Catholic church!

  46. Aaron Dale Caudil


  47. Anna Conda

    Ingerbore Rivera The Roman Catholic church was founded by Satan! And the Roman Catholic church (or Satan) found the Islamic religion. Thus, Allah is Satan and the Quran is Satanic!

  48. Aaron Dale Caudil


  49. Aaron Dale Caudil


  50. Aaron Dale Caudil


  51. Aaron Dale Caudil


  52. Aaron Dale Caudil


  53. Aaron Dale Caudil


  54. Aaron Dale Caudil


  55. Marian Foore

    Carol, well stated comments. The media loves to dig in its heels and promote even more negativity towards Catholicism. The Jewish religion, Protestants, Muslims, etc. are not continuously monitored and criticised as are the Catholics.

  56. Aaron Dale Caudil


  57. Bernie Czarniecki

    Yeah, Carol – the devil is alive and well – in the Vatican. The media certainly does not delight in reporting Catholic Church abuse, just as I do not delight in expressing the fact that I was abused as an altar boy in the 1960's by Rev. John Tyminski in the Archoicese of Detroit. Take off your blinders and accept the fact that the Catholic Church has turned its back on these types of sexual abuse cases for decades, and ONLY began facing them when LAWSUIT MONEY began depleting their precious CORRUPT VATICAN BANK.

  58. Mona Villarrubia

    I have to disagree, Mary, with the "10 years ago" reference. In the news this week are the awful revelations about the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. The leaders of this diocese have been fighting the release of their records because they are so very awful.

    "(Reuters) – Roman Catholic Church officials in Milwaukee vigorously shielded pedophile priests and protected church funds from lawsuits during a decades-long sex abuse scandal, according to hundreds of documents released on Monday.

    The documents include letters and deposition testimony from Cardinal and Archbishop of New York Timothy Dolan who, during his time as archbishop of Milwaukee from 2002 to 2009, appealed to Vatican on numerous occasions to help address the ongoing fallout from the scandal."

    I am a Catholic, I am also an abuse victim, along with four other members of my family. Two priests were involved – they were friends and co-confessors. They shared their victims. This issue might be history for some people but it is contemporary, on-going trauma for victims. I still love my Church.

  59. Maureen Farr

    Jack Antosy – seriously Jack – SERIOUSLY? You're from Penn State and feel ok about damning the entire Catholic Church for the actions of a few? really? That's funny. Then by the same logic, guess you're an abomination because you went to Penn State then huh? Suggest you take another gander there at your Good Book Jackie – yet ye without sin cast the first stone .. or something like that – right?

  60. Maureen Farr

    Anna Conda – you Ma'm are crazy. You obviously have absolutely no idea what you're talking about which is obvious by the dribble that you wrote. The Cathloic Church was founded by St Peter – as decreed by Jesus, unless you're suggesting either of those two men were Satan in disguise then your arguments/rantings don't really hold up. 'kay? go take your meds now, think you're overdue.

  61. Therealdan McKelvey

    I went to Catholic and Jesuit schools from 58 to 71. I know that I am not feeling the pain for the abused, but they should have done something…Pussies….

  62. Jeri Fortier

    and i believe they are trying to make the last pope a saint!!! say what –enabler of pedophiles for decades

  63. Dan Sousa

    So the Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades and the selling of indulgences in the past by the Catholic Church is far better than what Muslims are doing today. The fact that the Muslim acts are more contemporary make them the latest villain. Islam is a religion of tolerance, as when Salah al-Din captured Jerusalem, while the Catholics murdered every Muslim in the city when they took over.

  64. Anonymous

    Carol, it's hard enough to catch pedophiles without an upper echelon helping them out. That's why the church is getting singled out in the media. You have to admit, there is something awry with an organization that would consider moving an offender into a whole new parish. If he's unfit to work with children, there have got to be other places……right? Prisons comes to mind.

  65. Anonymous

    I am a Catholic and am very disappointed in the offenses created by those tempted to commit acts against the one God of us all, the victims, and those loved. There is no excuse. No matter how large or small the organization not a few are innocent members. Individually we are accountable and will be judged for certain by our God. We all sin.
    Most regret. Judge not freely as you would others judge you harshly. Let the mortal law of man, judge man on earth;.
    God awaits to judge each and all of us in time. Same sex is immoral, a sin; abusing of God's gift of body parts designed for procreation. We cannot rationalize this fact to be globally acceptable and not immoral no matter the attempt at popularity.

  66. Anonymous

    There are a number of Jewish Rabbis in jail for pedophilia and other sex related offenses……go to "" and ask yourself, honestly, why this is not reported in the media.

  67. Anonymous

    To Jack Antosy…I hope you are praying to the Holy Spirit for the soul of Joseph Paterno and his assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky.

  68. Anonymous

    now you know why the religions are against abortion. they need more children to abuse and molest.

  69. Bessie Renda Lobato

    I'm Catholic and I have not been to confession for years. Why should I go and tell my sins to a priest who has more sins than I do. I confess to the Almighty God in heaven and we're both happy with that.

  70. Don Sonsalla

    About time the church gives equality to women
    Men have messed up the church and given it a black eye

  71. Ashley Anderson

    It's not the point of WHERE on the list that the priests are on. It's the fact that they are PRIESTS. They are supposed to be men of GOD. I'm pretty sure God wouldn't agree to anyone doing such things to a child, and that ESPECIALLY goes for a man of God. They can't get married so they decide it would be better to have sex with a CHILD. Yea that makes a TON of sense.

  72. Dwayne Oxford

    Any Bible student who avails themselves of the historical and current information that's easily available today will have nothing to do with Catholicism nor any Sunday keeping "church".

  73. Anonymous

    I guess Ms. Alexander wants the "media" to pretend it doesn't exist or ignore it That worked really great for the Vatican.

  74. Anonymous

    If someone complains about catholism in any way The catholic church has a team of MIdgets wearing make-up [to portray kids] & tries to set people up! The vaican is a LIE taht protects SATAN himself…

  75. Sandra Sandy Cadena

    Every church has it's sex scandal and they should all be put to death.

  76. Carol Zuback Alexander

    Hey ,,,I started out saying that ALL OTHER RELIGIONS are also guilty of this sin,,but I only read about the ones in the Catholic Church,,,now,,,you tell me when there was ever a huge article about a Rabbi or a Protestant Minister being sent to jail…no where. They not only don't report it in the media,,,they don't do anything with them either…PUNISH THEM ALL….

  77. Rachel Marie LeMar

    I think if any religious organization uses its money to influence any political issues in anyway. You can't be exempt from taxes and be apart of the democratic process. If allowed to ( which the Catholic Church has, along with most others) it completely nullifies the church state separation.b and of course most people consider it persecution (even though there's a real life persecution going on in other countries) it was written that way in the Constitution to protect all believers and non-believers from having believe forced upon them that they did not believe in.

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