Kyra Sedgwick Cuts Off Fingertip, Kevin Bacon Posts Photo

Kyra Sedgwick Severs Her Fingertip, Kevin Bacon Posts Photos

Kyra Sedgwick cut off the tip of her finger in a kitchen mishap, one that husband Kevin Bacon shared with the world

Bacon tweeted news of the accident and posted two photos of it on In the message, Bacon told the world that Kyra lost part of her finger in a battle with some fresh greens.

“Kale isn’t always healthy … if you chop the end of your finger off,” he wrote, including a picture of Kyra Sedgwick in the emergency room with a bloodied hand.

Kevin Bacon gave fans an update a short time later, posting a picture of Sedgwick’s bandaged hand and the caption: “My baby is fine. All good. Still can’t find the tip of that finger.”

Kyra Sedgwick isn’t the only celebrity to lose part of a finger, and then share the experience via social media. In May, reality television star and car enthusiast Jesse James lost part of his pinky finger in an accident in his car workshop.

Like Bacon, Jesse James seemed to have a sense of humor about losing a body part. He posted a picture on Instagram of the severed finger.

“Doesn’t look like this little dude’s gonna make it, Nice know’n (sic) you little buddy,” he wrote in the caption for the graphic photo.

Though it’s not clear if Kyra consented to her pictures being posted, it’s likely she’s not too mad at her husband. The two are known for an incredibly close relationship, so much so that Kyra said she almost passed up on her role in The Closer so she wouldn’t have to move her family.

“If there’s one jerk, I’m outta there,” Sedgwick told The Hollywood Reporter about her visit to Los Angeles and the difficult decision to move her family to the West Coast.

It turns out Kyra should have been more worried about cutting kale than a cross-continental move.

Pictures of Kyra Sedgwick and her severed finger can be found here.