Model cut from fashion show because her boobs are too big

Model Cut From Fashion Show Because Her Boobs Are Too Big

A model was cut from a fashion show because her boobs are too big. Wait, what?

Modeling can be a rather difficult business, with your career literally hanging on your appearance. Think of it like this: Most models don’t make it because one of the few who got chosen just happened to look a certain way.

Jourdan Dunn was cut from the Christian Dior Couture fashion show this morning for a reason that most men would have no problem with. Her boobs are too big. You read that right.

Model Jourdan Dunn didn’t take the news too hard either. In fact, she actually laughed it off. Apparently her chest size was too large for the clothes the fashion show wanted to display. The model took to Twitter, saying, “Ahahahahahaha I just [got] cancelled from Dior because of my boobs! I [love] fashion #Couture.”

Jourdan Dunn immediately added, “I’m normally told I’m canceled because I’m ‘colored’ so being canceled because [of] my boobs is a minor.”

It seems odd that a model’s boobs being too big would be a problem, but perhaps the outfits are meant for petite women or smaller cups and having voluminous breasts would border on being indecent.

As for being the wrong color, it’s just another example of how much pressure models have to deal with. In real life, any woman can be beautiful in her own way, but what looks good to one may not be right for others.

In an interview with The Edit, Jourdan Dunn said she had been turned down a lot because clients “didn’t want any more black girls,” and one beautician who happened to be white said she didn’t want to put makeup on her face for the same reason.

Something similar happened with Filippa Hamilton, who was let go from Ralph Lauren because she gained weight and couldn’t fit their clothes any more, so Jourdan Dunn isn’t that put off for being rejected because her boobs are too big.

What do you think of the model being cut from a fashion show because her boobs are too big? Would you want to be a model knowing this?

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